Game – Daytona 500 (500 Bars)

blame it on Shake August 16, 2011

21 minutes of any instrumental is beyond redundant. I don’t care which one it is, nor whatever artists decides to rock over a loop for that long. Dah well, Jayceon decides 21 minutes over Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Otis is the way to go. I definitely don’t have the patience to listen to that much, but if y’all do… please feel free to provide your commentary below.

DOWNLOAD: Game – Daytona 500 (500 Bars)

  • ***************************

    i’m guessing theres a shitload of name dropping but i dont give a fuck cause i like that shit and hes doing his thing

  • Sojourner

    garbage … Call me a hater, but I guess that’s somethin Game & I have in common. From unlce otis to rhyming over their joint ? Irrelevance + delusion = the fuckery that is Jayceon.

  • PlankingOnAMillion

    This is ASS..the nigga be trying so hard to stay relevant SMH. Pointless song btw too

  • ***************************

    game really needs to go away for a while and come back cause hes getting repetitive

  • urboi

    dis nigga needs to get off jay’s dick

  • I like it. That shit is harder to do than yall think.. Wait no, you’ve never dedicated yourself to doing something that difficult. Cause it’s so easy to hate. Whether you like it or not, respect the craft.

  • therecanonlyb1

    “tell me why you Hate the game” marsha ambroshius voice

  • asdfghjkl

    I respect the guy, I’m not a huge fan but the game obviously loves hiphop

  • Rozko

    Shake, remember how you use to just post the song? Without any input?

  • Malcolm

    *listens to the first minutes of the song* > *pauses* > *closes site* > *listens to 300 bars n runnin*

  • marty mcfly

    @Allen Walker COSIGN. If people dont like this I cant really blame them but on some MC shit this is way beyond most rappers skill level. This shit is 500 bars , about 350 rhymes, 200 punchlines , 150 metaphors and about 50 double entendres and if he punched in his vocals less then ten times then thats some extreme breathe control. This is some lyrical exercise shit to the tenth power on top of the 4 mixtapes he dropped this year alone. Hate it or Love it , Game is a rappers rapper and in the top ten most lyrically vicious MCs in hip hop period.

  • NYdreams

    u gotta respect the work game has been doing.. It’s hip hop I can’t hate on a nigga that loves to rap …. But seriously ..what’s the point ?? I’m not wasting iPod space on a 21 minute song nor am I gonna replay a 21 minute imma listen to it once and 4get this shit existed like all the other 300 / 590 bars he did’s shows he love rap but it’s pointless especially when your 3 minute songs ain’t even that nice …..

  • Luca

    Rapping/MC wise game is top 10 no doubt … the problem with Game isn’t his problem. It’s the industrys’ problem. Dont y’all see that in order to succeed you need more than talent in this fucking bussiness? Look Lady Gaga. Talented as fuck, but the ‘board’ give her those gimmicks n’ shit.

  • NYdreams

    And I thought he didn’t fuck Witt jay so y he so quick to grab his instrumentals ?? Lol beef is cool but when u say a nigga name 100 times and his only response to u was that u a groupie lmaoo it’s time to move on

  • Real Nigga Quotes

    Yo, FUCK Gayme… 1st the nigga says, “I don’t got nothing personal against Jay Z.” Then proceeds to tell a personal account of why he don’t like Jay Z. (BTW, I don’t fuck with Jay Z’s music.) Then, he names Lil B as the wackest rapper out, when there’s plenty of other niggas way wacker. An many of them, Gayme fucks with, like Wacka Flocka, OJ Da Juiceman, etc.. (BTW, I don’t fuck with Lil B’s punk shit either.) Then he says Ras Kass is #2 wackest… LMFAO Your kidding right??? If you think Ras Kass is wack your a fucking idiot. Then, gets a tight ass DJ Premier beat and spends the whole song sucking other rappers dicks. (T.I., Jeezy,etc.) Can Gayme do just 1 fucking song without another rappers dick in his mouth??? Now, this bull shit, 21 minutes of the same beat??? You ain’t even switch it up??? N the same beat he already used for another freestyle??? You know Jay Z be like, “Yeah, this nigga on my dick too hard…” Mind you, I don’t fuck with none a these niggas music like that. Only shit I’m fucking with is Roc Marciano, Sean Price, Jay Electronica, Planet Asia n Doom..Top 5 right now in that order. Fuck Watch the Throne too! So you dick riders can fuck off if you think I’m hating. I’m just calling like I see it…

  • r.e.d. = classic

    Go listen to The R.E.D. Album & then say Game is not a top 5 emcee. Just go. Peace fucks

  • waddup

    ” nut on they face like its skin care ” y’all niggaz haven’t even listening & are hating on it. Like really? Just cause you seen 500 bars by Game you rollover. Free music? Let alone 500 fucking bars?? & most of these rhymes are krazy?? Anyways, RED in stores August 23

  • wadduptho

    @ waddup.

    Well said. .Well said. Just listening from 0:00 – 5:30. Shouted out Cole too. That shit was funny & raw

  • jetsforthesuperbowl

    yo shake/meka, if TDE ain’t holla’d yet, post —-> Game – The City featuring Kendrick Lamar.

  • NYdreams

    “nut on they face like it’s skin care” <<<< I can't believe u had the nerve to hype that line up….. Was I supposed to b like ooh shit that shit was nice ??? -_-

  • scratchingmybrain

    Y’all gotta listen. Wait. Nevermind. Fuck it. Y’all wanna comment on a song y’all ain’t listen too? That’s fuckin (4)Dope? . & you underground lovers ask why hip hop is dead

  • waddup

    @NyDreams its so many nice bars in the song. But seriiously tho bro, listen to The City by Game. Wow

  • chyeahboy

    Game is the most hated MC of all time. Takes the title. Easily. With no title fight

    ” sittin’ here watchin’ the throne bored as a mothafucka’ “

  • gametime

    @ scratchingmybrain. Best comment of all time. Trooooof blood

  • shrugs

    @nydreams. Fuck outta here. Your delusional as possible. Look at 50 cent’s relevance & thats your montage’ of your blogging career.

    If your at home asking what a montage’ is. . Idk. I just thought it was a word that fit this conversation

  • REDedication

    Currently playing blu – dancing in the rain. But its all RED upcoming

  • hitaniggawiththeinfrared

    last couple comments HA HA. Infrared wasn’t nice as a baby, with a new toy, sitting on cotton, bottom powdered up, with the mother at a peace convention and the dad at a golf wine & cheese party tho??

  • martianORgoblin

    @ above me. Wow.

    And the title for best comment goes too. . . .hitaniggawiththeinfrared

  • Kirill-x-zibit

    Album leaked

  • Kirill-x-zibit

    Yes, Game – The R.E.D. Album leaked on in excellent quality 320 kbps, download it for free and do not forget to tell your friends

  • damn

    The good, the bad, the ugly is fuckin krazy nigga

  • r.e.d.

    game got album of the year

  • success is uncertain

    jay-z probably regrets not giving game an autograph..or not

  • Laky

    lol i heard game was giving jay-z shit for not releasing j. cole’s album, but hasn’t game been promoting and putting singles out for RED album for like 2 years?

  • Cameron

    Chiddy freestyled for 9 hrs straight. Probably did it better. I’ll never know because I’m not going to waste my time with Game anymore. I’ll keep my copy of Doctor’s advocate and pretend he was killed by one of the hundreds of rappers he has pissed off.

  • click my name for the album

  • NYdreams

    @shrugs just so u know…. 50 cent will always be more relevant than game ..he could easily retire today and 10 years from now b remembered i dont care how bad his music might b right now… 50 will always b remembered top 10 while game would b somewhere in the top 50…

  • Bill
  • This is just dope. I agree, it is hard to listen to one beat for an extended period, but Game does a great job here.

  • rednation

    damn RED is crazy! download the full album at thisisbuckwild

  • zookeeper

    lets make a side bet, i’m a j cole fan, can a nigga drop yet.
    amber alert, i aint supposed to talk about a nigga wife but she squirt like a soda can


  • @The Game: “Hov invented SWAG, I’ll give ya that… but who invented SLIME, got niggas in they fitted caps”

    Hov didn’t invent SWAG, SouljaBoy wack ass did… and Game, you didn’t invent SLIME. Vado & Cam’ron did.

  • Espy

    Just a Fan ^ get your shit strait. N.O.R.E. invented SLIME. and who gives a fuck anyway?

  • ThaTruth

    Just got through listening to the RED Album , IMO Its Way better than WTT Arrangements and Productions. Now we gotta wait for C4 , Cold World and TM103.

  • nochurchinthewild

    Game said Hov didn’t invent Swag just 2 weeks ago…now he does? LMFAO. Talkin bout bi-polar? Game needs to stop this funny shit. Charles Louboutin a fag. He always name-dropping. Always talkin bout Hov, Diddy, Dre and 50. It’s funny cause Jigga NEVER mentioned Game. That says enough, dude won’t even pay attention to all the disses and yet Game puts energy in doing it. Game even dissed a female ( Rihanna) and Lil B on that Martians track. People talking bout this song is ”hard-to-make” and people need to respect this or else they don’t know bout rap but that’s BULLSHIT. This shit is wack I can’t even listen to Otis beat for 21 mins yo real shit. Game needs to hang up the mic already.

  • Youn

    The R.E.D. Album is just straight garbage. I followed Game until L.A.X. but common… That has no artistic direction, producers choices are wack, just as lame as the featurings.
    The Drake verse is prolly a leftover from nowhere, Martians VS Goblins is a nice track though.
    Dre was prolly too busy workin’ on that never-comin-detox instead of givin him hands on that project…

    It’s a whole disapointment here, I expected much more from that album, let me get back to Watch The Throne, heavy rotation.

  • Rezo

    Too many features on his album, these rappers putting 20 features on their albums is really getting annoying. It just shows you can’t craft a great album without sticking as many big names as you can on it to draw interest. The last 2 years hip hop albums are sounding like various artists mixtapes rather than solo albums. I buy an artist album because I am a fan of them, not every other rapper in the industry that they could get a verse from…..

  • Juice101

    yeah that red album is ass.but why the fuck niggas wanna compare any album that comes out to wtt like it was the worst album of 2011? it wasn’t a classic but it wasn’t trash either

  • dadon

    real shit that My City track was dope as shit that was hella promising but the next tracks was trash man. big dissapointment. Tyler ethered Game on his own track, Lil Wayne isn’t doing shit and his voice annoying as hell. Beats is too busy for game. I don’t get that Game said Jay is top 5 smh why he diss him than. this nigga a big questionmark lol real shit.

  • Game’s album is… alright, nowhere near his first two but he’s trying to get back on track. Best tracks are “The City” featuring Kendrick Lamar; “Martians vs. Goblins” featuring Tyler, The Creator & “Born In The Trap”… oh and “Heavy Artillery”, Ross started it off nice IMO.

    Everyone listen to that track with Kendrick… K.Dot fuckin’ went H.A.M., especially on the last verse.

    Also… damn, Tyler read my mind. Been waiting for someone to jones that nigga LeBron’s fading hairline.

  • Also… “Good Girls Go Bad” would be a good track if it were just Drizzy. Game just doesn’t sound right over that production IMHO.

  • LOL

    did this nigga say 50 is top 10?? Ahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahahhahahahahahahaa

  • who cares

    My only issue with this is he knew it didn’t work having the same beat for 400 Bars so they remixed it. So why come wit 500 bars over the same beat in the first place?

  • J.O

    yea regardless if you like it or not you should atleast respect the craft..and I don’t know about that statement Shake made but I could def.listen to Slaughterhouse or Eminem or Lupe or some of the elite MC’s spit 500 bars…i think if Jay-Z spit 500 Bars there would be not 1 complaint!

  • Would have been better if he switched up the beat like 300 Bars. Y’all haters, eat a dick and die slow.

  • undefeated

    this nigga is ultra elementary and wack.500 bars of name dropping and bitching.lyricist are u kidding??? stop!if u think game is a lyricist i bet you think 50 tyson got skills is average with nice can almost predict every other line.its coo he loves hip hop thats dope but just cuz did a 500 bar track doesnt mean hes sum top mc.500 bars worthless if its same bs over and over.

  • ThaTruth

    Game was inspired by Cannibus that why he did 500 bars. I give RED Album a 4.5/5 because he have alot of classic material on the album but 3 or 4 songs could of been left out if he want it to be a classic. Unlike WTT I could ride thru the whole album only skipping like two songs.

  • Shake, you dont have to worry about this track burnin’ ya ears, DJ Skee is gonna save our ears from a 21 minute Otis track with a slew of different beats to go with this acapella

  • Notice how 2dopeboyz don’t mention Martians vs. Goblins ft Tyler The Creator and Lil Wayne which was leaked yesterday. Tyler killed that song. Give that nigga credit, he was rappin better than Game on his own track. Only song I wanted to hear from that album and I got it now so fuck everything else.
    Stop being biased and butthurt and post good music!

  • GeorgeCostanza

    yo game….this shit is getting old, go away.

  • 408

    Why aren’t they putting up The City? Kendrick killed that track.

  • chris

    was i the only one expecting him to go in on RZA’s beat when I saw the title?

  • rikkoe

    If he is gona do a 21 minute song,,at least make it over a dope ass beat,, he picked the wackest most boring beat to rhyme over!!at least do like 300 bars and rhyme over many classic dope beats…

  • Air

    He went in though, yall should listen

  • Justin Herschel


  • After 4 min it gets really repetitive and weak

  • mef

    its funny how everyone hates on game, even the editors on this fucken site smh

    when in reality hes probably one of the best rappers to ever come in the game, yea he name drops. but he fucken murders any rappers he named dropped on. thats called being a monster in hip hop.

    like that one guy said.
    listen to the RED album
    shows his true potential.

  • Prizzy

    The GAME KILLED THIS SHIT lyrically!!!! mos def I’m getting the R.E.D Album he’s underrated FUCK THE HATERS.

  • a.j. moye

    killed dat shit

  • Kyle

    this shits raw. i dont know how u can hate. yea its classic name dropping game, but it goes!