Mute & Enjoy: Kim Kardashian Edition

Trailer for Kim Kardashian's upcoming single. Kim K is wet, that is all.

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  • Bill

    Fuck a hater. This shit go HAM!!!

  • KimsAssTho>>>

    "im going to work like im paying my bills"

  • thinker

    that definitley is ALL.


  • Pops

    anyone who gave this a thumbs down is a FAG.

  • T-Luv

    Ive seen her naked

  • TheChillout

    She sounds like a grown up version of rebecca black

  • Prof. Oak

    I was about to say the SAME thing! Lmao

  • who cares

    Wow that song is utter shit, but goddamn is she hot

  • Airborne

    Damn, I want that so fucking bad. It doesn't sound worse than the shit I hear my college friends listen to. At least this sounds like music. These white boys be listening to straight alien music, I swear to god.

  • real nigga

    I envy every nigga thats hit it raw and then finished in her mouth

  • thecurb

    Talentless. Sucked some duck and got rich. Now she thinks she's running businesses and doing something worthwhile. The fuck outta here.

  • Iwannafuckkim

    I was thinking the same thing sounds like Rebecca Black must be all the effects on her voice.


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