• yeahnnik

    dope track. shad is one of the best out.

  • GR


  • http://NinetiesHipHop.com Mead42

    NinetiesHipHop.com DOPE!!

  • bkimbriel

    Wow... #StopSleepingOnShad?

    How long did it take ya'll to notice him? Dude has 3 albums and you're just now postin shit

  • http://hip-hop-aint-dead.blogspot.com/ boombapaddict


  • http://2dopeboyz SLIMM

    D.J Jeff is so dope should be talked about as much as Premo and Pete Rock hes been ill from day one. Best on the tables hands down ill ass producer jeff always behind some dopeness!

  • dean

    Is it me or does Skillz sound like Big L sorta?..... Yeeee Shad doin it for london. Bkimbriel said it right.... If you're posting this now you've clearly been in shad hibernation

  • Peekay


  • epic

    I thought Shad was from Canada?

  • dog soup farmer

    We got one too epic. London, Ontario. Former Commonwealth bound to have some of the same city names.

  • s-h-A-D-D

    Yaaaa I get it...