A.Dd+ – Under f. Dustin Cavazos (Video)

blame it on Meka August 17, 2011

The Texas duo’s When Pigs Fly is available now.

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  • No More Cock


  • Snob

    *snobby voice* everyone knows midi keyboards cant generate sound

  • Awesome song, nice video

  • Mr.Playmaker

    this shit is amazing! damn! didnt know dallas had it like this..

  • StrongarmReady

    Wow! im seriously speechless… A.DD+ is nice. this shit is deep

  • ThomasMack

    you can say what u want but these A.Dd+ dudes are puttin Dallas on the map… this video is one of the sickest ive seen all year

  • DAN

    This is stunning!

  • Rosalinda


  • Lou CharLe$

    #ADdHoe! Dallas/Fort Worth got real talent outchea!

  • Anon

    YES!…Dustin has alot of substance to him and ADd+ are that next group…im actually glad to see this posted here…thnaks to MEKA….im looking at you shake…lol…jk…but thank you…this is what i call quality music

  • TonySparky

    this shit really has me speechless… i was skeptical when i read it was from Texas but damn im a fan now… where can i find more music!

  • SomethinRealG

    i fucks wit this shit. real nigga shit they on some other shit and killing it

  • carly

    sounds exactly like little dragon’s song “twice”…is that what they were going for?

  • swagmeout

    damn, this is straight fresh, good to see something from Dallas not having to do with a dance or something.
    this def repaints the image Dallas had when it comes to music.
    hope to see more from both artists.

  • RicotheDon

    Late night browsing and i see this…… shit is crazy….. these dudes cant be from Dallas… WHAT. THE. FUCK. …. this shit is classic!

  • gnarls

    rapping over little dragon…crazy

  • I’m proud to say I’ve seen these kids grow from “local rappers” to dope artists in a VERY short few years. One of the few videos that will regenerate interest in an entire project. #ADdHOE!


    That shit cray …. That shit cray…… THAT. SHIT. CRAY!!! …. BUT FOR REAL THIS VIDEO IS BANANAS…I HOPE IT ETS OVER 100,000 VIEWS

  • Bannana Billy

    i give props when props is due and boy don these mufuckas deserve it…. this video is amazing

  • SmokindaOGwax

    Hands down I believe one Of the best videos I’ve seen. That beat is so addicting and so sick, the piano really sets the tone. Who is Dustin Cavazos? This guy is way too dope, he have any other songs? He needs to do more collabs like this