Snow Tha Product – Unorthodox 0.5 (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake August 17, 2011

While I was definitely impressed by the video I put up the other day, I still don’t see myself listening to a full project from ol girl. Maybe y’all might feel differently so here you go. Tracklist/download link after the jump.

01. Might Make It – prod. by Omeguh
02. Unorthodox – prod. by Redhook Noodles
03. I’m All That – prod. by Pumba
04. Woke Wednesday – prod. by SuperStar O
05. Good Girls – prod. by Essay Potna
06. Like That – prod. by Pumba
07. Holy S*** – prod. by Hannibal Hector of The Nominees
08. Vaquero – prod. by Pumba
09. Drunk Love (Rmx) – prod. by Pumba
10. Bet You Won’t – prod. by AR Beats
11. Maria Felix – prod. by Pumba
12. Beast Mode – prod. by Hannibal Hector of The Nominess
13. High Def – prod. by Keise on da Track
14. Telemundo – prod. by Snow
15. Hey Girl – prod. by Smoke Beatz
16. Till Death – prod. by Essay Potna
17. Starry Eyed – prod. by Redhook Noodles

DOWNLOAD: Snow Tha Product – Unorthodox 0.5 (Mixtape)

  • Chris Mason Baker

    im getting this so i can try to like it but all her stuff sounds the same so its not a easy listen

  • calio

    i agree , i cant listen to it all the way through

  • smh

    that shit said 20mins to Download…!?!?!? i”ll past!

  • Swaygg?

    downloaded it. nice mixtape i wanna hear more from this chick now! shes dope

  • hiphophead

    ay she hott! dj whoo kid cosigns..shitttt so do i

  • fiend23


  • soldierKING

    that BET YOU WONT track is crunk as fuck!

  • cayaak

    she got a good flow. impressed

  • lastking

    This mixtapes DOPE AS FUCK. She got SICK ass flow. how can yall say “all her shit sounds the same?!” lol that a fucken lie.

  • Anon

    i still stand by what i said about her not having much versatility and how everything sounds the same when i said she raps about the same shit over and over…(being a girl, the “is she white?” question shes latin by the way, and how she “intimidates” guy rappers)…i dont believe her with the gangster and violence talk though…i mean chick is pushin 5’3 c’mon son…with a flow like hers she should be making actual GOOD music instead of regurgitating radio rap….but fuck it…i gues im one of the few who are “WOKE” and see past her looks and gimmick…you need to post the UNDER video by ADD+ X Dustin Cavazos instead of this bullshit shake…im just sayin

  • lastking

    haters gonna hate. but its okay cause wayy more people like her than that under video.. that shit cant even get 1000 plays lmao

  • Anon

    @lastking its been at 1k…ass…dont be a sheep playa

  • dj khaled is a arab


  • wierdos

    the link doesnt even exist? lol. Shake why are you such a hatin ass muther fucker? why? you really are a total loser. You post, and express positive feelings for some of the worst fucking music known to man . This bitch kills it, and you fucking can’t listne to a whole project? eat a dick you fucking wierdo. go dick ride kendrick lamar some more.

  • the truth hurts


    Know who buys this bullshit? 14 year-old boys with mom & dad’s disposable income.

    Honey, you can at least spit the words out, that’s nice. But there’s a difference in the world between the Eternia’s and Jean Grae’s (women who grew up around hip hop and have a message) versus the women who are stepping in to make a quick buck (Kreaysean’s and Minaj’s).

    You’re so painfully obvious, plain, and manufactured. Quit amd go back for another semster, cause when your fad dies you won’t have the talent or respect to carry you for a career.

  • knowinluv

    Nicki mixtapes use to go much harder than this chicks music .. even tho now nicki doing pop music to stack that bank account dont forget she Actually CAN RAP.

  • dheyeh

    I agree with why some say she sounds the same …. And with any rapper female or male .. if u have the ABILITY to sound good flow and ride the beat well , and give a Realistic Mgs (that makes sense ) in ur song other than talking a “violence” then ur on to something … O’ girl prob never touch a gun in her life … so it sounds Ghostwritten…which i would not be surprised if it is ….

  • Teddy

    I’ve only heard a couple freestyles so I can’t really say how good she is. And if Shake repost this with link I will be able to have a better understanding.

    But she’s still early in her career from what I’ve heard so far, so all she really needs is someone to help her out with how to write a song, image, and capturing fans and all that other industry stuff. I’m sure Whoo Kid tried helped her out with that.

  • Dove

    New download link for Snow’s mixtape

  • swagaa

    man shes dope and this is the first i’ve heard from her! cant wait for more

  • Nicki mixtapes use to go much harder than this chicks music .. even tho now nicki doing pop music to stack that bank account dont forget she Actually CAN RAP.

  • rapfiend233

    this mixtape is fire

  • anon

    shes killin em

  • brat5

    WAKE YA GAME UP snow tha product is dope as hell!! man if u aint bumpin her music u slipin on ur pimpin…

  • Melody

    I <3 snow she is the best that there is out there

  • & this is just samples of UNORTHODOX! Unorthodox.5 was HOT! Imagine the Full Version…FIRE! CAN’T WAIT!

  • Vanessa G.

    I love Snow Tha Product. Everyone else is just hating. If you don’t like it then bounce & make room for the all her fans that do! I love Snow’s “Drunk Love” all my girls bump it. Bout to download this & bump it on my low low bike for everyone else to hear. You go hard! Keep up the great work!!!!

  • Matthew

    Yo snow is beast on all her tracks deff. the best shit out there if you think otherwise you neeed to get your ears checked keep doing your thing Snow

  • Gladys

    Mixtape took a lil while to download but definitely worth the wait. The first track gets you hyped up. SO ITS HOT FROM THE START!
    This chick got POTENTIAL, and shes always gonna have haters.

  • Michael Eng

    you all need to get this mixtape and go get the woke package for the full album. Snow is the truth. i don’t need to say that much all you need to do is listen to the album and mixtape it speaks for itself.

  • Once again snow tha product releases something and everyone loves it! Snow is tha best she needs ta be recognized shes real, not all done up with glitter an a push up bra she speaks the truth… its real , raw and she isnt caring who she offends…

  • “i dont believe her with the gangster and violence talk though” ..sit ur ass down, if u get to know Snow then you’ll know that she aint down with that shit, she even says she aint “gangster”. & she said that wayyy before this crunkness of a mixtape came out! & if u dissin on snow, saying your woke…get outa here, if u hate on Snow then u aint woke plain & simple, Wake Ya Game Up!

  • J.D.

    I’ve been a fan of Snow for a while now and everything she drops catches my attention more and more!! She’s not ur typical femcee, her music is def worth putting on ur iPod and hitting the repeat button cause the more u listen to her the more u grow to love her lyrics and style. Many try and compare her to Minaj when they should start comparing her to ur Fav male rappers cause she is on her way up FOSHO !!!

    Terrible Texas

  • SiVSiV


  • Estar

    – Snow your on fire like always yo music qet better & better & all yall who dont like it dont know what qood music is ! keep up tha qood work !

  • Jennifer

    She’s dope as FUCK! Y’all should listen to Toot it and boot it remix by her. Slapper!!
    I qive all my respect to Snow. Keep up thee qood work !

  • SuperMex

    Dope ass mixtape. cant wait for the real mixtape comin out on the 31st. Flows are pure fire!!! Haterz goin get smashed on. Get WOKE haterz!!!!

  • Krista

    Shes a beasttttttttttt lol

  • Shyt this a hot mixtape, snow always a beast on this lyrical hip hop shyt yamsayin! make shure ya go buy the full mixtape on her site. ! she definitley puttin up fire, way better than any female mc, and even better then alot of the males mcs out now a days

  • snow tha product is the hottest feamale mc in the game today! from her first song that i heard i was hooked and i wanted to know more about her! your quickly climbing to the top ,alamogordo new mexico and las cruces new mexico cant get enough of you! we want more! you go hard no matter what! keep ya head up! Team #WOKE new mexico gots your back till the end!

  • Anon

    plainly put…shes spit like a guy…maybe its cool for the lesbians and whatever BUT as far as a man from the hood? C’mon Son! and trust me im from Dallas not imported from cali to ft worth which literally outside of two acts is a wasteland for hip hop…ive been around this Dallas and Texas shit when she was learning rhyme schemes back in the west coast…so WakeYaselfUp foo…haha

  • will

    she’s…. actually really talented. checked out a few other videos on youtube. that drunk love song was suprisingly not bad (comparing it to much top 20-type of music) and can imagine it being on the radio easy. then that ‘holy shit’ freestyle was dope. can’t even front, chicks good lol gonna dl this

  • TrippleDdat

    This girl got spanish, dubstep, english, and love songs and some crunk shit and ya say everything sound the same? Damn! seem like some people rather dick ride a niga than ever give props to a woman fags

  • huh?

    @TrippleDdat you mean to tell me you would roll through south dallas windows down with this chicks voice coming out your window and no one would look at you funny?

  • TrippleDdat

    @huh? I aint a Bitch my niga i can listen to anythin i want n not have a problem. this girl go harder then most fools talkin bout some fake shit since when i gotta be scared of a funny look?

  • huh?

    @TrippleDdat you wont and you know it sorry bro but this shit gets no play in my hood where we listen to REAL hip hop

  • huh?

    besides no one from dallas says “trippleDdat” stop trying too hard fuckin poser

  • TrippleDdat

    @Huh Mattafact you probably a broke ass rapper. TCuz?

  • huh?

    @triple name droppin a rapper no one ever heard of?…definite poser….fag….live your own life cuz you aint a rapper homie…UPS is hirin…haha…you probably one of those fags livin in a suburb with the dallas new era hat because you saw everyoene in the club with one so you felt left out huh? haha you’re just a sheep so im done entertaining you…have fun with your recycled radio rap with this chick homie

  • ExcuseMyCharisma

    I fucks with Snow hard. I feel that she’s versatile enough and I believe that she spits about what she knows. Bottom line is, she can spit better than half these “rappers” out here. I respect her hustle

  • Ayyyyyyyyy What it do, Product Pusha here chea..we in this bitch like tampons.. What I gtta say bout the miss talented goofy queen of my heart lol Snow u tha best.. dese female rappers out here gun nothin on u gurl.. Beleave that haha.. Hmu tho.. This SEPTEMBER 30th PRINCE ROYCE &PITBULL LIVE IN CONCERT ON ENRIQUE IGLESIAS TOUR IN DETROIT MICHIIGAN..HIT UP TICKET MASTER YA HERD ME… AY SNOW U GOTS TO.COME TO DETROIT AND SPREAD UR STICKERS AND ALL UR ADVERTISMENT CUZ MAN I RAN OUT GURRL.. HMU ALL U MO FOS HIT ME UP..419 699 0632..I need txtn buddies lmao.. Fredo out ..chea college boy swag !!!

  • That niga @anon is definitely an idiot and will never be a critic for a living because of his judgement. Obviously hes a fag because he judges ol girl on her rap content instead of her talent. EVERY SONG ON THIS MIXTAPE ARE VERY UNIQUE WITH CRAZY FLOWS AND METAPHORS and i bet no one can imitate this style because of how complex her skills are. People could sound like eminem but not like heeer! bitch!

  • that niga @huh? is a straight up dick rider he probably sucks his drug dealers dick every day for some weed. Thats what he sounds like to me talking about he dont hear this type of music in my hood, thats cuz ya nigaz is probably too slow to understand thats why ya in the hood cuz ya too dumb to copp with society. stay over there in hell niga.

  • @anon u sound like u personally know her home bitch lol. HATER!!! LOL! EVERYBODY @anon is a true hater, if this chick was wack she wouldnt be on all these big websites without charge unlike ur favorite rappers that probably use their own fake drug money to put them on. Stop being sexes homie u sounding like a bitch!!

  • Yall act like being a gangster is a necessity if you rap>
    you people are dumb as she and yall aint gangsters yourselves.
    I’m not a “G” but I will fuck somebody up if they piss me of or disrespect. I know snow and some of her past and she is far from a bitch. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A “G” FOR SHIT TO GET GANGSTER.

  • *Delete (as she), “piss me *off “

  • veezy

    u guys r some bitches hating on snow ahha… grow tha fuck up . she got more flow than half u nikkas thats y u hatting..