Chris Webby – Block to the Burbs f. Freeway (Video)

blame it on Shake August 15, 2011

DOWNLOAD: Chris Webby – Block to the Burbs f. Freeway

  • philadelph

    can’t believe he dissed asher… freeway on the other hand is the man.

  • truth

    that asher diss came out over 2 years ago.. kid seems much more on his game now

  • Cameron

    Fuck Chris Webby. He and Sam Adams shod have a fight to the death, winner gets to battle a real MC.

  • fuck asher CT whattup!

  • walnuts

    that ‘conneticut’ tattoo goes about as hard as my flaccid penisLMAO

  • PJ

    This nigga is wack..

  • factormax

    my man has the upper shoulder cross, the autobot sign, and the dick border tattoo hahahahahahaha

  • Myth

    This guy is fuckin’ terrible

  • j

    webbys verse was nice. but hes gay

  • 215

    Haha wtf Freeway?

  • 3dope

    ppl like this guy? ppl like freeway?

  • JD

    He just ruined it for us CT residents

  • Dialekt

    Only good thing coming out of CT right now is OnCue

  • Rick
  • ThaTruth

    Hearts of Men is my all time favorite 2pac track I co sign Freeway Verse just because of that first line.

  • shitcrew

    lol at those tatts. this guys terrible.

  • MontyNice

    LoL @ the OnCue joke.. but he’s ok. I was @ the tat shop when he was gettin his first one. That shit below his belly button.. I told him I thought it was dumb.. but it was his tat.. *shrug*

  • 62 people gave this a thumbs up, maybe they are dyslexic… I think it’s really bad.

  • Johnny Marijuanaseed

    The only good thing out of Connecticut OnCue? The ONLY Good MC out of Connecticut is Apathy. Hipsters who are blowing Debby…I mean Webby..please get familiar.

  • kallywood

    “that ‘conneticut’ tattoo goes about as hard as my flaccid penisLMAO”


  • Санёк

    не знаю за что все так не любят этого парня, но трек то заебись!

  • Daniel Tosh

    @Ovechkin above me
    We don’t speak your Oogga Booga Langauge

  • I Love MILFS

    LOL what the fuck is this and how the hell is he trying the diss Asher. Nigga need to stick to the book reports and bagging groceries cause this whole concept is ass.

  • J

    Webby is barely mediocre. Barely. And since we must compare other white rappers…not counting Em…Asher >>>>>>>