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KiD CuDi – No One Believes Me (Video)

blame it on Meka August 12, 2011

There’s this horror movie coming out, Fright Night, which is a remake of some 1985 b-movie of the same name. Anyways, KiD CuDi is on the soundtrack for it, and here is the song’s accompanying video.

  • theBroKing

    videos sick but there truly is nothing memorable about the song, and thats coming from a huuuge cudi fan

  • I totally disagree. Nothing against how you feel of course. I really enjoy the droning feeling of dread this song creates. This is exactly how i feel about our state of politics!

  • damus

    why did I just listen to someone moan for 5 minutes?

  • Derrick Howard

    co-sign BroKing.

  • Chris

    of some b-movie. The Original Fright Night is a classic

  • boobjob

    this is super dope. im actually really exact for wizard.

  • boobjob


  • Your Father

    Big fan of CuDi’s but I gotta say the quality of his music’s been slipping ever since he left Emile and Plain Pat.
    Their production + his style was a match made in heaven.
    Dot Da Genius is dope but I don’t think he can carry the majority of a project.
    I think CuDi should introduce working with outside producers – e.g. The Neptunes, Chuck Inglish (again), etc. Should probably work with Kanye way more too.

  • Naythen

    this shit is hard as fuck!

  • fastflipper

    fright night 1 is a classic

    the second one is wack

    and this track and the video are even worst

  • Cudi makes dope mood music………

  • mofo

    the end was pretty trippy

  • fuckedyourgirl

    cool video, song is shit tho

  • yakoff

    who does cudi think he is? tyler the creator? hell naw

  • hk

    apples to oranges. Nothins better. It’s just different. Im stickin with Cudi hip-hop or not. There’s plenty of other great rappers to listen too.

  • Jeff

    People open your eyes to what Cudi is telling you. He is speaking about the Illuminati control in the music industry. This man is being practically tortured by these satanic elite. Read this and you will see the truth: http://justifytheory.blogspot.com/2011/06/in-or-out-kid-cudi-pt-1.html

  • thinker

    tyler the creator thinks hes cudi. fucking teenage dick riders these days

  • CK

    Looks like Cudi def stepped his acting game up.. can’t wait for How To Make It In America season 2..

  • Hozi

    do y’all really like this trash? cudi fell off since MotM1. he don’t even rap anymore. he’s moaning the same thing over and over again. did I mention he don’t rap anymore

  • Ac

    Really Meka? Had to explain Fright Night as if it were some obscure crap b movie. The original is a classic.

  • Chris

    Tracks dope. Cudi is a personality and iam really exact for that wizard Lp too. err excited ;)

  • thinker

    damn, this is fucking awesome!

  • NickyKnoxx

    mmmmmmmmmmmmyahhhhhhh cuddddddder. his moaning truly annoys me

  • AMP

    Jeff I was so high when I read your blog last night. I pray for your soul.

  • @thinker

    @thinker , ” no I’m not no kid cudi, all my fans love me” – Tyler the creator, sooo, hop off tha dick, even though cudi is 10 times the rapper than Tyler, still , your wrong :P

  • Hey guys, please check out my music. I’m a talented hip-hop artist that’s voice needs to be heard.


    WAKE UP!!!

    If you haven’t listened to MOTM2 in it’s entirety front to back how could you even start to form an opinion of his music? His first album was dope as shit and his sophomore album was a fuckin CLASSIC! Every track!

    You close-minded humans can’t comprehend this genius. This nigga Cudi sounds like a part of the instruments. Like his voice is a trumpet, bass, clarinet and at times a flute. I’m not on the nigga’s nuts I just appreciate good ass music and Cudi’s in his own league. How many artists do you know that speak truths in their music? Don’t worry I’ll wait…..

  • Airborne

    I guess during recording he had the fangs in cause when he starts singing after 3:145 his fangs grow in, you can hear a lisp. That’s dope.

  • FlyBoiTay

    Those skinny jeans makes him look scared as fuck lol

  • My opinion is kid cudi is pointing to iluminati and him soon being apart of it and the people around him are forcefully being pulled to the iluminati (vampires biting into their victims being the media and everything promoting it) and kid cudi is my favorite artist and he knows that a second hollacost is in the making eliminating all religions except worshiping the devil and honestly I love god so I will die for him but kid cudi actually cares about us and is sincere but he tells us thru his music.

  • realtalk©

    SMH hollacost? you mean holocaust?