Illogic – Clap Ya Hands

blame it on Shake August 30, 2011

Second single off Illogic and Walter Rocktight’s Year 8076: The Lost Album. An album originally meant to be released in 2005-06 through Rhymesayers, but due to unforeseen life circumstances never saw the light of day. Until next week (Sep. 6), as they will finally be letting it loose! For a more detailed break down, check Ill’s website.

DOWNLOAD: Illogic – Clap Ya Hands (prod. Walter Rocktight) | Mediafire

  • Ballermal

    People give allot of love, and allot of hate to you guys at the dopehouse. I want to take this moment to compliment you guys on giving artist that most folks don’t know about shine. Do I know who these guys are ? No clue. Do I check the dopehouse every day ? Every hour. Its great to see a blog that has gained so much populariity still show love to the little guys.

  • Youngthunder614

    Wow Illogic you came outta no where with this! Rocktight where have you been?! Nyce post BusTown stand up!

  • Isaac B

    Illogic is very dope – Celestial Clockwork was a great album. He is a very intelligent lyricist with witty rhymes – I have a couple albums unforseen shadows and Write to Death. Great to see you giving him props and letting me know he still has shit droppin!

  • TOrrent911

    tis song…wow

  • \&/

    He should up his older albums in iTunes. Just got some nasty 128kbit mixtape quality.

  • bobby bustown

    illogic currently working on a full length with blockhead on the production. i’ve heard 20 tracks and it is DOPE! Won’t be out til 2012 probably.

    Shouts to the dopeboyz for showing columbus love. print, ill poetic, illogic….no where is my ENVELOPE post???????

  • Higgs

    Hey yo @bobby bustown

    Where’d you get the info on the album? AND YOU’VE HEARD IT? Man I seriously have a couple questions for ya, please answer back

  • Bustown Bobby in NYC

    I know jawhar aka illogic. He is a very close friend.

    I know most big Columbus rappers. Print, metro, envelope, zero starr etc.

    Ill asked me to help weed the album down. Can’t give too much away, but it is SICK!

  • Bobby

    Trying tonget him to leak one from the album. It will be called Capture the sun.

  • Bobby

    @higgs hit me up [email protected]