• http://www.parsells.bandcamp.com Kahnscience


  • grs

    emilio rojas is annoying as fuck. Hassaan Mackey a beast! Still spinning daily bread daily.

  • http://www.grungecake.com marktheespark

    Daily Bread is an instant knocker YES! Did you hear Emilio's latest? The human is of a lot of good thangs mang.

  • doorman

    These dudes have paid more than there dues trust me and been grinding hard its so great to see them link to do this track and the back and forth style on it was deff a great addition

  • troy

    dope shit

  • Chris Green

    Once again a 585 banger...and it features the best that Rochester has to offer nice production, and the back and forth vocals is how a posse cut is supposed to sound!!! Shout out to 2dopeboyz for posting it!!!



  • Dj Torch

    Beats a banger and the flow is hot, nice work.