• http://youtube.com/FletchTubeMusic1 FletchBeats

    *Chappelle voice* wtf is he doin?!! xD

  • sdfgdhsjugduk

    fucking white people feinting, having seizures and shit everywhere...weirdos

  • http://boards.4chan.org/mu/ JustAFanOfMusic

    LOL He isn't having a seizure, white boy just trying to vibe with the fast pace... and making himself look like a fool.

  • ryus headband

    thank you captain obvious ^^^

  • YoungButEducated

    This guy makes white fans look bad.

  • http://TrackHustle.com TrackHustle

    You should have seen dude at the Twista concert. He did that dance for 45 minutes straight.

  • Me


  • dez

    hhahah that shit is LOLtacular! tone is a beast though same shit coulda happened to me.

  • morrigan


  • adgaaaaa

    wtf are they both doin

  • charles

    my day has been made. thank you white america, thank you.