Ill Hill Society – Rap Better (Mixtape)

blame it on JES7 August 28, 2011

Them Ill Hill Society boys from the 50th State have finally unleashed their Rap Better mixtape. Check for the download and tracklist after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Ill Hill Society – Rap Better (Mixtape) | Alt. Link
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  • LiquidSword

    Ima check it. Better be good.

  • Phazon

    Umma go check 4 it but I dont think yall should post nothin wit out givin us a sample cuz if this shit wack we gone blame yall for contaminatin our ears, n cosignin that foolishness!

  • yaboy

    I could Dig It!

  • 808

    Gritty 50.

  • Not worth the download

  • Creedular Fortitude

    fuck the haters… shit goes hard. Keep em comin, homies

  • rudified

    Produced by one of the members of the group? Amazing. This shit goes hard.

  • dopeness

    / \ * throws up the hill sign

  • NotTheMama

    WORTH the download.

  • wdz

    heard a few songs. awesome