Rochelle Jordan – King A

blame it on Meka August 25, 2011

The Toronto songstress pays tribute to the fallen beauty with a remake of “Are You That Somebody.”

DOWNLOAD: Rochelle Jordan – King A | Mediafire
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  • Halle

    Rochelle Jordan is KILLING it! I’m glad 2DBz is up on it! The production is supreme and Rochelle’s voice rides the lyrics smooth! Baby girl would be proud!

  • Dope. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first about this chick but I downloaded her album & it was fuckin’ niiiice!

  • Aaliyahfan1

    WOWWWW!!!! She sound just like her tho. Beautiful tribute RIP Aaliyah

  • biggunz

    fucking wow. i think we are seeing something very special happen between our eyes.. big up shake and meka for being one of the first ones on her..

  • Loopee

    Queen A? lol. I do really like both artists though. RIP Aaliyah

  • dj khaled is a arab


  • Halle

    @Loopee OBVIOUSLY it’s suppose to mean that Aaliyah is ultimate superior, and doesn’t need the Queen status soley because she’s a female! GOSH! lol.

  • Shabazz


  • Dontask

    Who thumbed down this?? u serious? This the best tribute ive heard in years. RIP A

  • Life Accordin’ To Dutch

    this REALLL DECENT but umm Aaliyah says “my locs”..not lUGZ

  • DanaRock

    @LifeAcccordin’toDutch Meh u cudnt even tell Allow it. Its a cover annnddd Its dope!!! *rolls eyes*

  • Loopee

    Nah, I mean Queen’s still run shit lol. It was just…weird, imo lol. Not even hating though

  • biggunz

    yea she said locs but aint Rochelle from Canada? she dont even know what Locs are! lol she heard Lugz.. i guess it does sound like she said lugz but either way it dont matter one word cant change the fact she killed this..

  • X_J

    nice….intro is Flying Lotus in the background but its still ok remix i guess
    RestInPower Aal’

  • Steelo01

    aww she said Lugz hahaha! Thats cute. She can get away with it because she Canadian hahaha Regardless… this Song was powerful. The best tribute ive heard for Aaliyah over the years no lie. Good Job ROJO and KLASH. RIP A

  • ThatAssMyhand

    Yo Canadians are KILLIN this year .. This some Bullshit

    You got to have Crazy Dope Vocals and Do it with heart to pull this shit off.
    Rochelle Did that. So i cant hate.. even tho i wanted to. lol

    RIP Aaliyah