Lil Wayne – How To Love (Video)

blame it on Meka August 24, 2011

Wayne’s love song goes viral. Double entendre.

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  • derrty

    i hated this song… but man this video is damn near beautiful great message

  • TonyStarks

    i hated this song heavily when it first came out, no lie.

    Keisha’s song tho>>>

  • T$

    ^^^^i betchu most people hit the dislike button before even watching the video.. definitely respecting the positive message, i just hate the fact its Wayne screaching(siniging) to a commercialish beat..

  • bamerican

    This video has a weird vibe. It’s like Requiem for a Dream meets TLC’s “Unpretty,” but with a happy ending. I bet it has all those 16 and pregnant bitches shook. As far as HIV goes, this is the most thought-provoking music video since “Trapped in the Closet.” Good job!!

  • Your Father

    I hate the way the actual song is executed but you can’t deny that Wayne came through with the video.
    I think he balanced it out with this video.
    Powerful message!
    Considering how famous he is, he’s definitely using his platform right this time around.

  • $$$

    …yeah, I need a sideways thumb for this.

  • LAsVeryOwn

    nice birdman cameo…smmfh lol!!!!

  • Monkey Barz

    Terrible song, nice video tho.

    lol @ the Birdman cameo.

  • You filthy Muggles don’t understand the true power of Love!!!

    It’s the only sort of magic that “You-Know-Who” doesn’t understand!

    It helped Harry capture all of his Horcuxes and defeat him once and for all!



  • kd


  • Looking Like A Louie V Manechean

    Wayne is about getting that money, lol nigga dropped a video and the album is coming Sunday nice business move. Great Vid too, not fabricated and it actually has a message.


    Fuck the message of this video Wayne is garbage now and this track is shit. I Dont support FAKE bloods, what blood wears tight jeans rockin teddy bear sneakers screamin out suwoooo ?? NONE..yeah my point exactly.

    If you want a REAL song with a REAL MESSAGE, listen to Kendrick Lamars “Tammys song” or J.coles “Lost Ones”…real shit right thurr

  • Musikfiend

    Cool song. GREAT video. *almost tears up* LOL

  • The visuals made this more listenable, Good story.
    can’t hate on a positive message.

  • MSi

    end was mad corny but i felt that… gotta wrap it up!

  • Woah, hold up. “Congratulations”? Someone must not have told her baby is the worst STD.

    And the only message I got was that tattoos are always okay because the guys she fell for in both cases had them. This video is as stupid and simple as the song itself and the video frankly has nothing to do with the song. Saying the name of the song at the end doesn’t make it related and relevant at all. I wonder how Wayne’s gonna transition from a “6 foot 7 foot” to this shit on the Carter 4. Wayne’s trash. Listen to what FUCKYM recommended.

  • Sike

    He just might win a Grammy for this one. Great message in the video. It’s one thing to exploit the problem… it’s quite another to provide the solution. Lil Wayne achieved that with this one. That’s a message that I can support.

  • Schismzzz

    Waynes a fag. nuff said.

  • Smizzle

    Fuck this nigga Wayne damn near 30 tryin to skateboard and shit thats why he busted his ass the other day and had to get stitches. Waynes aint been the same since Lollipop

  • Smizzle

    Fuck this nigga Wayne damn near 30 tryin to skateboard and shit thats why he busted his ass the other day and had to get stitches. Wayne aint been the same since Lollipop

  • Diamond

    LMAO at this


  • swagonmydick

    This song always gives me a boner.

  • cj

    i wonder how many people actually watch the least he didnt use green screen like he always does and the video actually has a message

  • bOx

    How could you hate on this??

  • k3

    cant hate on this!
    powerful message
    coming from wayne…means alota people gon see this n change

  • theBroKing

    hhaah @ diamond.
    yeah im definitely feeling that grammy vibe from this though, the birdman cameo just killed it though haha what the fuck is this dude doing in EVERY video. always stroking his chin or his head

  • mike abate

    weezy promotin safe sex so y’all better get the message & go buy a 36 pack !!!

  • theBroKing

    also “thanks for teaching me how to love” was mad corny

  • Vagina

    Weezy probably gave that dude Hiv from fucking him in the butt and then that dude turned around and gave it to that girl.

  • Troll

    Fuck Weezy, fuck this video, fuck my life!

  • Lets Be Frank weezy fan here but if you seriously reached hard enough to find fault in this video’s message then there is seriously no fucking pleasing you. ever. you hate lil wayne and therefore he can do no right by you. you probably hated the video before you watched it. if this was pac you would have loved it but since its lil wayne there is something you just dfont like about it. unreal. wow. this man could find the cure for aids and still would not be satisfied. you’re like what the republicans are to obama.

  • JHP

    Seriously people hit the down button almost instantly when they see it’s a Lil Wayne song. Accept it for being a pop song and not a rap song. However the song aside, this video is great I don’t see how you can find fault in it

  • Kayla Lawson

    amazing video. had me in tears ;'(

  • nice cameo from mikey from the wire at the end. decent enough video, hopefully gets enough mtv love to get the message out.

  • The ending was corny as fuck but all round this was cool. Still surprised C4 hasn’t leaked yet.

  • T-Luv

    Yeah I still havent watched the video but the song is enough for me to thumbs down I dont care how good the video is

  • j.cole

    you call this rap music smh??

  • youngsmoove

    this is weak…from the looks of it (tracklist), Carter 4 will be worse than Carter 3. Carter 3 was a decent album imo. You Ain’t Got Nuthin with Fab and Juelz > Anything released of Carter 4 till now.

  • we all know this aint the typical wayne song… its going to make wayne hella money though. its infectious and for old white ppl who heard the song and didnt like it bc it was wayne… when they are watchin the vmas with their children and this vid come on after theyll probably change they old ass mind go buy they kid two copies and shit.

    good work. it made me feel an emotion.

  • red (slow down mothafucka)

    That cut to Birdman was so random. Video was pretty good, make me like the song a bit more (I kind of like it anyway) but I wish she didn’t say thank for teaching me how to love at the end.

  • phonox

    -wayne doesn’t give a shit about safe sex
    -this isn’t wayne message , since like this song he didn’t write it or come up with the idea
    -song and video don’t really match
    -song is garbage

  • red (slow down mothafucka)

    “wayne doesn’t give a shit about safe sex”

    Safe sex is great sex,
    Better wear a latex,
    Cause you don’t want that late text,
    That I think I’m late text.

    That is all

  • Rezo

    They saying Cole got a sextape with Rihanna? LOL

  • Marv

    The video has notthing to do with safe sex. SHE GOT PREGNANT! Lol yah niggas is dumb as hell. Its a message to the mothers, future mothers, and daughters. The things you do and the people you bring around can have an effect on your children and the decisions they make.

  • Jesse

    MICHAEL LEE!!! its always good to see someone from The Wire some where. even if its a brief moment

  • Tony$tarks

    @red (slow down mothafucka)

    ..well said brotha…well said…

  • Sike

    @ Marv — You’re right! I got it. I was actually gonna post a similar comment, but, you beat me to it.

  • DefJam

    Is That Gillie in jail???? Video is straight, I think the song is definitely in the lane of some Justin Bieber shit. But this is the buisness of music and for that Wayne is a genius.

  • kingg

    i dont like song i think bcause of wayne. but still its a really good song and video. like everybody sayin Positive song so we cant hate

  • The video is beautiful, hope it sends a message. Deepest shit Wayne has ever done! Still disappointed no brown skin girls were in the video though, typical.

  • c

    yall call this shit hip hop fuck all mainsteam music fucking faggots ! fuck the mainstream fans too yall faggots with him

  • I’m supposed to give a fuck about the positive message just because for once he switched up from doing fake ass gangbanging propaganda music? This song is softer than a unicorn driving a Prius. I saw a dude riding down the street bumping this, and I swore I saw a cloud of glitter fly out of his sunroof as he passed by.

  • mind blowing

    wow i cant believe any of you are defending this as a good song. are you deaf? do you realize this is lil wayne singing like a motherfuckin faggot? i dont like to listen to “rappers” that 16 year old girls scream for. not cool. and that guy said if tupac did this song wed be praising it. tupac was not a homosexual therefore would never do a song like this.
    you faggots are so gay .

  • spoofn

    i agree with

  • Logical Thinker

    If you get past the subpar singing & actually listen to the lyrics, you would see that he is conveying the message that’s being displayed in the video.

    In other words, his lyrics provide the narrative for the video.

    Perhaps he used the pop-ish, sing songy melody to make it more palatable, to garner the attention of his intended audience; adolescent girls.

    It’s kind of like mixing sugar with the medicine, so to speak.

  • boneCrusher

    this nigga birdman is worst then diddy and dame dash ever was atleats diddy and dame dash looked like normal humans when they was dancing around in ever video birdman got big ass tats on his head in a song about a girl wit hiv nigga prolly got tated wit dirt needles prolly got aids in his eye lids

  • red (slow down mothafucka)

    Cosign Marv. I wasn’t too sure why people were talking about safe sex in the comments. I just wanted to set the record straight. This really has nothing to do with wearing a condom-not sure how it was even misconstrued that way.

  • allitiz

    this song is annoying and i hate it, but damn that video is hart felt. Having a daughter myself, really just makes me want to leave work and go give her a hug & kiss. Damn good video, probably only thing I am going to give thumbs up to related to wayne all year.

  • SeanSky

    This may be the worst song Wayne has ever done ever… And how can he talk about HIV and shit when he has knocked up like 5 chicks himself?? Just dont make sense to me.

  • Tony Almeida


    Psc talked about HIV and he fucked groupie bitches. I guess youre one of those people who only accepts good advice from those without sin?

  • SeanSky

    @Tony PSC?? really?? Has he knocked up countless groupi chicks in the industry some in the same year, then makes a video talking about how its wrong?? No! Nobody is without sin but you cant keep doing the same thing over and over then make a video talking about how its wrong. Thats being a hypocrite.

  • dont get me wrong im a wayne fun, but i can almost guarentee he came up with the idea for this video or song while he was gettin a lap dance at KOD

  • allitiz

    KOD got some fuglies workin up in there

  • freshboy

    good job 2dope! need more music like this records & videos. not many artist with the magnitude of a lil wayne are making these successful records with a meaning. Glad to see not your average ass shaking video with money cars drugs n alcohol (not that i mind the ass shaking) Thanks meka for this one. 2dope!

  • ddddd

    why are you defending the gayest song ever

  • WOW

    LIL wayne Kissed his dad
    That niggas a fuckin fag
    Nuff said

  • Pauly Dee (Trolololol!! Version)

    I can tell you, this is a bad song….but when I saw this vid on MTV today, it made me respect it. Still don’t think C4 will sell though.

  • CP
  • allitiz

    CP link is legit… just donwloaded and shit is real daymn
    good post CP – album probably sucks tho lol

  • Candyrain

    On some real shit I wasn’t feeling this song at first until I listened to the words and watched the video. This song it the truth.. The realest song by Lil Wayne.

  • OMG

    OH BOY lil wayne took a shot at HOV on his song “its good” ! google it C4 leaked today but you can listen to the track wher he took shot at hov here ! omg beeeef

  • bon, the confused

    lolz @ Wayne’s diss to Hov. Beyonce is bigger than you nig, how you gonna kidnap her?

  • wth

    Anyone think HOV will ignore this or not ? cus weezy took 2 shots at him on that song, one where he said something bout “i got 2 glocks,u got 80 problems” referring to HOVS 99 problems and he takes shot at his girl. LMAO should be interesting

  • Pauly Dee (Trolololol!! Version)


    “Throw a nigga a bone [zip file]!”

  • Robinsin

    lmao at bon you’re probably right

  • CJmagic900

    man th outro is dope but wtf is shne on it?!! it sounds like hes doing a pathetic ross impersonation

  • Siggz


  • mike abate

    fuck shit e dissed hov & 40 glocc in one line just listened to one song till now seems legit hope the rest doesnt dissapoint !!!!!

  • TOrrent911

    its on the torrent sites!!!!
    where the haters!!!
    he killed em
    CARTER 4!!!!!!!!


    wow the album is crazy didnt have hopes for it
    wayne is back wit that shit
    ole school wayne is back

  • swagitout

    “Talkin’ ’bout baby money, I got your baby money / Kidnap your bitch, Get that ‘how much you love your lady?’ money.”

    shit got damn, Hov ain’t coming back from that prolly lol. I haven’t bumped C4 yet, can anybody HONESTLY tell me a objective opinion on the album?


    Carter 4 is ASS, all wayne talks about on C4 is “how hes gonna fuck the world”, “lifes a bitch”, and a nbunch of random ass punchlines. It sounds like a mixtape not an album. C4 is fucking trash, FUCK YM

  • dddddsssss

    damn he winning look at the haters lol i laugh
    best track from him on c4
    Lil wayne- mega man

  • lilkandy

    Why is Andre 3000 on Tha Carter IV???? On a song Lil Wayne doesn’t say a word on???

  • slim

    carter 4 weak as fuck.wayne career is over & this coming from a long time wayne.. every track was weak as fuck .. only track i liked was the one with tech n9ne & andre 3000 & wayne didnt even rap on that… he better pray hov dont decide to come back @ him cause he can fuck him up easy. cant be that hard for a dude that kisses men & started gangbanging @ 25.

  • Sdb

    Oh shit tech nine and Andre 3 stacks jumped on the carter 4 interlude

  • rell

    Dont pay anybody attention who says the carter 4 is dope. they are clearly to young to still be up on the this late.

  • rell

    Dont pay anybody attention who says the carter 4 is dope. they are clearly to young to still be up on this late.

  • rell

    Dont pay anybody attention who says the carter 4 is dope. they are clearly to young to still be up this late.

  • Airborne

    I thought the safe sex message was conveyed thru the chick catching the HIV in one of the scenarios. Safe sex is a lifestyle choice, doesn’t only mean wear a condom, but also don’t go around fucking every nigga, or every nigga who has enough money. You niggas are really simple.

  • NYdreams

    am i the only one who cant see the video now ?? =( thought it would b interesting seeing rappers doing something positive 4 once..

  • NYdreams

    but on that note.. imma give the carter 4 a listen later …. is it better than RED ???

  • sdb

    I needa listen to RED
    Boutta download it now
    I like C4 better then C3

  • H21

    can somebody blend the intro, interlude, and outro on C4 together?!

  • LupeFaco
    90s back bitch

  • @LupeFaco

    FUCK U MEAN 90’S BACK? SMH. Wayne ain’t what he used to be bruh. This leak will def. hurt him.

  • Pauly Dee (Trolololol!! Version)

    Gotta admit, that Wayne Jay diss is weak…but at least Wayne has the balls to say it! And we all know that Jay will pull some pussy shit and throw another bitch made subliminal

  • idiot

    @PaulyDee he has the balls to say it ? i think he doesnt, if wayne had the balls he would had SAID JAY-Z’S NAME.

  • HELL NAH! A Stripper Who Has Mulitple Kids, Baby Father IN JAIL, Sleeps With Men For Money, & Catches HIV Is How To Love?!
    *Skip Bayless voice* Are You Kidding Me?

  • PlankingOnAMillion

    WAIT…WAIT LMAO, OK so im going listening to Carter 4 since it got leaked (have no intention on buying it) and im not even half through the damn shit and he has some CORNY ass veres/lines. LMAO the nigga wayne said ” Have it your way…..Burger king” LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO Funniest line of the year im callin it ! He has plenty more weak and shitty lines like “you need a bus pass to get your ass busted” LMFAOOOO damn this nigga is random as hell with these shitty lines. Theres plenty more, too much to post lmfao, this album is more COMEDY than dope, so youll prolly enjoy it more if your bored. I gave C4 3 full listens because i used to be a wayne fan and wanted to see if he got his shit together, AND i was not pleased, Maybe the lil white girls will enjoy this piece of an shit album =/

  • Pauly Dee (Trolololol!! Version)


    He pretty much used his lines that Jay used on HAM. It may not be saying his name, but its better than what Jay will come back with. A damned subliminal and then he’ll refute the line like its nothing.

  • Rae426

    the message is maybe you should go ahead with that abortion if youre not going to get your own shit together or you’ll probably end up with an aids-ridden whore for a daughter.

  • joesmoe

    im sure getting married to the dude that was beating her would have solved all problems….and he still would have went to jail. the message should have been raise your damn kids right which was missing from the video, so video = fail message.

  • That was insufferably, Gallicly wude. Putin’s a weasel and Schroeder a tub of lard.