Ne-Yo Shaffer Chimere Smith, Jr. – She Uses Me

blame it on Meka August 16, 2011

The Malik Cox Rule doesn’t only apply to Malik Cox, it goes for any artist that egregiously steps out of bounds. Shaffer has been doing this for a while now, I’ve finally gotten tired of it. A Ne-Yo song about women that beat their own cheeks to a Ne-Yo song? Flag on the play.

DOWNLOAD: Ne-Yo – She Uses Me

  • realtalk

    If 2dope had any musical integrity you just wouldn’t post wack music..
    but it’s all about the money so you put up as much mainstream as you can get your hands on, downloads = money.
    Understandable, but you might as well respect those very artists that you make money off..

  • Ace


  • kidadonis

    I don’t think they make money off of posting tracks. I think they get money from the advertisements but that’s it. It really is a ridiculous idea for a track. I would shake my head at it too.

  • realtalk

    ^I know for a fact they do. They always upload everything they post to their own hulkshare/usershare/etc account which gives you like $0.001 per download, which is a lot if you combine all downloads for everything they upload.

  • BIg Dee

    Lmaoooooooooo what’s the Malik Cox Rule

  • T

    *dead* at Meka’s comments lol. “Flag on the play.”

  • whuts with these artists using their real name like its a new person breaking into the game ?

  • kidadonis

    That’s not a lot of money. If a track gets 10,000 downloads, that is only $10. Which if you include the money to keep the site going, its not that much.

  • DCon

    I honestly don’t know what’s so wrong about this track, I think he added a clever twist to this beat. I was expecting some half-assed remix when I heard the beat drop but this was dope.

  • Charlie Murphy

    Habitual Line Stepper…

  • whaaaa

    how is he outta line?

  • realtalk

    That IS a lot of money, they put a shitload of music on here..
    I’m not 100% sure on the $0.001 number anyway but I’ve made $50 off simply uploading one mixtape before.
    This Ne-Yo track for instance is way out of the usual musical range for 2dbz and well, it sucks but it still got them 13,000 downloads..