Show Tufli - Cool, Calm & Collected (Mixtape)

A compilation of the tracks Show released during his Tufli Tuesday series (between 2010-2011) and a few extra bonuses. Tracklist/download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Show Tufli - Cool, Calm& Collected (Mixtape)

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  • GeeZuP

    Sho is dat dude...instant dwonload

  • polo lo lo

    Non-Stop Crack Records!! Download it!!

  • Saa

    This site is amazing.

  • derek from staten island

    so then this is a official mixtape?

  • Eloheem

    They had this as "Tufli Tuesdays" on datpiff but i guess its cool for people that havent heard it

  • yep

    Fli on my own Goeesssssss

  • lil wayne

    So FIRE!!!

  • Studentofthegame

    Highlight of my day musically

  • dee1

    show tufli

  • mouse


  • nito

    hes good i feel like hes one good mixtape from having the buzz j. cole and drake had or xv

  • mazoomy

    A free album is what I think he should do instead of a mixtape. Something like that is what could get him that buzz IMO. And a collaboration with XV would be orgasmic.


    Show has collaborated with XV on one of shows earlier tapes..... The official album coming soon!!!

  • Shy

    Jap scene is on this :-)

  • 4TwelvE

    This project is Hip-hop....SHow already did a song with XV on his "Come Home With Me" project, yall been sleepin under a rock

  • Lucky J

    isnt this the same dude from demev, that was with charles hamilton?

  • MD

    mediafire link is not working

  • txL

    lol another person wearing a rosary, thinking theyre "extra" religious, when in fact its one of the most sacreligious things you can do.

  • ehhh…

    Man I heard most of these all ready =/ I thought it was onna be full of completely new songs.

  • agraysocialite

    Yeah, I'm feeling "ehhh..." on this one. Almost more than half of this is old. I honestly was expecting a few leaks, but not this many. However, the new tracks are worth bumping so I'm giving SHow a pass on this one. Download. Next time

  • crazyoldme

    this nigga real good ... he gonna be a problem now and in the future. but ppl need to hear him now.


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