Kendrick Lamar Brings Out The West Coast (Video)

blame it on Meka August 20, 2011

During Kendrick’s sold-out show in Los Angeles last night the likes of Warren G, Kurupt, Snoop Dogg and Game jumped on stage to support the HiiPower movement. Don’t forget; Section.80 is out now.

  • RealNiggaIsh

    The Game was TOOO happy lol

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  • Ozzy

    Game just said he’s about as controversial as Pac was. Just kill yourself, nigga.

    Pac spoke on real shit, and people got scared; THAT was why he was controversial. He fought for himself and his people and NEVER backed down, and THAT made him controversial. He shot 2 racist cops for fucking with a black man, and THAT made him controversial. He went at the biggest dogs in hip hop, and never issued a statement the next day saying “it’s all in fun, please don’t hurt me”, and THAT made him controversial.

    Game is a bipolar attention whore. That’s what makes him controversial. But in order to be “as controversial as Pac”, SOMEBODY outside of the rap blogs has to give a shit about your life.

  • redood

    was that kweli and mos on stage too?

  • zcali28

    Snoop passes the Torch to Kendrick @ 5:30 here

  • LAsVeryOwn

    snoop geeked lol

  • Jaime Anderson

    Yeah, it was a crazy ass show. Big Sean even came out and kicked a few bars from I Do It. Casey Veggies did the damn thing. Q, AbSoul, and Kendrick killed it.

  • Dorian

    This makes me so fucking happy, only question I have now is…when’s it gonna be souls turn?

  • Oguzhan

    Dr. Dre was there too.

  • Jimmy

    Mos def was there

  • SP

    Yo check my beats, just trying to make good music. Always open for collaborations!!! and follow me on twitter @OGkae

  • doughboy

    no cube?

  • black shake

    kendrick lamar post are ofccially rigged i went on first video i seen was this it read 24 likse 0 dislikes i clicked on it right away 2 seconds later the post says 87 likes 0 dislikes yea its official kendrick laamar and j.cole post are rigged smh

  • realRAPraw

    ^ yea i noticed kendrick and j.cole post have 100’s of likes right after they just got posted out of these 88 people that liked this post only 13 decided to leave a comment?

  • Underwood the god

    @black shake i wouldnt say rigged i think there fans liked it before they even watched what it was for example there was a j.cole video about how he still hasnt recieved a jay-z verese but for some reason it had like 5oo likes isnt that a bad thing? same with that video where j.cole was eating muffins it had 1,000’s of likes i think they see there names and just hit like its almost obsessive

  • A$tro

    Damn Kendrick was tearin out there tears of joy real proud of dude look up to these cats his whole life and now they passin the torch to him niggas gonna go real far with the music

  • realknowsreal

    i like how no matter what the hell is playing snoop does the same arm waving ass dance lmao #HiiiPower

  • Damn man that shit gave me the chills watching that. Good for Kendrick, I can’t imagine what it feels like to have so much love from everyone.

  • Made

    Kendrick dickriders don’t even comment anymore, can’t even defend their mediocre artist.

    Sure he’s best in black hippy but that’s like being best at spelling your name.

  • MosDef

    Really kendrick is mediocre?? theres really no point in defending kdot section80 speaks for itself

  • Bawse

    Yo dis da Bawse ma nikkkas! Real happy 4 my nikkka KDOT yo! He been steamrollin dis shit for 2 years my nikkkas! Down south bawse wit tha West coast bawse, shit gon’ down u naaa mean mah nikkkas!? New Bawse n KDOT song coming next week nikkas! Gon be da kings of dis niggerhop shizzle my nizzle!

  • Airborne

    I thought you were really him until that sentence. Shoulda threw a “and the lovely Teedra Mosesssss”

  • AMP

    Congratulations on having a wrong opinion Made.

  • Tek

    It dont matter if you like kendrick lamar or not, this is what hip-hop is all about. Rappers coming together and supporting the up-and-comers progressing the culture.

  • How is anyone suppose to like an artist without being a “dick rider”? Can you answer that @Made?

  • Bawse


  • thatrealshit

    my dude just got dr. dre, mos def, talib, snoop, game, big sean, ab soul, jay rock, schoolboy q and more on the stage in the same night to give him props and ppl still gonna hate. not to mention he dropped the dopest album of the year by far. wake up mothafuckas, best get ready for the long haul if ur gonna hate cuz this dude isnt goin anywhere

  • tvr

    nice passing to the metaphorical “passing of the torch” from dre to snoop to game to kendrick

  • game just took the mic out of kendricks hand. HAHA. i know he was thinking about kdot when he did it, but damn, dude just cant sit back??? games the dude who shows up without an invite but nobody tells to leave…then he grabs the mic.

  • marty mcfly

    @Ozzy , im not saying Game is Pac but they do have alot of similarities though. 5 million sold on their first mainstream album ( because Pacs album before that was under promoted because he was locked up ). They was both shoot 5 times in the early parts of they career and they both was beefin with everybody and game doesnt really rap about peaceful shit too much if you didnt already notice. Now I know people gonna be mad at me for saying but again im not saying the two are identical twins im just pointing out some similarities that you cant just ignore.

  • Braniak

    Mad love for Kendrick. You a Legend now my G. And keep being humble.
    Real recognize Real. Gave me the chills to see all my fav cats from the WEST in one stage. Shit drop a Mixtape or something.

    West Coast all Day ery Day!!!

  • jay

    yeah game brought the west coast back there was a void when pac died im glad game snoop kurupt dr dre is passin the torch to kendrick k dot west west

  • marty mcfly

    I mean SHOT 5 times… and btw this is a good look for Kendrick , im glad LA has unity. Wish I could say the same for the bay area.

  • JAyP



  • My teachers used to call my moma on me

    can Q and Soul get some love??… Kendrick doing his thing tho!
    Bring Black Hippy To ATL


    i was at this concert and i must say that kendrick FUCKING KILLED IT, and when snoop said he was passin him the torch kendrick cried haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    AND big sean came out and i quote “kendrick lamar is the best rapper in the world”

  • trishwish

    and lets not forget when mos def randomly walked out on stage in the middle of k.dots ADHD performance! such a epic night!

  • Jason

    Yo, shout out to Dream Urban who hosted the event. Definitely an epic moment for west coast hip hop. Kendrick has the west in his hands now. so many endorsements, the sky is the limit for him.

  • Actual/Factual

    @marty mcfly…the bay is nothing but crabs in a barrel and confused ass gimmicky rappers.

    Shit is wild for Kendrick. Dope to see older artists embracing a young artist early in his career when they see potential for greatness. Everybody always says the “old heads” don’t reach back but you can’t just be throwing shit around to everybody, especially these here today gone tomorrow ass rappers.

  • marty mcfly

    @Actual Factual , where are you from? LA doesnt have gimmicky rappers?

  • Made

    You can feel an artist and not be a dickrider – see everybody on stage except Game.

    These blog stans though take shit to whole other levels, especially Kendrick stans like Shake & Meka who ride so hard they can’t even be bothered to check their own site before they post yet another kendrick story.

  • shawn p.

    lol why mos def rockin the christopher robins?

  • Actual/Factual

    @marty mcfly…SF, and yes LA does have gimmicky rappers. But lately it seems the talent in LA out weighs rappers on bullshit out there. Out here you’d be hard pressed to say the same. Either you on some gangster shit like Philthy Rich, saying the same gangster shit everybody else saying with a thousand no name features on your album, or you on some gimmick shit. But more to your point of unity, it never will be unified because the old gaurd doesn’t set examples…Messy Marv (who in himself is ridiculous) vs. Too $hort? shit is lame out here musically right now.

  • marty mcfly

    Actual Factual , ok then we both from SF then so we both know whats going on. Marv is my nigga and I know hes smarter then what people see on the outside but I think the bay just gets underrated and not respected like so cal. We not LA , we dont walk outside and see movie stars and Phantoms riding through the hood so of course the music is gonna be gangsta and real hard to unify if you got artists from the bay with gold albums independently like Messy Marv , Jacka , Yukmouth , San Quinn , Baby Bash and E40 but our up and coming artists ( and theres too many to name and I dont wanna leave anybody out ) cant get any light unless we get some kinda cosign from LA.

  • Actual/Factual

    Yea there are a few up and coming artists that are ok, and a few I think getting unnecessary hype, but out of all of them it’s like you already got everything working against you, why wouldn’t you want to rap outside of the norm, like a Kendrick? That’s why he’s getting cosigns, he’s at least attempting to push the hip-hop culture from a perspective that’s not the same ol shit, at the same putting LA on. And you right Mess is smarter than his current bullshit, if this was around the time of DisoBayish, I would say nobody fucking with Mess, but these last few years he been on some shit which is whole different story.

    Most of the older rappers, like Keak, Quinn, Mess, Jacka never really been on themselves as far as mainstreams goes (we both know how strong the independent hustle is out here) so they’re still out for theirs as well…but it’s like come on man, Kreayshawn? V-Nasty? and F.A.B cosigning that shit? gimmicks man…rappers out here should look at that shit and WANT to go back in the lab do something no where near that kind of shit. if we got 5 rappers rapping about East Oakland from a East Oakland perspective, why would you come along and want to rap about that shit? It just seems like the LA rappers are at least warranting the cosigns at this point. The bay got more problems than unity at this point. Identity crisis out here right now.

  • Actual/Factual

    ^*@ marty mcfly…that hyphy shit turned gimmick, tapered off, and now everybody lost.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah but everything goes in cycles so the bay at some point will be poppin again sooner or later. As for gimmicks thats just all in how you look at stuff because whats considered real to one person is fake to another and vice versa.

  • yungbuck

    whaat?? why wasnt i invited to the kendrick lamar dick riding convention?

  • Braniak

    U washed up

  • Ethan

    hahahaha hell yea, i was in VIP next to what sounded like family of Kendricks but that shit was raw as fuck, best show i been to in awhile, and no one mentioned Talib, Mos Def, N Big Sean, ahahah shit was crazy, shouts to the Music Box tho and DreamUrban for putting that shit on, #HiiiPoWeR all day . . . fuck your ethnicity


  • FiveNine
  • FiveNine

    ^ that link is for anybody who believes preem and kendrick should collab

  • 408

    Big Sean saying ” One of the best rappers in the world..” “one of the few that inspire me” ” Honor to come out and blessed..”@ around 2:00.

    Nigga got a cosign from Dr. Dre, Mos Def, Kweli, Game, Big Sean, Snoop, Kurupt and Black Star in like 3 minutes. They all recognized this guy is a game changer.. people can hate him, appreciated by peers is one of the best reward for an artist. This is a monumental moment in history of West Coast Hip Hop… I wish I would have gone, knowing that I could have. Damn.

  • DominickWickliffe

    Crooked I wants his crown back.

  • FuckinEpic

    This was fucking legendary! This is just a clip of what really went down.there’s no word to explain how crazy that shit was last night! I was there and it was fucking live, the whole west was there! To get the nod from Dre and others. That speaks volume. By far one of the best fucking shows I’ve been to no lie.

  • Ny/Marv

    la>the bay come on now the bay is responsible and i repeat responsible for..lil B, kreayshawn,the new boyz,cali swag distric and all that other wierd shit hypy music? ghost ride the whipe lol, jerking yall let kreayshawn walk the streets of oakland screaming nigger gtfoh

  • That shit left a tear in my eye. Hip Hop you’re aliveeeee!

  • marty mcfly

    @Ny/Marv , actually the era of music from the bay that your talking about started in 2005. There was a whole late 80s and early 90s era from the bay that included 2pac , E4o , Spice 1 , CBo , Too Short , Messy Marv , The Luniz , Richie Rich , Rappin 4tay , Mac Dre and about 50 other artists that independently did six figure numbers in sales before the hyphy era which btw also had the whole country talking about ghostriding. Shit Mc hammer went diamond back in the day. The New boys and Cali Swag are from LA and unless you have footage of Kreayshawn running around Oakland saying nigger I think you mite be just going off what you heard instead of whats real. Dont get it twisted thinking everything is Lil Bish in the bay cause no everybody in the bay is on some funny style shit.

  • JWest

    Kendrick Lamar is the future, everyone on staged told you without saying a word. HiiiPower

  • JWest

    The West is even More Alive

  • XVII

    Kendrick Lamar is amazing live…. but Games so damn annoying

  • clip

    I’m proud of the kid. Section 80 was wack though. Do better.

  • All this love with no album out….now thats HiiiPoWeR

  • ?

    will they just announce he’s on Aftermath already!…u know it’s comin! haha


    Kendrick Lamar’s music doesn’t speak to everyone, nobody’s music does. Quit hatin on a future legend. Proud of him, and Dream Urban for bringing the west coast hall of fame together.

  • Ozzy

    @marty mcfly

    I really don’t care about a couple of irrelevant similarities. Bottom line- do u actually believe Game when he claims to be “as controversial as Pac”?

  • Reptar

    ^hell no. Pac was controversial without trying. Game tries SOOOOOOO desperately to be controversial, and he still doesn’t even come close. He’s not even a household name, how could he be as controversial as Pac?