• Rezo

    Worst cover ever... smh

  • Rezohahahahah

    who cares about the cover fool along as the music is good

  • Drew

    Davinci is dope!

  • http://www.thizzler.com Em Dub

    I thought that cover was raw lol! Peep the interview we did about the album: youtu.be/j_JkslyHSXk

  • H

    Is he from Cali?

  • thizzlerisgay

    fuck thizzler and your shitty interviews. lol. your site is ugly as fuck.. oh, and your content? well, considering you ONLY cover BAY rappers... 98% of your content sucks as well.

    so congrats, on having a shitty website. i dont care about how many hits you get lol. you wasting your time blogging about shitty music.

    2dbz is dope though. keep up the good work.

  • http://cklitsie.com CK

    This cover is dope as fuck..

  • http://www.thizzler.com Em Dub

    lol cool story bro. so you're saying we should just copy 2DBZ like everyone else does? In fact I have a feeling you have a website that does just that, so what's with the anonymousness? Unlike some people, I have pride in where I'm from and believe in the talent in the Bay Area, so I'm going to do whatever I can to support that and create a platform that the truly dope and truly dedicated artists can launch from.

    Here's part 2 of the interview, with DaVinci talking about his favorite San Francisco moment:


  • fuckwhatyoutalmbout

    i thought the cover was dope too

  • wax

    me too. cover is swag.