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    That 'Bag Lady' song is going back on instant replay in my iTunes now.

  • http://www.yaboyrampz.deviantart.com/ rmpwolf

    "I’d probably be rocking crocheted pajama pants that start at my nipples too if I got involved with her and love every second of it."


  • Made

    Careers Erykah Badu has ruined:

    Ice Cold - no new material ever
    Jay Elec - see Ice Cold
    Common - see Universal Mind Theory, Electric Circus & Finding Forever

    She's a rapper kryptonite. Delilah to their Samson. She drains their talent succubus style.. Avoid her if you ever want to make hot music, or music period.

  • http://iamcloud9.bandcamp.com cloud9

    what is that song around 12:00?

  • http://iamcloud9.bandcamp.com cloud9

    @Made, your logic is kind of lacking here.

  • http://www.outdaboxmedia.com Cril of Out Da Box TV

    @cloud9 the song is called "Out My Mind, Just In Time" from Erykah's latest album New Amerykah Part 2

  • Yes

    Awesome interview

  • madenmiami305

    such a pure soul - humble, creative, and beautiful.

  • Cali Grown

    Badu has ass yo 4real! all i was staring at on Sat (RTB).

  • MEKANOMiCSx101

    wow... this woman is a trip and a half....

  • Musikfiend

    I 2nd Meka's opinion, lol.

    @Made Finding Forever was/is the sh*t. Your argument is mute

  • Freddy Hearse

    A.) She has a fat ass B.) can sing said fat ass off C.) Has tons of money D.) apparently doesn't care if you seed it and bounce for a while = prototype

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Billy

    Made@finding forever was dope tho...
    you tellin me start the show
    the people
    the game
    so far to go
    break my heart
    forever begins
    and strange fruti was wack????????????????? REALLLY??????