• DustinSmith

    This going out to everyone. Please spread this. When you record a video on your iPhone turn it sideways. I hate seeing these videos. Yeah they look okay on your phone but it looks so much better the other way on YouTube.

  • Made

    Niggas always gotta take they shirt off when there's a fight, for what. Keep that shit on nobody wants to see that shit.

  • dmv

    lmao, the table is perfectly still, not causing any trouple its just up. then kat william walks around, gets on stage, gets off stage, gets back on stage and does some gorrila stuff. gets off stage, guy whispers in his ear something while holding the table. the knocks over table and kics it while its down. i dont understand what just happened -__- lol

    • http://2dopeboyz.com/ Meka

      > i dont understand what just happened -__-

      this video is like playing "where's waldo:" you're going to find something new each time you look at it.

  • dumb…


  • B-Boy Rock-Star

    Man, I HATE N#%GAZ... J/K

  • theBroKing

    where does katt williams fight at? i never see him fight anyone?

  • Billy

    MEKA@ lol whoever wrote that youtube caption "kat williams fight at..." is giving mr williams wayyy more props than hes due..lol dude was doing the wild borneo silver back mating display but didnt throw one jab lol dude was posing amazingly for the whole video cos he knew his peoples was fighting FOR him

  • B-Boy Rock-Star

    @ theBroKing

    I waz wonderin' the samething... ??? Everybody'z Fighting... And... Thiz n#%ga just comez out-from-under a dog pile... LOL

  • watchyashit

    yung jeezy said "I dont give a fuck whats goin on behind me" in a diff vid of the fight. he knew

  • Rio$

    Black people are stupid az fuck.............oh yea this videos dumb too...........

  • Nito

    If I was fighting kat Williams I would be laughing the whole time imagine that squeaky ass voice talking shit to you? I just wouldn't be able to take it serious

  • sefseFSDFEWF


  • fighting irish

    You take your shirt of so no one can grab it get in close and fugg you up.

  • fresci

    Janky Promoters lol

  • http://2Dopboyz L-Train

    love black people, but damn i i hate niggas. (in clayton bigsby voice:NIGGAS MAKE ME SICK. THEY STANK!!!!