STS – The Illustrious (Album)

blame it on Meka August 23, 2011

After a few dope leaks and one particularly nasty freestyle this morning, STS finally drops his debut long-player featuring the likes of The Alchemist, The Knux, Emile and more making contributions. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. “Fresh” – [Prod. by Pierre Medor]
2. “Get Up On It” featuring Farnsworth Bentley [Prod. by Prentis Brown]
3. “Sugar’s Here (Make Some Noise)” [Prod. by Dame the Great & School Boy Vic]
4. “The Interview” [Prod. by The Alchemist]
5. GOLD Mayfeild
6. “Cliché” [Prod. by The Knux]
7. “WWW” feat. Count Justice [Prod. by Will Power]
8. “Bullshit” [Prod. by Felony Music]
9. “This is For You” [Prod. by Emile]
10. “Mittens” [Prod. by Eric Hahn]
11. “Covered in GOLD” feat. Dice Raw [Prod. by Kari ‘Ferrari’ Marteen]
12. “Hello Sunshine” feat. Yelawolf [Prod. by KP and Malay] Strings by The Mad Violinist
13. “Service Royalty” [Prod. by Blak]
14. “Here Tonight” feat. Tony Williams [Prod. by Will Power]
15. “Illustrious” feat. The Mad Violinist [Prod. by Will Power]
BONUS: “STSisGOLD” [Prod. by BearOne]

I-Tunes Bonus:
“Fly” – [Prod. by Ski]
“Just Want To Be With You” – [Prod. by Kari Ferrari]
“Writing’s On The Wall” feat. Jon Hope and Nikkiya – [Prod. by Will Power]

  • j

    he should have charged ppl for this shit! cant complain tho

  • yep

    STS > Kendrick Lamar.

  • turftalka

    @yep I’m no Kendrick dickrider and I’m a fan of STS too, but there’s no way in hell STS is better than Kendrick.

  • Better than Section .80? Okay, STS is a blazer fa sho, but come on….

  • He’s putting on for the south, stop trying to always compare people damn.


    How does one get the bonus tracks seing how this isnt on itunes

  • yep


  • Yasser

    Everything Ive heard from this kid is dope so Im definitely coppin

  • MackB

    Cloud9 He’s not from the south, he’s from Philly

  • dirtysixchambers

    he reps the A and Philly, so i’m really not sure where he’s from lol. i think he’s from the A and is in Philly running with Black Thought and the MMJB now. but that’s just my assumption.

  • B-Boy Rock-Star

    WHOA… !!! Thiz iz some Classic S#%t right-here… !!!

  • Yes

    Damn that joint with Kyle Lucas is smooth! Good shit!!

  • gtfo

    i dont see why anyones comparing this dude to kdot. he is nothing like him! both are really unique so just enjoy their quality music

  • SwishasNKush

    In case y’all wondering “STS” stands for “Sugar Tongue Slim” and the first shit i ever heard him on was an unreleased version of Bun B’s “You’re Everything” that never came out. Dude is nice!

  • ML

    itunes bonus tracks? am i missing something?

  • yeayea

    @ ML thats what im wondering about

  • trayday

    ATTN: no more complaints bout free music. Ur gonna find more bad than good. But me. I’d rather have music hurt my ears before my pockets, feel me? With that said: STS is Gold. He did the damn.

  • Fausta

    Hello Sunshine

  • AMV

    STS is that Fiyah…Slick talkin as MF’er…yeah mayne talk that shit!

  • To squash the debate….He is in fact from Atlanta and currently operating out for Philly. I am a huge fan of his and K.Dot but you guys are really just trying ti create some noise if you compare the two. While, philosophically they do have similar notions, they are not comparable in their respective approaches at all.

  • billyocean

    this. is. fire. i’ll be bumping that ‘bullshit’ track for a min.

  • Maga D

    Hot from the intro. Definitely needs more looks that what he’s gettin.

  • CoSign

    Just download the free album and rep G.O.L.D. !!! ( Gentlemen of Leisure and Development )… Cause “The Illustrious” is hot

  • Cameron

    STS is too nice. Love the poetry influences in here.

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