• AndOnceIWasHuman

    I saw a few of his videos on youtube and it inspired me to get back to working out and try to get my nutrition right. only been back on it about a month but im really motivated right now and whenever i start to feel like im not, i try to look up some youtubes of stuff like this so i can see what i'm working towards and pump me back up.

  • Airborne

    Good for him. I like when people get up and so something that's not only beneficial to them, but beneficial to others too. Real positive.

  • Musikfiend

    *Heads to gym head hanging in shame*

  • Brooklyn

    He works out at my gym Dolphin Fitness Club. Cease is short dude but don't get confused dude is hella ripped and packed a lot of pounds of muscles. The gym is located under D train.