• Pops

    Every song I've heard from these two sounds almost exactly the same.

  • KnockA

    ^ Haters... I dont understand whats the hate on this track. The beat is hard and so are the lyrics. 2DBZ has become trash... Scoop always puts out hot shit and I believe that Young De not Demrick A holes... Are you guys tryna help or hurt hip hop

  • The Truth is

    This track is DOPE and X's verse is SUPER DOPE!!!

  • Pops

    hey KnockA, if you really knew what the fuck you were talkin about you'd know that Young De changed his name to Demrick. And just because someone isn't all on these dudes nuts like you don't make them a hater. Go back and listen to their other tracks and try to say they don't sound the same.

  • James R aka the Real Truth

    pops it does not sound same . you are just closeminded ignorsnt one track minded hater . you like rest of ignorant who can't here worth a shit & don't know what good musis is

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003405403660 Thelione

    Here I am baby!!! 1, I can't beelive I am the first taker. 2, before you even took the exams I would have taken ya....