QN5 Megashow 2011: A Decade Defined In 100 Songs (Recap)

Photo: Loren Wohl.

The other night, Meka and I (and our respective ladies) headed down to the Highline Ballroom in NYC to check out our QN5 family tear the roof down. I've been a fan of the label for a decade now and watching experiencing the Megashow reminded me of the exact reason why... Dope. Fucking. Music.

The idea was simple: Show the fans the complete evolution of QN5 CHRONOLOGICALLY through our most requested songs. It was a brand new format and we’d need to interchange the artists and sets frequently to pull it off. The 10+ years of albums, singles, mixtapes from 6 artists, we spent quite a bit of time figuring out exactly how we’d pull it off. In the end, we came up with a 102 song setlist that would span the length of our history and the show itself. We kept the openers to a minimum with our patented “Song Cypher” format (if you ever see it again at any show. you know where they jacked it from) to keep things moving briskly and started the show far earlier than any past Megashow.

Head over to QN5 to get the full recap.

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  • Dez

    easily the best show ive ever been to. the dedication these dudes have for their fans is inspiring


    I've never seen a show better than this one, ever

  • And Won

    I'm an idiot and an asshole for missing this.


  • Ghettognom

    Anyone disliking this must be a fucking moron...


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