Wiz Khalifa Speaks On Making Music… With Amber Rose (Video)

blame it on Meka August 29, 2011

Speaking to Billboard at the VMAs, Wiz revealed that he and his girlfriend are working on some music together, and that it may end up being “very mysterious.” Um, okay. As long as they remake the cover to Ice T’s Power for the artwork, they can do whatever floats their boats.

  • Made


  • Shawty

    ^ lol

  • Newman

    Dude wouldn’t dare touch that Power cover with Amber’s used up chunky ass. Best not.

  • Angry Black Nigga

    Nigga’s fucking wack man, what happened to him? and this bitch…she becomes so unattractive when she opens her mouth, stfu and look pretty. AND FUCK YOUR WORD PRESS NIGGA I’M POSTING COMMENTS AT A PERFECTLY NORMAL RATE SMH…FIX THAT SHIT.

  • Chemical Ali

    when she left Kanye West she left with a modeling career, when she leave Wiz Khalifa she gone leave with a music career.

    damn this heaux is on the grind

  • grownmanrap


  • it’s funny how far Wiz has fallen off since he started cupcaking with AR.

  • Braniak

    Rule # 1

    Never mix business with pleasure.

  • Rule # 2
    Don’t fuck with no bald head hoes. I don’t care how fine you are or how bangin’ your body is, grow some hair for fuck sake. Tryin’ to get sympathy and shit frontin’ as a chemo patient…fuck outta here.

  • everyone on this site just posts hate all the time. too funny. wiz is rich and you broke sitting behind a computer screen talking shit, lmao.

  • FukYoLife

    ^LMAO and what are you? Part of the “broke sitting behind the computer talking shit group” too, I suppose. Loser. Wiz needs to grow a pair and get back on this music shit. Amber has his nose wide open.

  • Me


  • mathis

    Amber bout to be the new school erykah badu, fuckin with niggas head and they careers

  • Curt McGirt

    This pussy whipped ass nigga cant be serious SMH! I guess smoking too much weed CAN lead to brain damage.

  • taylor gang or be pussy whipped by amber rose.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!

    word to mathis

  • casper wordsmith

    To get Amber Rose’d will be a new phrase.

  • krow132

    Wiz is sprung like a mug. Ill pass on the wiz/amber collabo. ill def past on that. More power to them I guess