Big K.R.I.T. – Last King 2 (God’s Machine) (Mixtape)

blame it on Miss_Peas August 19, 2011

Its the return of 4eva hoe! Big K.R.I.T releases his latest mixtape, Last King 2 (Gods Machine). SHAKE UPDATE: This project was released to get y’all ready for his upcoming album. A collection of unreleased tracks as well as features from the past year (production x rhyming). Tracklist and link down bottom.

01 Intro
02 The Big Payback
03 Yoko (Remix) (feat. Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa & Berner)
04 2 Mph (feat. Dom Kennedy)
05 Cruise Control (feat. Mike Jarggerr)
06 Pimps (Remix) (feat. 2 Chainz & Bun B)
07 Hometeam (feat. Cyhi The Prynce & Wes Fif)
08 Fulla Shit (feat. Yelawolf & RITTZ)
09 Grippin On The Wood (feat. Pimp C & Bun B)
10 4eva And A Day
11 Where It’s At (feat. Cory Mo)
12 Comin’ From (feat. Slim Thug & J-Dawg)
13 On The Corner (feat. Smoke Dza & Bun B)
14 4 Tha 1′s (feat. Bobby Creekwater)
15 Home Again (feat. Tha Joker)
16 Ova Da Sky (feat. Big Sant)
17 Happy Birthday Hip Hop (feat. Yelawolf)
18 War Stories (feat. Self Scientific)
19 Hold You Down (Remix) (feat. Laws & Emilio Rojas)
20 Born On The Block (feat. Killer Mike & Big Sid)
21 So Be It (feat. Rapsody)
22 Rotating Valets (DJ Breakem Off Mix) (feat. Wiz Khalifa & Bun B)

DOWNLOAD: Big K.R.I.T. – Last King 2 (God’s Machine) (Mixtape)

  • Big K.R.I.T. & Kendrick are my favorite freshman! They are the truth.

  • Braniak

    Thank You! Miss_Peas

  • perusual

    Word!?!? Had no idea. Christmas in August!

  • oscar

    krizzle the truth!

  • jay

    krit the truth some dope ass music to bump in my ride great mixtape cant wait for that album he gonna bring the realness

  • Da bull

    These are just all his recent features, womp

  • T

    ^ Not all are just recent features. Plus who cares? All the features are amazing.

  • PlankingOnAMillion

    This is average.Big Krit is dope but dude has a boring ass flow, he needs to rap with more energy SMH. Him, J.Cole,and Kendrick Lamar are up next tho.

  • overlydedicated

    Always has way too many songs on his shit

  • Pugz

    Its so disappointing how these are all his recent features… I just want the album already damn.

  • T-Luv

    2dbz, if ya aint super late…how you gonna have the weeknd mixtape up before krits when krits released first…#slippin

  • efed

    this shit cant be official

  • Shy

    i JUST turned off the comp the fuck is wrong with you, peas?

  • FiveNine

    Damn this shit is nothing like return of 4eva. Not even close. This is the old krit. Shameful

  • efed

    stupid sheep this aint an official mixtape

  • B. Emerson 909

    I’ll just wait for the album.

  • The C-Sections of the NMC blogs provide some outstanding entertainment. Interesting commentary also.

  • yea this is a legit mixtape. yall stupid? do your research before you open your fucking mouths. its even on krit’s website and dj wally sparks. i would know because i was sent an email from krit’s page with the dl link to Happpy Birthday Hip Hop awhile ago with this cover art. its offical. ignorant ass people…

  • DAMN

    soooo manyyyy featuressss. W T F .

  • T

    Amazing tape. You idiots complaining about all the old tracks he was featured on, but you don’t realize that now you have all of them in one place now. Plus there’s some new songs. 10/10 tape. No complaints.

  • Mourinho

    well if this tape is mostly old features then I’m just gonna wait for the album, already know what Krit is capable of. Return of 4eva is my hip hop AOTY.

  • illeven

    Can’t wait to see him open up for Lupe in UTAH for FREE99

  • Chris Mason Baker

    damn these are all old stuff? dissapointed, when i saw it i ws syked but still cant wait for album

  • reallydoe

    nodj or i won’t listen… str8up

  • dj khaled is a arab


  • Henz

    What’s the quality like and does it have DJ tags?

  • This is a mixtape, Returnof4eva was a free album, stfu already and just enjoy free music. This is the same ole Krit, and besides, the album is coming in like a month.

  • With all the free shit he has bee dropping ya’ll the c-section better buy his album.

  • anything this dude is involved with, from the booth to the production, is dope. quit bitchin, just listen.

  • HouseofStark

    I’m concerned for the album. Production wise Krit’s proven his consistency. Lyrically and feature wise He seems like a mixtape rapper. I feel like he has regressed since ” Krit Wuz Here”. Return Of 4eva had its hits and misses. I want a quality album not a studio released mixtape. Big Krit is the college standout who doesn’t want to go to the next level because he only wants to play with his college team. Stop working with your friends who aren’t on the same level as you. Krit could easily make a classic album or a trash record, It could go either way.

  • jbrown

    All you bloggers need to STFU!!!! All yall do is complain! Plus most of yall dont even know what good music is. Good Job Big K.r.i.t!!!!

  • inside information

    not as good as krit wuz here… nowhere NEAR as good as returnof4eva… but still not bad, just nothing special. i hope the album is better.

  • qed

    big krit’s worst work by far.


    @inside information – In the South we are all about raising up where we’re from… I don’t know KRIT’s business information but there ain’t nothing wrong with helping to keep it local

  • 206hustle

    THIS IS A FUCKING COMPILATION. Stop bitching. It ain’t meant to be in the same lane as KRIT Wuz Here or R4. Shit is dope