Erick Sermon – Ain’t Me f. Rick Ross (Video)

blame it on JES7 August 24, 2011

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  • Pops

    EPMD is legendary and all that but Erick Sermon needs to sit his ass down somewhere. You can tell this Ross verse a few years old too with that “Trillaaaa” ad-lib before his verse.

  • this…this was kinda sad smh

  • erick sermon is gay

    those are the ugliest video bitches ive ever seen. i can pull better than that and ive got average game

  • Dizzle

    Wow, this is sad on many levels.

    Busted, gel-filled, tatted up scrippas. #FAIL

    E Double looking simultaneously mobidly obese AND sicky. #FAIL

    An unimaginative straight loop of “Ebony Eyes”. #FAIL

    1992 rhyme style. #FAIL

    Shooting the video at your own, 80’s style suburban home. #FAIL

    Rick Ross pulling a MA$E and refusing to show up because you can’t afford his apperance fee. #FAIL

    Fred Da Godson as your best cameo. #FAIL

    Cutting off the video midverse, and promising a version with Rawse, coming soon. #FAIL

    Somewhere, in a convalescent home on Long Island, PMD is surely getting a good laugh outta this one.

  • Fhoto

    Holy crap, is that chick on the far left at the 1:17 mark pregnant?

  • Airborne

    “Even white boys be saying, ‘E is awesome'” Fuck outta here with your 03 rhymes. Wit ya old ass Ross verse and and ya old ass flow. Ya old ass nigga. LOL dude had the camera all up in homegirl’s ass. Perfect video of how NOT to do it.

  • JPM

    couldnt afford to get Ricky in the video?

  • james r aka the real truth

    Airborne ,eat shit you ignorant closeminded stupid ass youngster. that old ass nigga is still better then any new school artist today . erick sermon is legend & still one of best ,haters . without EMPD there would have been no g-funk . so go listen to your gay ass music haters. also there is no age limit in hip hop or music , you punk ass bitch ass youngster

  • wtf, prodigy was the best cameo..? 2:10

  • Airborne
  • Laz`

    damn…damn…i love erick as much as i love parrish but this was luke-warm. stick to the essence of ur era, rick ross and erick sermon shouldn’t go to together.

  • bloodccousin

    fred the godson looks like an obese 12year old!

  • Yeah, the song sucked but E still got some heat & I actually was quite impressed with the women in the vid! Didn’t look like stripper hoes at all, to me, more like some fine, grown ass women that are probably friends & acquaintances of E’s (i.e. Real, Actual Women).
    Oh, & @Dizzle,
    There’s so much incorrectness in your comments that it’s not even worth going into. But I’ll start with the fact that the sample is Dennis Edward’s DON’T LOOK ANY FURTHER. It still sucks but nevertheless you’re wrong.

  • Catho

    This whole situation ain’t right. You almost feel sorry for dude.

  • Musikfiend

    That bitch on the bed at the beginning w/ the ghetto ass tats can get it.

  • jiz

    Sad. Real fuckin sad.

  • warren moon

    I am from the old school and Erick never had anything on Parrish Smith.

  • @warren moon,
    PMD was always considered the best of the 2 rhymin’ but E’s one of the top, classic, greatest producers in hip-hop history, which we didn’t really know til later on.