• Your Father

    Man, Quan had so much potential to blow.
    Especially right after Just A Moment. Had so much momentum going but him and Nas fucked it all up. Nas sucks at artist promo and Quan couldn't leave the streets alone.
    I want dude to win and I'm sure this project will be flames but the reality is the game done changed.
    There's no place for artists like Quan these days...

  • Pops

    verses are on point but that hook SUCKS

  • iknowthesethings

    so thats what cd player and a flip-phone looks like

  • http://www.RBradioXL.com Ab

    Quan is one the most slept on dudes in the game.....'A
    multi-talented threat!!!! I promise this is his time, because when he was w/Nas... He was far ahead of his time!



  • tirx

    quan was definitely ahead of his time.... he gone handle his bizz this time, i feel it!