• LiquidSword

    Ima check it. Better be good.

  • Phazon

    Umma go check 4 it but I dont think yall should post nothin wit out givin us a sample cuz if this shit wack we gone blame yall for contaminatin our ears, n cosignin that foolishness!

  • yaboy

    I could Dig It!

  • 808

    Gritty 50.

  • http://gangstasuseemoticons.com Dj Hourglass

    Not worth the download

  • Creedular Fortitude

    fuck the haters... shit goes hard. Keep em comin, homies

  • rudified

    Produced by one of the members of the group? Amazing. This shit goes hard.

  • dopeness

    / \ * throws up the hill sign

  • NotTheMama

    WORTH the download.

  • wdz

    heard a few songs. awesome