Dave Chappelle’s First Interview In Five Years (Video)

blame it on Meka August 15, 2011

Stopping by San Francisco’s Wild 94.9 morning show, Doc Samson Dave Chappelle did his first interview in what seemed like forever, speaking on everything from that infamous Miami show to his workout regimen inspired by Prodigy’s prison gym technique.

  • Wow

    Wow. Dave whuttup? Twitter Much?

  • LOWR

    Someone get the whole thing, I ain’t getting twitter just so I can see it.

  • theBroKing

    just watched ‘grape drink’ again today hahaah fucking hilarious

  • kcdali

    Where is the rest of the video

  • kcdali

    Where is the rest of the video???

  • Daves the fuckin man….Point blank.

  • hater

    Rico needs to stick a fucking squirrel in his mouth. God he is not funny – Dave is married, ask more poignant questions

  • R

    He doesn’t talk about his workout regimen, Meka..? Unless I missed something.

  • Van City

    weird interview daves clearly in a dark place…

  • heey
  • thekidsaid

    I agree w/ Van City..too bad dude in glasses had to keep asking Dave wack, pre-written questions..wonder why he came on this lame show..

  • Anton

    Man they asked him some dumb ass questions.. I don’t know if Dave is in a bad place.. he prob just thought those dudes were stupid

  • Shizzy

    I’ll NEVER listen to this radio show…dude, you can’t out-comic Dave…that’s like wasting an opportunity to play basketball with your favorite NBA superstar by chuckin up 1/2 court shots. Amateur nite FAIL

  • #KanyeShrug

    haha. agree with the above comments. i noticed both dudes were trying way too hard to be funny too. dave was chill about it tho. “i feel like a bad guest. normally im a dynamic talker, but its early for me.” haha. he bullshittin.

  • Bob Costas

    wow those guys were very annoying.

  • Jay Francisco

    first interview in 5 years and its with these clowns? JV is the homie, but these other two ask the dumbest question. real talk, should have went to KMEL. makes me miss The Doghouse that much more.

  • Jay-Z

    Dave is weirdly in love with San Francisco..just sayin.

  • stones

    @Anton 100%….these dudes were douchebags.

  • happy to hear that he’s back around. hoping some new material surfaces. either way, welcome back dave.

  • MikeDao

    I hate that they were trying to bait him with leading questions during the whole interview..

  • chopz

    thumbs up to dave, thumbs down to these two fucks interviewing him

  • klutch

    ^^^perfect those hosts suck. they kept tryna trap him onto sayin somethin bad bout ppl.