• DayO


  • http://lifterandomega.bandcamp.com Lifterquits

    *Screaming Woman Voice*

  • Jus

    last track with MED is not playing

  • Justin Herschel

    who is rapping on track 25 with MED

  • jaysus

    i heard that growing pains joint at paid dues and have been looking for it since

  • Varsityballin

    alot of san diego cats on this tape. yeah dat!

  • http://2Dopeboyz.com MithritadesHD

    Am I the only one who having a bad file?...won't open

  • datdude

    How bout a Brolic Remix with devin the dude?

  • solking10

    I got this and NoYOrk at rock the bells this last weekend

  • swag

    Had this for at least a week. You all behind

  • FiveNine

    No York was wack af. Blu didnt match the hype

  • Brian

    Yo Shake any reason why Blu wasn't on Growing Pains? I saw a video of him recording his verse over that beat, and they played it at Paid Dues too.

  • Blu


    both Blu and Exile had a verse and it its not on the mixtape dunno probably will be when that Dog Savage project drops

    also New Seasons is dope it sounds better quality