Mr. SOS - Bussin'

Another one off Mr. SOS' new album, Cassette Verité, available now.

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  • houstonz

    This is SUPER dope, and there's still tracks that miraculously shine brighter on the CV record. Hot damn!

  • Jlf

    "motherfuckin beastin, son of a Puerto Rican, where in the fuck has he been..." that pretty much sums it up. Fresh.

  • JJ Jiggs

    Wasn't Push's Fear Of God Pt. 2 spose to come out today??

  • YEP
  • Breaks

    Beat goes hard with flows to match... dope track off an incredibly diverse album.

  • SOS is a lyrical assassin, and this song displays his skills. Anyone that dares to test this dude will get murked on site!

    Props to SOS for an amazing track and album.

  • And Won

    the shits that SOS takes on your favorite MC actually makes them a better rapper

  • King Tyrone


  • jerry nice

    I'm a fan of all things Donald Glover but I CANNOT co-sign those shorts...what the hell haha?!!?

  • OG 3X-OG

    New SOS is always good news! He's is a real talented rapper AND writer..

  • Your lyrics are inspiring, deep, heart felt and hot as &@*#. You guys inspire me for real. Keep it up and keep me posted on your headlining shows as well as songs. By the way, where can i download your music online so i can burn myself a cd to bump in my car?

  • ianism

    itunes, amazon,

  • Cash Rulz

    WOOOOO!!! CV's been in rotation since the Megashow release. What else can I say about this type of greatness?!!

  • Energetikk

    Wow.. Definitely feelin' this one! SOS never disapoints - gotta love the dude - he's about real Hip Hop..

  • DJ sublime

    Definitely feeling this one... love the organ!!!

  • SOS the fucking man son!

  • Jilly

    Love this! Supa dupa dope!

  • bitchslicer

    BEAST 0_o

  • Bro Safari



Jahkoy - "all of YOU"

"Baby girl, you look just like a summer night."

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