Meek Mill – Dreamchasers (Mixtape) [NoDJ]

blame it on Shake August 14, 2011

Well, that was quick. Just a few days after Meek Mill’s latest mixtape hits the e-streets, the Drama-free version is released.Tracklist/download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Meek Mill – Dreamchasers [NoDJ]
– Spotted at UHTN.

  • The Real Is Back

    can someone make a version without william (the fake rick ross) that would be even better

  • THANKS Shakemeister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bhw\NB


  • Airborne

    67 MB? Guess I’m gonna just stay with the DJ.

  • the_EllusioNz

    niiice!!!… NOT a BIG Meek Mill fan, but always down to give FREE music a listen and see what it’s about before judging, thanks and appreciate it…

  • isaidit

    67 MB is a fuckin joke…smh…

  • Golden_$tate_God

    it’s missing #14 Don’t Panic + Finals(ft.Rick Ross & Gunplay) ended up on the NoDJ version ;/ …

  • “it’s missing #14 Don’t Panic”

    im listening to it right now.

  • NYdreams

    idk.. is it really worth it…

  • Vash The Stampede

    Where that juicy j dj free tape at?

  • djmuzika23

    While I think Meek Mill is a nice and talented rapper, I haven’t really liked his work since he joined MMG. Is this really worth it? I also would have liked to see more than just Rick Ross, c’mon.

  • Jerel

    This cat is talented. Those not feeling the club joints should at least check the songs “Dreamchasers” and “Tony’s Story.”

  • Detroit89

    honet question.. what is this dude’s appeal? like I remember that song Rose Red that he did and that was the first i heard of him. I guess this dude gets a lot of attention because he is one of the main guys in MMG, but honestly, besides that what makes him hot? I mean Tupac back was aight, I never felt it was that hot, but i kind of feel like this guy is the Memphis Bleek of MMG…

  • Eddie Arkadian

    @ isaidit & Airborne,

    I don’t like when music files have ~96-128kbps bitrates also, but there’s software you can download that will convert audio files so that they will have an increased bitrate. If you download a lot for free music, it can be pretty helpful. Just a suggestion.

  • theuncensoredthinker

    wtf i deleted the tag version. for one were the tracks arent even labeled and theres no art work smh

  • Golden_$tate_God

    “im listening to it right now.” Really? What track would that be considering the file ive got doesnt have the names listed and i had to do that myself .. i’m pretty sure it’s missing that track …

  • Here’s the NO DJ version of Dreamchasers with proper tags:

    h u l k s h a r e . c o m /wejsj0ccp9gz

  • Roc-a-Lum

    The Tagged version sounds better and isn’t that bad, as far as Drama is concerned. It was well worked in.

  • jacksonjkl
  • 360

    it’s missing track 14. Shake say he’s listening to it right now, but all the tracks are mixed up and aint even in the right order, you’re not listening to the right song. not only that but none of these got track names or file info. then it dont got a cover. and also on youtube theres bonus tracks that dont come in this. whoever upped this file is an idiot.

  • SirCatalyst

    128kbps?! Really?! I was going to give Meek a chance again, haven’t really listened to him since his days of beefing with Qully Millz and rhyming with Reef, but I can’t rock with 128kpbs.

    @Eddie Arkadian increasing the bitrate artificially actually decreases the quality. Everytime you re-encode a mp3, you lose quality. It’s like trying to make a small image larger, the data’s not there for it to be any good.