Pusha T – Feeling Myself f. Kevin Cossom (Video)

blame it on Meka August 29, 2011

The Fear Of God cut turned Fear of God 2: Let Us Pray EP single gets the visual treatment. Pusha T’s mixtape sequel drops September 27th.

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  • Newman

    Push is straight on the verses but the chorus (especially the “pause” and the whole pause movement) are cringe worthy.

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    But who’s the chick though?

  • P.H.I.L.L.Y

    Newwman: Pusha is straight on the verses but the production all around sucks.

    It’s every thing that’s been wrong with hip hop for 10 years.

    Corny sythn’s and the dreaded auto tune.

    At least he’s not singing the choruses himself.


    from a commercial standpoint, this and “I Still Wanna ..” shoulda been the 1st and second videos off his mixtape. Play this and then “My God” for a white girl and tell me which woulda increased the niggas rep’. Pusha’s a beast, but needs to do more than just RAP to get that fanbase The Clipse lost after Lord Willin’. A LOT of people still haven’t heard of him. Fuckin Big Sean’s catching more buzz than this nigga. It’s sad really

  • bzo


  • oVoXo

    #Toronto got next
    Aspektz – Feeling Myself

  • Chris_Zurcher

    ya agree with coveryourface. i want pusha to be at the front of good music, not big sean. give pusha the fuckin baton..btw pusha is versatile too. this song should be all over the radio. better than alot of shit, even on that miguel sure thing remix his verse was on point. dudes too underrated. mad he put tyler on a track tho

  • DoubleClutch95

    Pusha needs to push this record (no pun). This is the type of record that could get some serious radio play. Love this track!

  • ryandinho

    nah man, pusha is going at it the wrong way. Shit is hella wack with that corny dude singing. He should go rick ross style with it. If you a coke rapper, be a coke rapper with Kanye in your corner. Pusha has enough fast life references to grab many people with his harder verses. He just needed better video production and harder beats. This stuff gonna get him lost in the shuffle. This may be the worst chorus ever.

  • ryandinho

    oh yeah… malice > pusha


  • Real dude right here but where’s Malice??

  • subjectbatter

    this is not appealing

  • Perper

    I miss the magic of The Clipse. Pusha’s aiight, but he ain’t bringing no magic to the table.

    And yeah, Malice >>>