Johnny Polygon - limosexsuperstar (Video)

Stopping by Los Angeles' Knocksteady Live, Johnny performed a new song from his upcoming project Pussy Gun (heh) for their podcast.

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    Most Underrated rapper right now in the game.

  • RoseAllan

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  • Takeoff Zebra Baby

    Yes, I realize he looks ridiculous. But this muthafucka is the SHIT! Listen to the Wolf in Cheap Clothing EP (plus Duck Duck Goose, don't know why he cut that).

  • Melvin Burch

    But waiting on you guys to post this.

    This song >>>>>

  • phrayzermusic

    this is dope as fuuuck!

  • Airborne

    Dude is weird as fuck. He beats out Cudi in that department. But he's talented as fuck too.

  • bricks

    he can actually sing tho on top of the rappin

  • TrackHustle

    Dope! That hook is mad catchy. I'll definitely have that stuck in my head all day.

  • Dylan

    Johnny is like one of the most unique rappers or whatever you want to call him in the game right now. This dude had 2 guys making out in his INVINCIBLE video. What other rapper can say that? He just doesn't give a fuck, he wants to be himself and thats being creative and different.... dope.

  • Brodown

    Produced by @itstheargonauts


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