Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us f. Ray Dalton

blame it on Shake August 17, 2011

Be sure to check out Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at this year’s Rock the Bells festival.

ITUNES: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us f. Ray Dalton

  • Tiffany

    wow!! this is different for them…. fucking love it.

  • wootwoot!

    Finally on 2dope! :D

  • Bout time yall post this

  • AcevedoDan

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  • Macklemore is putting out some good stuff lately. Love the “Wings” video too. Check out my blog if you’re looking for another source for the best in hip hop. Click my name. Thanks.

  • Bob Costas

    sooo awesome

  • jetsfoo

    macklemore is fucking corny . everyone in seattle fucking hates him with a passion. raise the bars!

  • phrayzermusic

    lol if macklemore is corny then idk wtf to listen too.. seattle is too busy sucking ichiros tiny little dick to listen to good music i guess

  • benjaming i really like this song the hook reminds me of john legend good work boys…..lauryn g

  • Keegan

    @jetsfoo trololololol
    this song is amazing! SPREAD THE WORD!!!

  • turftalka

    @jetsfoo actually he had 3 sold-out shows at the Showbox so I don’t think anyone in Seattle hates him, maybe just you.

  • turftalka

    Oh and @ phrayzermusic fuck you the Mariners haven’t been worth shit since the early 2000’s.

  • b

    the hook is too fresh

  • real deal

    Im from seattle, its true hes not very respected in the seattle hip hop community. But he does have mad respect from the entire seattle general community, I’d say his audience is a mix of a little everything, which I think is a good thing. Also his music is aight

  • brandon

    @ realdeal that is comedic to say he doesn’t have respect in the seattle hip hop community. who do you consider the seattle hip hop community? and who of these people do you think don’t respect him?! everyone loves mack. maybe they are jealous as fuck, sure. but he has been in seattle his whole life rapping his ass off working up to this point. mad respect.

  • tone

    i remember macklemore from years ago when i went to seatlle central and met the 500 years crew. this guy has been putting in work for YEARS so anyone who thinks he just showed up and started rapping doesn’t know shit. he’s been paying dues.

  • Johnny Blaze


  • Jake

    I think everyone in the game respects this cat. seems a bit odd his own town, whom he reps incessantly, doesn’t show him love. i wonder why?

  • Drew



  • Steve

    “its true hes not very respected in the seattle hip hop community.” Is that why Geo, Thig Nat, Larry Mizell, Grynch, Vitamin D, etc came out for his video for “The Town” directed by Sabzi’s brother and also why he was a part of Good Medicine with Geo, Khingz, and Gab Teodros?

  • tape

    didnt the guy sell out a big ass venue three nights in a row earlier this year? Seattle loves this dude you guys are trippin

  • Hibachi Heat

    First off, I live in Seattle and know a diverse group of people throughout the city and pretty much the entire NW. I’m not the biggest fan of Macklemore’s music, but to say he doesn’t get love from the town is fuckin blaspheme. Sure, the older demographic of the 206 might not support him. But the 90’s era kids, the ones in high school and going into college have his back. And I can see why, because he’s a very charismatic dude who stays true to his roots, which I respect immensely.

  • K.

    206!! I was in love the Seattle rap scene. I need to go back…

  • Calcutta

    HAH I’m friends with a lot of the artists in the Seattle Hip Hop scene… Honestly, whoever said Macklemore isn’t respected needs to take a huge hit off that joint called reality.

  • Symmetry

    this is fun! i like it. good cadences. digestible. it doesn’t matter who respects him as long as HE is having fun making music. and to me, it sounds like he is. aint yo momma never told you what to do with your words if you aint got nothin nice to say? HATIZ! – symmetry

  • humboldtkid

    good sh*t ^ school days bomb a** song if that is the symmetry im thinking of when you doing a song with the three of you