• Thasickness

    as far as well rounded...this dude is one of the illest in the game..I'm still clamoring around trying to find De'1 album on a regular basis...anybody got this album PLEASE hit a nigga up...Real Live had some of the dopest beats when the album dropped..freestyled for days over Real live Shit...both versions. Real Hip hop right here...rewind button breaking shit.

  • BricksInMyCity

    this shit is type ill! Jerz in da building. great mixtape , real hip hop!!! and that ll cool j snippet is bugged with the ufo sample!

  • BeyondDope


  • Dorian

    Who's bouta read all that though?

  • chronwell

    Rap nerds gonna read it HAHAHA! Who u think?!
    Thats wild how Its over form Pretty Tony is all live instruments and vocals. K Def is a genius!Also Lost Tapes is winnin!

  • JBmbeatz

    Nice Compilation!! K-Def is truly a beast when it comes to music production & DJing.
    Yo K-Def keep bringing the heat Bro.

  • Crimealdi

    I had no idea this dude produced Chief Rocka, certified classic dope shit

  • Bankster

    Bought Real Live The Turnaround when it was released. Dope album. K Def also remixed Jay's American Gangster album. Check that out if you haven't.

  • Kika117

    Great list, but "Mad Props" is K-Def's best beat ever imo!

  • chronwell

    How ya like me now? Im gettin Busier!

  • Whiterthanmost

    Oooooooh! REAL LIVE SHIT!! That's the way to kick off a mixtape. That song was the first of five "oh shit. He produced THAT!" tracks on this tape. Props to a guy who clearly did it his way.

  • http://www.claaa7.blogspot.com claaa7

    great to see y'all loving this tape as much as i myself and i think the article / interview is a perfect piece to read while you're listening to these songs (or like me, if you already know them). i love trivia like this, i read Pete Rock's and DJ Premier's 50 favorite productions breakdowns on Complex, etc but i never seen an interview like this with K-Def, who's been one of my absolute favorites for years. and it's great we did this compilation, partly because 'Def is coming with new material and it's quite obvious that alot of people have been sleeping hard on him or didn't know he produced loads of classics. i'm a fan of Chic Corea too so i must find that record that he used to sample for both World Renown and Da Youngsta's tracks we put on here. i was also mad suprised that he replayed everything on "It's Over" - that's just amazing. for those who don't know Def also produced the Pretty Toney "mini-tracks", "Last Night" and "Keisha's House" although he remained uncredited. he also produced "Paychecks" for that album but they couldn't get the sample cleared in time so it appeared on the Theodore Unit LP instead together with two other K-Def beats.

    Justice, we did it man and we killed it!!

  • badabang

    Ha! Chick Korea 'Tones For Joan's Bones'

  • http://www.claaa7.blogspot.com claaa7

    haha, is it "Tones For Joan's Bones"?
    i think i have that record at home, i need to check that out when i get back home on Wednesday. thx man

  • @peoples21

    This niga is the reason I do what I do...even now his samples r fucking killing tye air waves ...pay homage...passaic k_def my inspiration

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    Great work and thanks for the feedback! It's nice to see people reading this and appreciating the work we put in on this project. Thanks and great work Justice, Jacob and John.

  • huggy bear

    y´all really hooked me up to k-def, i really slept on this guy´s work, simply amazing stuff, thnx



  • dawho

    instrumentals or full tracks

  • el jefe

    Excellent read.g/l



  • http://www.720promusic.blogspot.com DjSane720

    like i said b4 ..not to many producers can DNA a sample and still keep it soulful just like the sample or sometimes better like Kdef.........i learned alot from him....def a one of the last mohigans of producers left in the Eastcoast............kbooogie