• deez

    Great post. Hopefully there are new dopeboyzandgirls introduced to this duo. Word up.

  • The Facts

    DFD makin an appearance in that second video now there is another dope artist/grindtime battler. Im liking this duo its some nice shit.

  • Chris Mason Baker

    @the facts, if you like this duo & dfd then you should check out there callab album its called Clockwise.

  • markaveli

    with all these wack new artists being put on this site lately, i can't believe real emcees like dumbfoundead and wax don't get enough exposure.

  • http://www.masterbeattheatre.blogspot.com aim_shoot_made_u_look

    can't even get wax on wax


    After "NEW CRACK" - I think everyone with good taste knew this guy was (2)DOPE.

    if you haven't seen the "NEW CRACK" video, do yourself a favor: