Nikki Lynette – Young & Dumb f. I Fight Dragons

blame it on Meka August 24, 2011

My favorite female oddball will re-release her Roses N’ Guns 2: The BADDER ASSED Mixtape That Rocks with a couple of new offerings, such as this cut, as Roses N’ Guns 2 (The Rematch) on September 6th. And I mean “oddball” in the most complimentary manner possible.

DOWNLOAD: Nikki Lynette – Young & Dumb f. I Fight Dragons | Mediafire
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  • i like tits

    different but i like it.

  • anonon

    meka is just trying to smash…this shit is shit

  • Trav

    I listen to every kind of music, rap, rock, whatever. So I fux with it. She got lyrics. But I forgot niggas on this site don’t listen to lyrics

  • Your Father

    Seriously Meka are you getting that ass or what?
    I can’t see any other reason you’d overlook some artists and post this subpar shit, fam. No hate, but this shit’s not gonna catch on.

  • no name jane

    ^^^ I hear she don’t fuck with black dudes, and Meka is BLACK so they ain’t smashing. I like the song alot. I agree about her having lyrics, but this won’t appeal to “niggas” even if they listen to lyrics because most niggas only listen to one genre. Search her Civil War or Best in the World on Youtbe. She can spit. But all her music is weird like this. At least she’s consistent

  • I¡6

    all fuc*ing seeing eye.
    = fuc*ing sellout.
    fuc* ya’ll fake homos.

  • original song
    No Kotrol – I fight Dragons

  • Jay-Z