Rochelle Jordan - ROJO (Album)

With her In Search Of... Radio (a tribute to N.E.R.D. and Radiohead) project on hold, the Toronto songstress links up with her in-house producer Klash for her debut project. Tracklist/download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Rochelle Jordan - ROJO
- Stream available at Hypetrack.

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  • OrdinaryCelo

    Thank you Shake.

  • bountykilla01

    ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nobody fukin with Rochelle


    It's Aight....The Beats Suck....her voice on point tho

  • Rasan

    This Is Dope!!!

  • DanaRock

    i Hope ROJO is ready for haters!!! She already got one right up on this site hahaha
    People always want to hate on something New and Amazing out of jealously or lack of understanding. but what do u expect in a era when People Download Kim Kardashians music.. I Hope Rochelle never changes because we need this. I need this. - D

  • GroundBrake

    THIS PROJECT GOES !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear to God i'm about to Erase all Shit out off my Ipod and Make room for this girl.. Wow. Thanks Shake

  • NYCityREP

    Fresh. Never heard of her before but this is good music.

  • stevieo

    Now this was actually good , I like her voice alot "Earth to Brain" & "What im Sayin" are my favorite .

  • sladewilson

    Good lookin' out, Shake. Definitely goin on the iPod today!!!

  • newbie

    never really heard of her, dl this and i must say this is very good, good production her voice is great, and i wasnt mad at the rap features either suck? at that point youre just hating.. good work, thanks for adding some variety to the website shake..

  • Airborne

    Awww yeah. My new wife. Good looks Shake, forgot this was dropping today.

  • flysince87

    fucking dope. shake yall need to post more shit like this please.. i can appreciate the fact she is trying to open her own lane in RNB my fav tracks are sleep feat Thom Yorke and All I Know good vocals, lyrics and beats. 5/5

  • juju

    she is dope.. not ur typical rnb... me likey

  • Mat Randol

    It was great to be a part of this album. We appreciate all of the feedback.

  • Youngthunder614

    Wow, that was a breath of fresh air for sure!

  • Bills Promoter

    So dope. Rochelle is the hottest out right now.

  • DemonicPrince

    Rochelle Jordan is Extremely Talented.. I just really hope she prepares for the hate that is going to come her way. A lot of people are going to feel uncomfortable adjusting to her music because they are so used to recycled rnb and pop SHIT. She is making her own lane.. while others steady trying to be in someone else's.. 2dopeboyz i encourage you to continue supporting this girl because this is TALENT and ART vs. MONEY and TREND.

  • Shaylen

    Wait until these kids have money in their pocket. Mark my words.


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