J. Cole – Cole World: The Sideline Story (Tracklist)

blame it on Shake August 29, 2011

Design: Alex Haldi (for Bestest Asbestos). Photo: Leann Mueller.

For this week’s installment of Any Given Sunday, Cole took to Twitter to reveal the tracklist to his upcoming debut, dropping September 27th.

Dollar And A Dream III
Can’t Get Enough f. Trey Songz
Lights Please
Sideline Story
Mr. Nice Watch f. Jay-Z
Cole World
In the Morning f. Drake
Lost Ones
Nobody’s Perfect f. Missy Elliott
Never Told (prod. No I.D.)
Rise & Shine
God’s Gift
Cheer Up
Nothing Lasts Forever [Bonus]
Work Out [Bonus]
Daddy’s Little Girl [Bonus]

Looks like Cole got that verse from Hov after all. Dope.

  • whoa, just 11 tracks with an intro and interlude!?!? thats prolly a good thing… a Missy Elliott feature is interesting…

  • WSHarpy

    i was hoping for more tracks. already heard three tracks. should be good though.

  • first?

    missy? lauryn hill or gtfo

  • JA

    There are more tracks, but he’s not done posting the tracklist yet, for some reason Cole’s been releasing the listing really slowly over the past few hours…

  • mamba

    lights please? really? songs like at least 2 years old now, right? i mean, i understand the logic of putting it on the album, but damn..

  • already heard 5 of these wtf

  • Lpmatt

    lol he’s still tweeting

  • Write Direction

    I was really hoping for more tracks. I hope these other tracks are outstanding.

  • mR

    yeah, he’s not done.

    super hype about that Missy feature!

  • yeah he’s still updating his twitter with names. we’re adding as he posts.

  • :P

    its not 11 tracks yall, Cole is just dropping track by track each 20 mins or so. the next track btw is never told prod. by No I.D.

  • David

    Dope. It looks like quality over quantity. Even if the album isn’t that great, I’m still supporting for dropping some great mixtapes.

  • nahmean

    Yoooo he just posted a new song Never Told which is produced by No I.D.

  • Looking Like A Louie V Manechean

    Today was a good day, can’t wait for the album


    Cole is still updatin, 2dopeboyz you should have waited, anyway this album is looking solid!!!

  • yezz

    There are still many more tracks on the album, hes not done tweeting all the song titles yet


    “Cole aint droppin?…dats really fuckin funny” ! shoutout to all the haters on here like 5 months ago who said coles album would never drop! aha

  • Joeybrova

    Yall excited about missy elliot? Let me ask yall this is jayz still the same jay?no what about busta rhymes? No lil wayne fuuck no? I hope yall not exoect that 1999 missy

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Rise And Shine

  • will

    next song is Rise and Shine. got a feeling that’s Cheer Up re-done.

  • jordan

    rise and shine – he’s still going. once he off twitter, then post it lol

  • Rafae Sheikh


  • JayCole

    Shake, you’re a Cole fan and your site has supported him from the start. How do you feel about him putting some previously released songs on his debut? Do you kinda feel disappointed, I do.

  • thechronic92

    looks like any solid debut should so far. a few (3-4) features and solid production

  • RZAConnect

    MISSY WONT BE RAPPING on his song DUMBASSES in all of the reviews from the listening party they said she SINGS, Missy is a good singer maybe shes on the hook. C ant wait for the album j.cole

  • DoLo

    thank god Jay-Z gave him 16. if Drake got a jay feature on his debut and cole didn’t that woulda been the ultimate what the fuck.

  • Marty Mcfly Before Doc Made the Flux Capacitor

    What happened to keepin shit real with no features cole?? Trey, Drake, MISSY ELLIOTT?? LOL Ima love it when this shit flops and all these bums on the Cole bandwagon start cryin. aw THIS A COLE WORLD JERMAINE LMAO


    no work out??

    sad day

  • J.S.

    they are updating it as he goes too nothing to worry about this post…

  • daman

    He is still updating, and i feel like his shit is gone be a classic, i wonder if workout gone be on there


    @MartyDoc He has said that in the past he wanted no features but so what atleast his album isnt flooded with features. I doubt his album will flop, but flop or not this shit is going to be a solid good ass album. Support good music and STFU

  • haha


    he said no RAP features, and hes pnly got 2… one of which being Jay Z… so shut the fuck up. if he didnt get a few Hook features y’all would be complaining that hes singing too much. hes damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t with you fuckin haters. get a life.

  • JCole


    Dollar And A Dream III
    Cant get enough ft. trey songz
    Lights please
    Sideline Story
    Mr.Nice Watch ft. Jayz
    Cole World
    In the Morning ft. Drake
    Lost Ones
    Nobody’s perfect ft. missy elliot
    Never Told(prod. No I.D.)
    Rise and Shine

  • YikesWally

    Im having good feelings about this album, it wont be a classic prolly but it will be CLOSE to a classic !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rafae Sheikh

    14 God’s Gift

  • mR

    ha shake’s on top of this. we just need to chill and wait

  • em

    I love the man’s music, but this is a letdown. Lights Please? Really? Great song, but that’s ancient. I really think I’m gonna be letdown big time

  • i predict a 20 song album lol


    @EM most people havent heard “lights please” plus it is the song that HOV heard to get him signed, also its a classic song i dont mind it. This album is gonna be far from a let down, you want a let down album? look at lil waynes C4

  • what???

    how are you guys saying this is gonna be a let down????
    big fuckin deal lights please is on it… its a classic song and makes sense in the concept of the album and its the song that got him signed.

    we only heard 4 of these songs out of 15 tracks, thats really not that bad considering how music is nowadays. usually weve heard almost half the album already. ex. Kanye Dark Fantasy, Royce’s album, Big seans album…

    stop complaining

  • JayCole

    @Timothy Cole said it would be 15 or 16 songs in a very recent interview. I am just sticking around to see if Work Out made the cut, I really hope not. No Work Out would automatically bump the album up 1/2 a mic in my book. lol

  • theweekNd

    really hope Cole drops another studio video or cle summer 3 when hes done with the tracklist….

    this shit looks so fucking dope by the way

  • dddddssf

    missy elliot ? ..for real ..drake…doesnt this blog like to pretend
    they hate jay z kanye and drake…

  • ugh

    cosign what??? ^

  • robertTHEallen

    idk how anyone thought it was finished when work out wasnt posted yet and they KNOW thats on the album

  • Rafae Sheikh

    16-17 songs at most
    Hopefully Cheer Up makes the album and Work Out is just a bonus

  • Chicago

    Lights Please being on the album is a good move in my opinion. It’s a great song and needs some shine and his fans who haven’t heard it before or who might’ve never heard it can hear it now. In 10 years people aren’t gonna look back at Lights Please as a bad song because it’s older than the album. Look at Illmatic. Halftime came out 2 years before the album and no one cares about that.

  • Looking Like A Louie V Manechean

    Damn this nigga still on the computer letting go of tracks, that nigga wasn’t lying about being in the studio. I took no more short mixtapes as he didn’t have shit but he still listing.

  • GoBERT

    This album is looking epic, can’t wait to hear this bad boy #ColeWorld

  • LupeFaco1

    im waiting for him to list the feature with Lady Gaga ….1

  • Rafae Sheikh

    15 Break Down

    Next one should be Cheer Up and Work Out as a bonus after that hopefully

  • 1dopePuertoRicanfromJersey

    Is Breakdown the last track? C’mon Cole no Work Out!

  • suckas

    Smart move not having Jay Elect on the tracklist, Cole doesn’t wanna get bodied on his first album. lol

  • Rafae Sheikh

    So glad at the lack of features on this

  • mR

    ^^^ nigga, this isnt Attention Deficit lol

  • BombsAway34

    Im coppin 2 albums, this shit is gon be fire’ Swhweeet!

  • SMH at the people complaining that they’ve already heard the songs. It’s your fault for listening to unauthorized leaks dipshits.

    The only songs that I’ve listened to on this album are Lights Please and In The Morning, both of which deserve a place on the album. They both came along during critical moments in Cole’s career. Lights Please, in MY opinion, has the makings of a classic song. That song hasn’t gotten old after 2 years.

    I hope Work Out is left off the album though lol.

  • tris nigga!

    he still releasing titles lol Breakdown was jus added

  • kd

    new song: BREAKDOWN

  • Missbees

    cole shit bouta go hard.gonna be bumpin this for the whole year prolly

  • will

    Lights Please is a classic song. Don’t understand the hate towards it. In The Morning is one of my favourite tracks too, so nothing wrong with that. I like Work Out, but wouldn’t be upset if it was left off. I like it more than Can’t Get Enough to be 100% honest. The more I listen to that shit, the less I like it. Both tracks are bout 3/5.

    Absolutely no one can say shit about already hearing Lost Ones. You knew that shit was gonna be on the album the day it leaked, it is too good not to be. Cheer Up wasn’t finished so can’t say anything about that.

    Jay getting a verse was always going to happen, it was all marketing and shit with the ‘will he get it in time, blah blah blah’. Personally not a huge Missy fan, but interested to hear it.

  • FakirWise

    Damn you fools are camping his twitter….haha


    niggaz are trapped indoors with this hurricane Irene floods and this nigga gonna use Any(UNFOR)Given Sunday for a fuckin’ tracklist. fuck a tracklist, where the sandbags at?


  • JayCole

    Cheer Up made it!!


    You know NYC/BROOKLYN losing when he hates on a tracklist LMAO give it up , we all know your really a j.cole fan haha

  • imPurpose

    Yall trippin, missy is one of the dopest female artists. Can’t wait to hear that.

  • cream

    how come he only specified the No I.D. production and not Brian Kidd for Can’t Get Enough? and wheres the Danja record?

  • Rando

    NYC/QUEENS is obsessed with NYC/BROOKLYN though smh. he must have reaelly gotten to you why else would you be copying his name and following him around.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Yes! Cheer Up made the album!
    One more track to go

  • Chalireh orse

    the fact that his first single didnt make the cut proves it was a flop



  • Grimzz

    Work out is a bonus track…what…a…win lol

  • @aWiLLaB

    Fucking #Classic ok bye.

  • Marty Mcfly Before Doc Made the Flux Capacitor

    LOL niggas labeling shit classic already?? Yall give Jermaine too much credit. All this bums been on about since day one was “oh im jus another nigga in the struggle. ima underdog. i gotta get out the ville.” and thats all this album will be on about. I guess he woke up one day thinkin that won’t cut it so he slaps trey n missy (LOL) on it. Jermaine talented but shit.. that bandwagon holdin too many

  • JayCole

    I can live with Work Out as a bonus. I don’t know about anyone else but I have only heard “In The Morning”, “Lights Please”, “Work Out”, and “Lost Ones”. I am happy because almost the whole album + bonus songs will be fresh to me.


    anyone else notice that It Won’t Be Long got scratched from the debut?
    good song, i ain’t mad at it tho hahah

  • Looking Like A Louie V Manechean

    I think he done, damn that’s about 20 tracks. COLE WORLD

  • Rafae Sheikh


    I knew Cole didn’t wanna include hat on the original tracklist lol and awesome that we got THREE bonus tracks not just one. 19 tracks in total. Fucking amazing. Cole World. 9/27.


    so j. cole really has no single off the actual album then huh?

  • will

    dope. with 3 bonus tracks thats 19 (17 if you don’t count intro and interlude.) so minus can’t get enough, workout, lost ones, in the morning, lights please and cheer up (if you count the unfinished version) thats still 11 brand new ALBUM-quality songs (which are hopefully is closer to lost ones, lights please, cheer up quality than workout/can’t get enough quality). very excited for this album. COLE WORLD

  • RZAconnect

    @AJTHREEE “cant get enough” is gonna be his next single, music video drops next week

  • DragonYM

    Everyone if you like J.coles music PLEASE GO BUY AND SUPPORT this dudes album!

  • @aWiLLaB


    Yeah because Lost Ones is a song about “oh im jus another nigga in the struggle. ima underdog. i gotta get out the ville.” <<< Nah man

  • No #WhoDat?!

  • JayCole

    @will We haven’t heard Cheer Up yet, the one that is on the actual album has been revised. Cole switched it up from the one that was leaked a while ago. Oh and the intro is an actual song according to Chase n Cashe who heard the album.

  • bmagic

    wth, where is “disgusting”?? lol

  • Djfreak

    No, wet dreams? Oh well still a dope album

  • will


    I know, I said it was unfinished. good news bout the intro tho.

  • 1dopePuertoRicanfromJersey

    It’s VERY refreshing to see a hip hop album released in this day and age with only 4 features on a 19 track album! I’m so tired of rappers releasing SOLO albums with 15 features on them just so they can try to boost album sales.

  • Derek from staten island

    anybody realize who dat isnt on the album. good cause i nvr liked it from the beginning

  • Wysdom

    After J.coles album drops you can expect a large amount of cole haters to start fuckin with his shit again smdh, guess its apart of the cyle.., Sept 27th !

  • fartbox

    This album is going to be top 5 by the time its all said and done. And hes putting lights please on the album because thats how he was discovered by Jay-Z. It is his album and “his story aint the only story he’s tryin to tell”. Lights Please is a great song anyways i think this tracklist is sick. REAL COLE WORLD

  • homieomey

    lmao why are people so happy a song is listed as an extra instead of as a song for the album? What difference does it make when you pop that CD in the car?


    Lol Lil wayne is ass, his album is dropping and nobody gives a fuck, he had a shitty VMA’S performance and came out wearing TIGHT polka dot pants, dont believe me ? look it up wayne dick riders. your idol lil wayne is a A grade FAGGOT wearing tight pants and shit. Beyonces Ultrasound >>>>> Lil waynes C4


    one other thing, this whole sunday series A. Hole is doing is flat out wack. yall niggaz is getting all hyped up for some alphabet letters. not a snippet tape of the album, but a bunch of fuckin’ letters placed together to describe the content of his wack titles from his BS album. next week for his AGS series, this nigga is gonna give out his shoe size and yall niggaz are gonna flip the fuck out and call his shoe size a “CLASSIC”. nigga was smart not to place the “work out” on there, but the shit is gonna be disguise as a bonus cut along with “who dat?” and the rest of his failed singles. COAL WORLD!


  • Babymoney

    Drakes take care and coles album are the only ones i will be buying this year ! cole world !

  • Yung

    Surprised to not see a Omen feature.

  • poeticflows

    LMAO wtf some dude said beyonces ultrasound > C4 SMDH yall niggas funny as hell in the c-section. anyway im glad cole made work out a bonus.this album looks great.

  • rUANHOLL44

    kanye and waynes ,royce, and of cource kendricks lamars cd killed the summer what yall talkin abt ……
    lets see if this makes a dent……..

  • kazoo


    daddys little girl
    nothing lasts forever


    @rUANHOLL44 waynes album killed the summer? are you deaf? is album is repititve bullshit with cheesy punchlines, garbage album. the fuck u talkin bout..fuck cole too its all about nas

  • @aWiLLaB

    lol who stays up til 2/3 in the morning to hate on a tracklisting to an album your gonna buy at the end of the day? funny man

  • BenoitFlow


    This track list looks nice! I have mixed emotions about Lights Please and In The Morning being on the album. I think it’s a bit of an odd move, however, they are some of my favourite Cole songs, so it’s all good in the end.

    Shaping up to be a classic.

  • Dmv

    @NYC/BROOKLYN lmaooo never fails and dayum NYC\ QUEENS dipped the fuck out after tryna copy the name and dick ride like a bitch? Damn this c section is just fake, ppl already calling this a classic? Comparing it to nas ilmatic? Jezzz wtf niggas

  • Juice101

    Good shit can’t wait..oh yeah Kreayshawn nudes leaked not impressed

  • Zeezrom

    All you male j. cole groupies need to get off his dick…ya’ll sound like some hoes all infatuated with him and shit. No doubt the kid is talented but leave it at that…quit acting like his bitch/manager on this shit…shit! lol

  • Dmdpro

    Yall j.cole fans are putting to much pressure into the album calling it a classic like you heard this shit now yall put the bar extremly high for a new arist dont yall see that what hapoend to lebron coming out of high school? Now nugga can go undefeated but if he diesnt win the championship its a complete failure and saying ligjts please is on here for people who never heard it is stupid everyine who plans on buying it has heard it he doesnt have a big recird out where new he can draw in news fabs to check him out thats where he fucked up only people who are coppn this are people who bump j.cole on a daily basis,

  • Mushmouth

    @dmdpro agreed anybody that will be a fan of j.cole already is he wont gain fans unless he drops a hit record

  • xyz123

    Why are ya’ll doubting Missy??? I mean SHE’S MISSY!!! And if u think she been chilling, u sleeping… She ghost writes for a lot of your favorite artists…..

  • FeverPith

    @dmdpro exactly he doesnt have that single were a non fans walking in a music store and says “hey thats that guy that sings such and such” then goesto biy it just because that like that single then they hear his other songs I dont think cole stans get that this is going to do indie label numbers

  • those little pieces of ball shit hanging from ya ass after you shit

    yo this fucking album looks like a major letdown yo….not gonna lie, prince was a little hyped for that shit….but then the cover came out…look at that nigga nostrils….that nigga smells his own pussy….sentence.

  • lights please is STILL my favorite cole song. that tune never got the push it deserved, if you ask me, so hopefully the album will do well and more people will actually hear it.

  • sidenote: i hope timbaland produced the missy feature.

  • mh17m3

    Some off u here a dumb as fk..indie label numbers? Lol dude has 700k plus twitter followers and actually isn’t releasing garbage like c4 or 20plus feauters like RED.once can’t get enough starts getting spins-he’ll have even more buzz. Album looks like 9.5/10 glad he has workout as bonus.wasn’t really feeling its vibe and didn’t sound like it would fit his debut.all the tracks look unskippable.cole world.leggo

  • I love hip-hop

    sidenote: i hope timbaland produced the missy feature.< word to gram dukes

    I'm hype as fuck bout that missy feature and mr. nice watch

  • lol work out aint make it? this shit looks nice tho

  • Harry Odum

    @mh17m3.. i dont know how much or how little j.cole will sell…but smmfh @ you looking looking at twitter followers as an accurate way of determining album sales. ciara has over a million twitter followers and she sold 27k first week. what is it with you j.cole fans swearing by twitter? ive noticed you act like trending on twitter and having followers is a badge of honor. young money stay trending but i never hear nicki fans throwing it in people’s faces like some kind of bragging right… cause it isnt. and how the fuck does an album “look like” a 9.5 out of 10 off a tracklist? what is your logic there…. its a tracklist. how does that translate as a 9.5/10? while we’re at it, how old are you… and do you have a boner right now? cole fans should be required to wait a week before commenting on j.cole shit because their hormones are all fucking crazy when their first receive new information. thats “word to granm dukes”. tf?

  • MrWill

    I can’t wait till this joint leaks…I mean, drops.

  • Agent J

    Hopefully we get Who Dat as an iTunes Bonus Track to make it a round 20.

  • Oguzhan

    Bonus- Nothing Lasts Forever, Work Out, Daddy’s Little Girl


    the man gave out 2 any given sundays so i’m happy with this 11 song tracklist while i bumthe tracks off any given sunday

  • NYdreams

    I don’t care what anybody gotta say … J Cole never disappoints on projects from his 1st mixtape to his last they have been all great and I still bump those tapes 2day … Don’t care how old 1 song may b if its a classic and fits in with with put that shit on there and I’m glad workout is a bonus now this album is lookin 2 b great but I doubt it’ll b better than section 80 tho … Anyways Cole world no blanket bitch!

  • Kurrupted

    No work out? Great

  • LupeFaco

    to be honest , thru the hype,
    who dat is the only classic track he ever made , if this cd doesnt impress , in the summer of many cd drops , jcole mite jus disappear this year

  • undefeated

    workout is a bonus track. n yo anybody mad that lights please n lost ones r on there r idiots lost ones was leaked not his fault and lights please is a great track…this album will b good.j.cole wont dissapoint all yall gne be praising homie on sept 27th.

    im calling it already thats how confident i am.j.coles album is gonna be the second best album this year nxt to section 80…idc how many he sells.the craft will be good.

  • Bojinkles

    Lmao nigga saud j.cole has 750k fllowers so that how me he will sell lmao rick ross has like 2million and only sells about 50k.wiz khalifa had millions when his album droped ge sold 200k twitter followets means ntn when it comes to album sales…now I really think j.cole fans are retarfs

  • Jk.NADEL

    Lol @cole stans giving the album a9.5/10 based off a tracklist my god wait until you hear it his album come out this month i have to here about this album besides on blog sites

  • TE

    Mr Nice Watch is a dubstep track. Americans don’t get Dubstep. I wish they would stop attempting to make Songs of this genre.. Dissapointed that Lights please and In the morning are on the album… Also that Cheer Up leaked a while back. Shits awful. I really thought he might have made a classic, but I will be surprised if this is a solid album at the most.

  • Saud, droped be followets and many other spelling errors and were retarf huh?

  • 130+ comments, for a track listing(sigh).

    ::pushes play on ipod Public Enemy- Apocalypse 91:The Enemy Strikes Black::

  • Umpire


    Skrillex and Bassnectar are both American. You know, the 2 best dubstep DJ’s in the world?


    1/3 of twitter followers is the going rate for album sales, I’d say?

  • Nani911

    ^ not even close. try 1/8th

    Someone explain to me how kreyshawn got nominated for best new artist but cole didnt? Doesnt she only have one song out? and only been out for like 4 months I’m just confused, how does that work?

  • David

    Cole missed the deadline to be considered for best new artist. He’ll be there next year tho.

  • CopyPasteMee

    Coles album looks dope i might get 2, it depends if it sounds good which i know it will. #ColeWorld !

  • SeanSky

    Have yall even thought they he may do new verses for Lights Please, I doubt he is putting the same song on the album as his mixtape…. Just sayin, this album is gonna be tight!!

  • Tyrone

    you fuckin dumb asses make me sick with all that whinning damn lights please is old but its an album quality song and you have to remember that cole’s been working on this album for years he didnt just throw this together in a week drakes whole fucking album leaked and aint none of yall complain then so dont complain now man I’m buying 5 copies when it drops! and any fake cole fan who’s just bitchin cuz dey cant afford the album just send me your adress I will happily mail you one lmao!

  • VSOP

    lookin forward to it

    except for God’s Gift…..I see that and I automatically think Jean Grae

  • NYC/Triffelin

    Cole Word : Sideline Story lookin to be a classic for real , fuck the haters

  • mh17m3

    @Harry Odum did you read the part where I said “once can’t get enough starts getting spins-he’ll have even more buzz.” that song will blow up soon.he also gave us so much free msuic-its not even some respect-not a lot of artists do that. and how does the cd look like 9.5? because it just does.his mixtapes were quality sht and the album is going to be even better. and yea I’m a J.cole stan..dude’s talented as fk..i’m buying 10 copies the day it drops

  • theworldtraveler

    This album will go gold and it will take about two months for that to happen. Anything above or beyond that would shock the shit out of me. However he does have a very local female following that will be happy to drop 12.99 once the album appears on itunes.

  • Airborne

    ^Respect for admitting it.

  • AWayne25

    Comment or not, hate or not, like or not, diss or not. Either get the CD or listen to the shit somewhere else. All yall bragging over the dude got your expectations too high and all you hating on him are upset cuz yall aint sucked his dick yet. The man’s only Human and this is his life so let him do what the hell he wants. I suggest yall do the same.

  • squarian

    Can’t Get Enough prolly won’t even be released like 1 week prior the album release and it won’t help. Bad Girls Club video hasn’t been released either and that will be released first. Once again a bad move by my nigga Cole lol. I hope he makes it happen though, I really hope he sells alot and goes gold in the first week, I know imma cop the alb. Good choice on not putting Work Out on there, but I only see No ID on 1 track and no producer notes on the others, does that mean J Cole produced all of it except that 1 No ID production?

  • all this bitching but i bet only 20% of u actually go out and buy it. #overopinionatedfakefans

  • Van City

    Amateur move putting mixtape tracks on an album… #allimsaying

  • Sekvision

    i never seen so many ignorance in one danm post..people honestly want the artist to do w.e the f#ck they want, nobody’s forcing you to buy the album, shit. relax #lights please will always be hard, but since you got tired of listening to it you dont feel like letting other people get their ears on it, buggin’

  • FakirWise

    Most people don’t understand the basics of marketing. I anticipate this is going to be a really good album. All he can do is get better over time and I haven’t heard enough tracks I couldn’t repeat to expect otherwise.

  • joejoeLevi

    niggas asken why j.cole wasnt up for best new artist wasnt the nigga nominatged last yeat niggas has been a new artist since like 08 how can you when best new artist when all you have is mixtapes out i dont like kreashawn but she does have a big ass single

  • LawdyDawdy

    It’s looking good. I see a few compromises in the track list from personal choices (Lights Please) to the label possibly telling him to put in the morning on there so they can re-release it as an official single. Cole chose the beat and wrote the catchy hook but a Drake feature is a Drake feature. There’s no two ways about it, it will help get more mainstream appeal.

    Btw complaining about putting leaked tracks on an album is pure blasphemy.

  • Pablo Escobar

    Kanye and pharoahe monch have put mixtape tracks on albums you call them amateurs? smh no one knows anything about hip hop

  • Master Lee

    Tracklist looks solid. Let the haters hate. Cole World is going to be a classic.

  • shzntt

    Looks good, i’ll be buying a hard copy from Best Buy and a Digital copy from iTunes because the man deserves it, and that’s a promise. COLE WORLD!!!!!

  • JAyP

    complain complain complain how you know he wont re-do lights please in a more album fashion??? & what if he does do that then what? ya gonna be left quit then try to find some more shit to bitch about either respect the tracklist or don’t & stfu!

  • Jax

    Cole World!

  • oVoXo

    nice to see Work Out getting the H.A.M. treatment…
    this tracklist is looking solid as fuck. i think its gonna trump WTT and be the potential album of the year. only hearing 4/5 of the 17 tracks is a RARITY nowadays, this shit is gonna be fresh when we hear it.

    btw those asking about Wet Dreams, its most likely gonna be on the 2nd LP. a lot of samples weren’t cleared before the turn in date.

  • JoynerDwight

    @@@Guest, i cant believe this!! me and my sister just got two i-pads for $42.77 each and a $50 amazon card for $9. the stores want to keep this a secret and they dont tell you. go here

  • E

    People need to stop complaining about the tracklist. The only songs anyone should have heard off the album are lights please and in the morning from his mixtapes and work out because it’s the single. If you have heard lost ones, cheer up, and can’t get enough, it’s your own fault because they are album leaks. Eventhough can’t get enough is the next single, it hasn’t been officially released by Cole yet, so therefore it is still a leak. You have to have enough will power not to listen to album leaks, if you didn’t then oh well, deal with your choices and stfu!!! I personally only heard 5/19 songs on the album, so it’s still plenty of album to be heard, so I’m not complaining, I’m still going to listen to the songs I already heard off the album when I get the album because they are that damn good.

  • CHITOWnhero

    @ the dude who said Mr. Nice Watch is a dubstep trac, that’s some bullshit. If that is true, it would be the most stupid move ever made. How you gonna get your ONLY Jay verse over a damn dubstep track. Americans can’t make dubstep, fact. SMH, I hope that nigga ain’t put hov on a dubstep track yo.

  • Whateva

    People around Cole have been hyping the Missy track and Breakdown. Cole rarely disappoints so I’m pretty excited for the album. Lights Please has a special meaning for Cole so I guess that’s why he put it in. I’m hoping we get a fresh verse on that though. Also that Cheer Up song that leaked a few months ago isn’t the one that will be on the album. Lets give this man a chance. Cole World 9/27.

  • D39

    I thought he said there wouldn’t be any features on his debut album? Not to mention 5 of those tracks on there have already been relaesed! We’ve all heard “Can’t get enough, Lights Please, In the morning, lost ones, and work out!” I don’t understand?!?