Audra the Rapper – Love Song (rmx) f. Mickey Factz & Raheem DeVaughn

blame it on Shake August 31, 2011

Mickey jumps on the remix to Audra’s No Such Thing Does Exist original.

DOWNLOAD: Audra the Rapper – Love Song (rmx) f. Mickey Factz & Raheem DeVaughn

  • d

    I like the bitch just off the picture. Goooooooooooooddddddddaaaaaaaammmmnnnnnnnn!!!

  • Airborne

    I can’t even tell you what I would do with that. Cause I honestly don’t know right now.

  • junglefever

    who is this bitch in the picture?

  • MrCrockett

    yeah shake i know you know her name so spit it out lol

  • Why can’t her music be as good as how fine she looks?! That bitch is way beyond diggable…

  • “yeah shake i know you know her name so spit it out lol”

    its the girl rapping on the song haha.

  • BurgerKang

    *likes post just because of picture*

    I refuse to listen to the music, i don’t want her to ruin
    my perception of her.

  • damnnnn so that bad bitch in that pic is Audra???? coulda sworn she looked completely different.. wow the things i would do to her…………… actually im with Airborne on this one.

  • MrCrockett

    oh shit lol okay thanks bruh

  • Beezlehorn

    damn, she looks a lot like my wife. not even bein’ funny. feel free to hate.

  • D

    Call me old fashioned or sexist or whateva.
    Bitches sing, men rap.

  • hereatlast

    How often are there content driven posts re: women artists that aren’t tagged with pics like this or end up with the commenters being nothing but sexist, misogynistic posts about how bad (or not) the girl is? Lets give women some respect, whether they’re rapping or not. The hip-hop game (this site very much included) is all too often hostile to female MC’s art or just plain focused on their assets…maybe we could lure another Jean Grae, Erykah Badu or Lauren Hill out of the woodwork with different attitudes as fans. Shake and Meka (and other posters here): please do your part.

  • Airborne

    ^Yo shut the fuck up. There was a time in history where you could admire a woman’s beauty without being called sexist and a misogynist. What the hell is so bad about being the object of one’s desire? Yeah, the comments are a little crude, but the majority of us are young men waiting to pounce on something. Shit is real. If she didn’t want us to admire, she wouldn’t take a picture like that. Everybody likes attention. Stop being a tight ass. People are sexual and social beings. If you’re a woman, loosen up, be beautiful, and intelligent. On the slim chance you’re a pseudo white knight…dude, what are you doing with your life?

    With that being said….I bet she taste like chocolate.

  • aviatorrr

    she went in on this!!!! glad to see her showing some skin too

  • JHP

    She does look amazing, and of course people not listening to it just because she’s a woman (a fine one at that) and instantly judging it as if it’s gonna be whack is dumb. Admittedly that picture would inspire these kinda comments. She kilt this song, she was speaking on real shit I know women can prolly relate too, about sexist niggas such as some the people on this blog post.

  • figgy

    more pics pleez?

  • T-Luv

    Chocolate is good for the body, she look like shell melt in yo mouth

  • IJO

    lol this is the most thumbs up she has ever gotten. i wonder why

  • WhosHe

    would you look at that car

  • wizzle

    you all are crazy, this bitch is nasty as shit… look at her nappy ass head and her toes hangin off the front of her shoes.. i like my girls lookin more like girls and less like sasquathes

  • ME


  • Musikfiend

    @wizzle Believe it or not not all chicks were born with silky hair. U must not like black girls. MORE FOR ME!! lol

    I always though she was cute (b/c of her face) but damn i ain’t know shorty was holdin like that!! Now all she gotta do is make some good music to go along with the looks.

  • Phil

    The song is actually not garbage.

  • Charlies

    @ wizzle I’ll take “nappy” over “wet dog hair” every day of the week. I think you’re on the wrong the site… wrong culture….. wrong people…wrong everything. we dont want you here.

  • theuncensoredthinker

    can we get a calendar of her please shake

  • Truth

    As a Black woman, Audra’s speaking on some real shit. Can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hear a real femcee without plastic parts & multiple personality disorder. I agree, nothing wrong with wanting to be sexy; she had to get you ninjas attention somehow. lol. I’ll be checking for her, she’s got skills.

  • Nice…. good effort…..

  • doper

    s/o to audra and the haters can type they opinions on the next line.. or blog.. or next site.. or twitter..

  • Pancakes!

    I can’t get enough of that pic. I keep finding myself coming back to it

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeTomDuBois

    So every other post with Audra’s name in it has mad thumbs down, but once she shows her ass a little you virgins wanna give her post a thumbs up. Niggas in this site lame as fuck.

  • Lysol

    what i love most about this particular post is how no one bothered mentioning mickey factz. at all. lollll