Kendrick Lamar – A.D.H.D. (Video)

blame it on Meka August 24, 2011

Directed by Va$htie

Presented by the good folks over at Rocksmith. Here is what the video’s director has to say:

Inspired by “A.D.H.D.”s dark beat and melancholy lyrics which explore a generation in conflict, we find Kendrick Lamar in a video that illustrates the songs universal and age-old theme of apathetic youth. Shot in New York City during the sweltering July Summer heat, “A.D.H.D” is the third video to be released from Kendrick Lamar’s debut album Section.80.

Don’t forget: K-Dot makes his return to New York City next week (August 31st), presented by the NMC.

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  • Ben Piffy Jr


  • such a dope joint. glad they put a video together for it.

  • mradidas11

    this video should’ve been monumental and went along with lyrics of the song…looks like it was just advertising rocksmith to me

  • Rezo


  • panoble

    one of my personal favorites off of Section 80…This album really gets better with each listen. 8 doobies to the face, fuck thaaaaat

  • realshit

    the video had absolutely nothing to do with the song

  • Airborne

    LMFAO @ Rezo

    Sad thing is, that’s pretty spot on. I was just listening to this song too. Comment system still fucking sucks.

  • Airborne

    Rocksmith LookBook video. This chick Va$htie really needs to stop. This was barely even a fucking music video.

  • jodirt

    aye @realshit

    the video is about being wild and immature. adhd

  • Airborne

    ^Yeah that’s obvious. But it was conveyed in the worst way. It didn’t even capture that well. They were too busy trying to capture the Rocksmith logo on his shirt.

  • this was terrible. i expected to have the song go with the lyrics. nope. that was one of the songs on the album that should have had a dope ass video to complement its meaning. but nope.

  • whoa

    That chick at the end was ugly………………………..

  • Video for Tammy’s Song was a lot better, HiiPower was good, this was a lil boring, still waiting to see how Rigamortus turns out though.

  • ExhibitA

    I liked where the video was goin in the beginning. I thought it was gonna be him buying liquor and blunt wraps And he was gonna take em to a party to get fucked up. You know to correlate with the song? It was okay, but he should’ve saved the video concept for a song less deep than this one.

  • lingo

    didnt like the video should of done it like the story he tells in the lyrics would have been so much better

  • spit hot fire.

    favorite song off section.80 and they make the music video a rocksmith commercial smh.

  • da bull!

    1. this is wack
    2. vashtie is not talented, and idk why people think she is. she’s just a sexy jawn that wears streetwear and jordans so yall think she’s talented
    3. the song itself is monumental, so trying to be “artsy” and convey a deeper message was such a fail. the video should have played out the lyrics, period.

  • marcus
  • dr.dave

    that shit was wack… video could have been WAY better

  • Truth

    Niggas stop saying Kendrick is the next 2pac cause when he fails your fucking expectations, thats when you gonna turn around and hate the nigga. Niggas always doin that shit, did the same shit with cole puttin him on this high ass pedestal saying hes the next pac FOH. Kendrick is the next Kendrick, fuck outta here with that shit.

  • lendrick kamar

    ok, so where’s the real video cuz this can’t be it. this shit was hot garbage

  • danman

    extremely wack video. WTF kendrick I was expecting a dope ass video for a dope ass song but naaaah lets make a fucking stupid rocksmith commercial and slow motion it all – yeah! that sounds real good!
    vashtie cant direct for shiiiiiiit. There was so much potential for this video.

  • Love the song, but the video was garbage.

  • Fourth ear

    Niggas stop saying Kendrick is the next 2pac
    cause when he fails your fucking expectations,
    thats when you gonna turn around and hate the
    nigga. Niggas always doin that shit, did the
    same shit with cole puttin him on this high ass
    pedestal saying hes the next pac FOH. Kendrick
    is the next Kendrick, fuck outta here with that
    Truth said this on
    THANK YOU! People were being idiots saying Cole is gonna make a Illmatic when he is nowhere Nas’s level of lyricism…he’s just relatable to the college/high school audience and can tell stories, he’s just conscious…but when it comes to lyrical skills and MC skills, Cole’s not even top 10 today and def not anywhere the G.O.A.T Nasir…stop putting rappers on a pedestal, I know its rare hearing somebody spit real shit but please stop overreacting and let them be themselves

  • daman

    I was really expecting a better video from vashtie but I guess TDE to didnt pay her enough lol jk but still one of my fav. songs

  • joeyElz

    Im mad AF at this video. it shouldve been waaaaay better, this was my fave song and vashtie did it NO justice. smh

  • Ignorant Genius

    Wack video to a song off a highly overrated album…. they should’ve done something to Hol Up instead…

  • jedi

    this song deserves a better video. Crazy how wack ass How to Love gets a dope as fuck video but this dope as fuck song gets a wack ass vid. opposite day like a mother fucker.


    @Truth: cosign!
    yeah…the video was wack but i still appreciated b/c Kendrick blessed it. maybe he did that on purpose just to let his fans know HE’S HUMAN and HE’S PRONE TO MAKE MISTAKES (like this VIDEO! LMBFAO!)>>>going HARD! we’ll be seeing my nig perform this Saturday @ the LOFT in ATL!!! HII POWER NICCA!!!!

  • j

    LMAO @ this video. dope song but the vid is garb

  • filmit

    This is just a Video. This song needs a Short Film. Id of opened it w/Kendrick in a room w/time lapse party (prob. bite Zack Snyders camera steez from 300 and Watchmen) going on in the background and him ripping 8 blunts in a row, popping pills and whatever…on some stop motion animated ish. When the 808’s drop, switch gears to Kendrick @ the party spitting his verse @ the camera or whatever in real time. Then rinse and repeat. Just off the top. Advertising is infecting Music Videos though, for real.

  • Enlight

    I was about to post this video everywhere….but shit comes out looking like a commercial and has no basis on the lyrics, i.e “I’m in a house party….look around all I see is a big crowd…”. I guess I’ll wait for the Rigamortis video

  • thatrealshit

    ^ @enlight
    i was bout to do the same shit til i saw the video haha.

    and for all the ppl sayin he’s not the next pac…i dont see one person in this thread makin a pac comparison. i think all the love kendrick gets is well deserved and honestly if u don’t like wat he did with section 80 u either have some other problem with him or u really dont kno hip hop. call me a stan or watever but if u cant recognize that album as a snapshot of our generation then u really gotta get out more. lookin forward to the rigamortis vid, this one didnt do it for me

  • LB

    1) although i love the album and this song, this video made no sense in comparison to the song.
    2) a “i <3 NY" pullover tho??? way to get @ em Vashtie.

    P.S. i could have done that shit Vashtie…
    P.P.S. I <3 V.Kola.

  • blahsehblah

    kendrick lamar can easily slide in my top 5 dead or alive when his album drops.

  • Tony$tarks

    hmmm maybe i missed the concept…
    lets hope that Rigamortus video actually has a thought out concept, or Kendrick needs to tap some up and coming producers..



  • allitiz

    man that song is so tight and video ruined it, what the hell lamar

  • T’Challa

    RE-SHOOT THIS VIDEO!! Man, Ab-Soul’s “Drift Away” video was what this video should have been like.. a house party, simple right?

  • WTF

  • Airborne

    Dude makes one of the wackest videos I’ve probably seen on this site in a while with no real relation to the actual track, and gets 400 thumbs up, and only 22 thumbs down. Explain this please.

  • MethTical


  • enrico

    i do like people looking out for kendrick shit tho.. its a video whatever. the song is more important to me. i go thru the day bumpin the song not watching the video. but oh well

  • This Video was dope…it had to grow on me to be honest..but it would of been better if A+ Shot it

  • fffecalsplatterlikecakebatter

    @ joe dirt……. exactly, anyone that missed the point of the video is just braindead, clearly about being young and wild ( bike riding, all the goofy shit they doin) kinda goes with adhd to me. doesnt really match the lyrics but the carefree, have fun energy is what ties the video to the song. take 2 seconds an put 2 and 2 together people, shit.

  • 2

    thumbs up for song, thumbs down for video

  • Actual/Factual

    Honestly I don’t know what everyone expected. Vashtie’s videos arn’t that groundbreaking or dope anyway.

  • JoeT

    Wow i was expecting some crazy shit for this video….really disappointed

  • @fffecalsplatterlikecakebatter That doesn’t change the fact that it still sucks.

    What the fuck is up with artists making whack videos nowadays? All this handy cam budget shit is getting out of hand. I’m not saying that vibe can’t be dope if done correctly but everyone seems to be using it just so they can have a video out. It’s sad that niggas like Tyler and Kanye are the only ones who really give a shit about their videos anymore. Bring back the old Hype Williams and that old skool MTV shit.

  • Jose

    fuck…i really hope the Rigamortus vid is better than this. it isn’t bad but the track is dope and the album is new classic. i like the vibe tho

  • i11even

    i hope they do ronald reagan era mv, that shit cray

  • twocents

    @rmpwolf Big videos like that cost money dude. Sometimes it isnt the quality that makes a video either. Remember the “Protect Ya Neck” video? that shit was super grimey. Dope ass video tho right?

    That being said… this video is wack.

  • Musikfiend

    Vashtie fine ass is a wack director. Vid has absolutely NOTHING to do w/ the song. I haven’t liked a vid from her yet.

  • Jordan6688846993

    dope song.
    gay video

  • ben

    wasnt good or bad

  • Me thinks the mask part of the video is a reference to Killer of Sheep. A film about a black ghetto. May be a stretch but the connection of ADHD and the film’s theme of “societal pressures” is there

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