Prof – Daughter f. Brother Ali

blame it on Shake August 18, 2011

Off Prof’s new album, King Gampo, which is available (for free) after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Prof – Daughter f. Brother Ali (prod. DJ Absolute)

01 Gampo (prod. Noearth)
02 Anomaly (prod. Cory Grindberg)
03 Yeah Buddy (prod. Chickenbone)
04 Lucky (prod. M.C. Rentz)
05 The Season (prod. 84 Caprice & Dillon Parker)
06 Daughter f. Brother Ali (prod. DJ Absolute)
07 Peep Show (prod. Verse One)
08 President (prod. Willie Wonka)
09 Karma (prod. 84 Caprice)
10 Whiskey (prod. Ant of Atmosphere)
11 Myself (prod. Cory Grindberg)
12 Corner (prod. Prof & Dillon Parker)
13 On My Way (prod. 84 Caprice)
14 Need Your Love (prod. 84 Caprice)
15 James Bond Blimp f. MTV Riff Raff (prod. Verse One)
16 Poor Me (prod. 84 Caprice)

DOWNLOAD: Prof – King Gampo

  • dirtysixchambers

    not listening to this strictly because of the cover. and i never do that so no need to get all “it’s not about the cover blah blah blah”. but i dislike this cover so much i don’t even want to give the music a try.

  • Dough Boy

    went to the atmosphere concert last night, and prof was one of the openers. great set, he was really energetic. “yeah buddy” is my shit

  • SwishasNKush

    @dirtysixchambers Thanks for saving me the time of saying all of that, it’s the EXACT same thing i was thinking! Too lame of a cover to even peep.

  • Pops

    Your loss if you’re not listening to it because of the cover. The dude is pretty nice and ANY Brother Ali feature deserves open ears.

  • Goose

    he put on a great live show.

  • Jaymacka

    ignorant listeners…smh

  • JL

    Shake. Post Karma, and use a different pic, so these ignorant fucks will peep and quiet down. Please? haha

  • haters gonna hate

    JL has a good point. ‘Karma’ and ‘Myself’ are amazing songs off the new album that will make people wake up. And who really gives a fuck about a cover? Those saying they won’t listen to it probably own Camron’s ‘Confessions of Fire’.

  • Admir Bonsoir

    GUMMO… i still don’t know what the fuck that movie was about. Crazy white folk sellin cats to the grocery store, wrestling in the kitchen, pimping out their retard sisters, shaving their eyebrows, etc.

    Brother Ali = The Truth

  • BG

    ^ BRO, I saw Gummo when I was like 6 years old and the shit, for whatever reason, scarred me for life. Movie was and still is fucked up. Don’t know why, but I find that spaghetti in the tub scene the nastiest of ’em all.