J. Cole – Work Out (Video)

blame it on Meka August 15, 2011

Directed by Clifton Bell

Cole gets his first set of visuals from Cole World: The Sideline Story. September 27th.

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  • thug23

    first bitches this is dope Cole World no haters

  • Steve

    So the first video really was a failure. This one isn’t anything to write home about either.

    I really hope for Cole’s sake that his album is as good as I’m expecting it to be, because between this horrible song and “Can’t Get Enough” my hopes are lowering every day.

  • coleworld

    so much could have been done with this video. I really had way more hopes. even with a low budget you could have made a story line or something. oh well. Cole World. Sept 27th.

  • Chris_Zurcher

    PLEASE make this a bonus or leave it off the album. it can still get radio spins as a promotional type thing. would give the album a more classic feel

  • Cole World over everything, he rockin’ that Tisa snap too, this song kinda reminds me of Work Out

  • gwrg

    still dont like the song and im a fan

  • theBroKing

    how can people not like the song?? it just goes to show how snobby some of the 2 dope commenters are.. it doesnt have amazing lyrics therefore the song is shit. please shut the fuck up and enjoy the music, its seriously catchy and has a good feel to it

  • the rapper eater

    @ damien your own song reminds you of workout? haha fag.

    … and did you seriously just say “im here to lead the way”

  • Fred

    song is growing on me, the video made ​​it run better. great summer vibe feel, love the colors. we onnnnnnnn. cole world 27 / 7


    prob a stunt for the RED album
    Rapper” Game” May Face Arrest After Tweeting Sheriff’s Station Phone Number

  • T0KS

    U really gotta be a Anti-social/Hate having FUn / Do not Party with Female Type of nigga to hate on the song. Dont yall hear that old school HipHop Feel in the chorus?

  • 233323

    gayest song he ever made
    cant wait for this year to be over so he can fade away
    dude got one style of rapping one trick pony
    dude made one hot song long time ago “who dat”
    pick a new dude this shit lame not lyrical and def not
    street crunk shit

  • Fact

    God Cole fans Stay on his dick I forgot this song even came out lol until I saw this post Cole dropping some rather forgettable music this is no classic and I hope it’s is a bonus cut or off the album y’all talking about y’all gotta like the video bcuz of the colors lol Gtfho we are on 3 Years old

  • Fact

    God Cole fans Stay on his dick I forgot this song even came out lol until I saw this post Cole dropping some rather forgettable music this is no classic and I hope it’s is a bonus cut or off the album y’all talking about y’all gotta like the video bcuz of the colors lol Gtfho we are on 3 Years old..

  • jibb

    honestly…I do not really like this song at all.
    J. Cole is so much better than this

  • Rezo

    The song is still awful and is Rocnation giving this dude any kind of budget? I’m starting to think he is like the unwanted stepchild in the Rocnation family. This dude gets no promotion at all from them and obviously no budget. This video looks like something a random mixtape rapper would shoot. I stopped taking Cole serious about a year ago when I realized he nothing more than a good underground rapper signed to a major label. Rocnation obviously agrees which is why they do nothing to promote this dude, they are just waiting to drop his album so they can then proceed to drop him. Book it!

  • TOrrent911

    1) he got the worst stage presence ever
    2) his fans say the gayest shit, worse then wiz k or odd future fans
    3) who the fuck is still listenin to friday night lights
    4) whens the last time u heard a crunk song from him, like really crunk
    5) whens the last time u ever heard anyone outside of blogs jammin cole

  • ddddds

    wheres nyc /broklyn when u need him

  • LunezIII

    I think Cole is ok, if your a fan of pure lyrics check this out!

  • 1dopePuertoRicanfromJersey

    WTF! The video isn’t playing! Onsmash has the worst fucking video players….

  • unclesam

    This video isn’t anything special but I’m starting to like the song a bit more, it’s at least average and a lot better than a lot of these niggas vids.


    Loads of chicks on my Facebook post Cole’s stuff, just last night one girl wrote “9.27.11” ♥ I had no clue what she meant but then I figuered it out today when some other girl posted this vid and wrote the same date, so yeah, people outside of blogs listen to Cole. You think he got 700k+ blogfollowers on Twitter?

  • GooG

    wonder why so many haters
    *listens to the song*
    damn this blows
    hopefully his album is good cuz he mite be gone after this year1

  • fondle

    he brings a point ive never ever heard anyone in the real world
    mention jcole, no one even heard of him, expect facebook and blogs
    , wierd for a guy on jayz label , dude gets no promotion or ads

  • Mike C

    Cole World No donuts lol but nah on the real I hope ” Who Dat” is on Cole World!

  • honestly?

    It’s amazing how these dudes want to hop on a post & talk about how much they don’t like a song they already knew they didn’t like… I call that hating. And this is a Cole post so why would you not to expect to see Cole stans, think about it. I mean I don’t hop on Juicy J posts & talk about how much I do not like his songs. I mean seriously… find a hobby haha

  • COMP

    Is that the girl from the Work Out single cover? If so I’d smash that shit in

  • jay

    i guess this was better than the first one what does this video have to do about working out video boring let me sample any beat on college drop out this nigga chooses work out plan lmao im justing waitin on the album hope its as good as he says it is waits for nyc/brooklyn comment lol

  • HouseofStark

    The link doesn’t work for me, any alternatives. youtube says the video is private.

  • I like the direction this video took. Its got mass appeal.

  • Yeah!!

    * Remembers the wiz hate*
    lol you underground niggas is alway trynna bump some Slaughter House type shit in the club. You hat on these new niggas, but they keep doing better than all the #’s you niggas throw out there. Wiz just made 11.5 million this year, making more money than Ross, Drake, Nicki and 50 Cent. He was shitted on but his doing better than all these other niggas. Nigass thought Big Sean couldn’t sell, he exceded those doubters. Now he got singles out the ass. Same thing is happening with Cole. lol at you niggas when he does 200k 1st week and all you gon say it aint sell well rofl

  • ZeusNiggaZeus

    Awkwardest nigga ever. Look at his movements in the video, like he never saw talked to a pretty bitch in his life. This nigga cant even chart billboard. Give it up Coal. Drake taking already took over the summer, finna take over fall, and fuck your bitch in winter.

    Take Care

  • Freshoine

    you lames are LIKING this? You bamas and backpackers are the worst. If lil wayne or drake made this song it would be dislike to hell. Dickriding is out of control


    “She like them boys with the big old chains/
    Rides around town in the big old Range/
    I knew her when I rocked big ole jeans/
    Now the little nigga doing big old thangs”

    this is probably one the worst voice delivery of rhymes I ever heard in my life, now with the visuals it’s even more annoying. I don’t even want to go gospel on his Paula Abdul chorus, total embarrassment. I honestly don’t understand what A. Hole and his team were thinking when they dropped this BS song. I dared them and double dared them to drop a video and they arrogantly fulfilled my demands. this video does NOTHING for his promotion for the album. he should of taken the L on this and just used it on his failed series “Any (UNFOR)Given Sunday”. this nigga never looks relax in his videos. he’s always looking awkward with them tarantula legs eyebrows. it’s like they have a life of its own. what is up with these niggaz on here talkin’ bout rocnation “promotion”. they’ve been promoting this nigga for the last four years. this nigga just can’t deliver a radio friendly hit. these niggaz will gamble again on that trey songz feature, but that will also fail due to it also being a mediocre below average song. the bottom dollar is, brace yourself for an overrated garbage album from your created messiah of hip hop music.


  • smh

    Nothing but PURE haters in this bitch. smh

  • I Love MILFS

    ^^^ “Tarantula legs eyebrows”. LMAO
    Cole needs to get this shit together man, I think he is scared to put out his hip hop roots because the radios won’t except him or because the singing and rapping thing is ruling the industry right now. But he and electronica got to wake up cause the shit they are dropping or in electronicas the lack there of is not cutting it.

  • sad

    Like really ya’ll niggas is pathetic. Ya’ll want to see him fail. Ole bitter ass, following the hate train ass niggas

  • marty mcfly

    How did ya’ll even watch this video cause the shit dont even play.

  • thatrealshit

    @ nyc/brooklyn
    idk how u expect anyone to read that rant above me, ppl have lives to lead. i think the vid was pretty good, wat i expected. the link didnt work for me either i just searched it on google. i think this, cant get enough, and bad girls club (wale’s single feat. cole) should help him expand his fanbase, could b a good end of the summer for cole

  • 3stacks3

    ou can still be lyrical, and make a feel good summer song, you dont have to just talk about bitches, you can talk about life and make it a feel good joint. This video’s cheap, it looks cheap. I’m a HUGE cole stan and its clear, this video is wack. The songs ok, its not a bad song. This is a song if you’re out at the beach, or on a boat, that you play with some bitches while u get ur dick sucked on the end of the boat or drink some beer with some friends. This really has no other place. NOBODY wants to just sit and chill to this. If you do, you’re a soft ass homo kind of type.

    Here’s 3 songs that have a feel good chill type of sound and have a story, or dope lyrics, or something of quality to them:

    1. Blu – Sunshine.
    2. Nick Reid – Growin’ UP
    3. Co$$ – Pot A$h

  • Dmdprof

    Meek mill-middle of the summer>j.cole work out

  • Since YouTube wanna fuck up, click my name for the video!!

  • @3stacks3 – None of those songs will ever do well on a mainstream level and Blu is one of my top 5 rappers, but facts are facts.

    I’m not one for slander or what have you but this video really sucks. He lacks presence and majority of the scenes could’ve either been shot better or don’t even fit the part in the song. Would’ve been a lot better if it was focused more around him hollering at a girl in a party rather than seeing her while on the basketball court and him rapping his lyrics to her instead of talking them to her.

    Even though he wants that mainstream success and a certain type of image, how uncomfortable he is in the video just shows that this isn’t him. It’s not hard to have/show confidence in your natural environment. Should’ve put out some Lauryn Hill type shit like That Thing or something more suited to the artist we embraced him as. That said I’m interested in seeing how the Can’t Get Enough video turns out.

  • Lets Be Frank

    I agree dont really hear much about cole outside of the internet. its amuses me when people use twitter as some kind of validation for popularity. Everybody follows everybody on twitter. most people even follow people they hate just to keep their lives interesting. Ciara got like 20 million followers and she sold 27k first week. Everything trends on twitter, every celebrity got hundreds of thousands of followers… its not an accomplishment. stop it b

  • Airborne

    Great video, captured the song nicely.I don’t know where you guys get off saying this won’t get play on the radio. Wtf do you live? I hear this all the time. Especially at block parties and house parties. This is not a wack song, no matter how much you niggas wanna hate. I’ll admit, Disgusting was kinda wack, but this is not. He did this right.

  • Mohammed

    I think the video is cool much better than the leaked version. I’ve grown to like the song too but Like a Star> Work Out. It’s has a summer time feel it can appeal to the mainstream without compromising his skill and doesn’t sound forced. Wished that would’ve been his single really. But thankfully Can’t Get Enough is really dope and that’s the next single.

  • Cole finally hit the Billboard Hot 100! Stop hating, faggots

  • Frank

    this video is funny. it looks like cole lecturing and preaching to that chick. She just nodding and shit.”come to my bible meeting tonight. There will be refreshments”

  • JAyP

    what would you niggas rather see him being a creep staring at her working out at a Ballys feeling hiself? … yeah thats more of you internet niggas lifestyle LMAO!

  • marty mcfly

    What the hell is going on over there at Rocnation? Jay is always on the road so im not really sure how much involvement he has with Cole and Electronica but however business goes over there , I think they could be doing alot better with marketing and promoting these two artist. Does Drake have to come out first before ya’ll get on your grind? Cmonson.

  • nitox

    anybody know what brand that shirt is?

  • Pauly Dee (Peanut Butter Jelly Time!! Version)

    Cosign @ marty…wierd…

    The Roc needs to do better promo jobs.

  • T’Challa

    “Tarantula legs eyebrows”. LMFAO

    Comments on a J.Cole post are way more entertaining than his music.. I’m sorry but it’s true.

    I mess with Cole a little, but the vid & was really weak.

  • not feelin’ it, the video or the song. and why wear a shirt that you have to censor? lol

  • TOrrent911

    lol ppl think jcole is hip hop?..LMAO
    naa im not a hater i know how to compare and contrast
    u can feel the dudes soul in it

    Lazurus – “Living my dream”

  • Pauly Dee

    Cool video. About a 3.6/5. Could have been better, but I’m sure it’ll move some things. If this doesn’t work, he still has “Bad Girls Club”. If BGC doesn’t work (and I doubt it won’t) he still has Can’t Get Enough. Cole has options and one of those options is the winning key.

  • Lmfao @ Frank and cosign Mohammed, Like a Star shits on this song by far.

  • Bob Costas

    lyrically this is probably one of the top 5 worst j. cole songs ive heard, coming from a huge fan who has pretty much everything he ever released. The beat is fine, but damnn those are some weak, WEAK lyrics! Come on!

    But that girl was fine as hellllll

  • Willy B

    maybe they should have shot this at a gym and made it sexyyy????

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  • NYC/Brooklyn

    I am a cole fan and yes i admit this isnt a lyrical type song and the video wasnt all that. But at the same time this song is just a chill ass song to vibe to. Nobody wanna listen to no damn lyrical ass shit at parties..thinking and shit GTFOH with that. Cole is winning, after this vid hes gonna release his second single ‘CANT GET ENOUGH” then his 3rd single “lost ones”. after that its a wrap. This nigga is gonna do big numbers mark my word. Also if you hate j.cole why comment on his shit ? ok you dont like the video but when a nigga makes a comment on anothers man eyebrows that shit raises alot of questions. I swear some of yall in the C section are gay on the low SMH. Sept 27th ! Cole World !

  • Marval

    Does anyone know who the lead girl is and if she’s on twitter?

  • lance geneva

    this nigga didn’t smile one time in the video and i HATED the bridge at the end.. song is okay..

  • Ethan

    hahah damn, so much hate, i feel like the first video was raw with the whole club theme, n then this wasnt BAD, but i just agree with whoever said his movements looked awkward as hell, i was thinkin to myself like who directed this and thought he was lookin normal, cause he sure looks like a GI JOe action figure movin around out there, atleast the song aint bad and the shorty was thick . . .

    Sept 27th

  • danimal

    NYC/BROOKLYN = the world BIGGEST HATER dude, get a fucking life, or better yet make your own songs that can be featured on a web site, so you can have a stalker/hater just like cole has you … lmao , i really hope its some sort of weird prank to get attention from cole on his tracks. dog gets a life , cole is a good artist period

  • danimal

    wait, maybe NYC/BROOKLYN is really jay z fuckin wit cole’s head lmao

  • PlankingOnAMillion

    J.Cole 1 million views on YouTube in 3 days SMH

  • Rell Wilson

    1st off why ya hating & talking about lyrical shit this is clearly a radio type of song, big seans 1st single was my last nobody really paid attention to lyrics its called commercial songs. for bitches, older people & young folks smh

  • @Rell Wilson As much as i dislike Big Sean My Last is a better SONG than this and the video was better.

  • LDN

    I live in London i was in the car with my boy and was surprised to hear this come on choice fm during the day. Loads of people down here saying their feeling this song and vid, got em screaming Cole World lol. I been a fan for a long time, Cole gonna do it I know it

  • ASjkll


  • bbme

    ya, is it a ‘SANTA CRUZ’ shirt!?

  • 7 star

    crazy unibrow..

  • Dreamvillain

    look how many comments this video stirred up….cole did his job. all y’all haters can suck my left nut. #coleworld