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    Its got that Mobb Deep feel. I'd like to see more of him on 2DB

  • Jgee

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP.. Great Piece Shake.. Ya'll be bringin that Blaka to the forefront thats why I love Ya'll.. Cats on that Killa sh*t rite here.. Made my whole Day watchin this joint

  • Knuckle Head

    Queens Get The Money! Great to hear that Raw Hip Hop Is Bumping ON 2D! Shaz Is Nasty Wid da wordplay..

  • Haterade

    And this is why I love 2DBZ props on this.

  • Kane Mayfield

    YO..... this shit GOOOOOEEEEEES.

    Never heard of sun before, but he seem like the kind of cat you meet spitting on the train and be like "Yo.. YOU NICE SUN"

    Happy i listened

  • Liz

    Soo widdit ! Definitely been a while since hearing something legit like this.