Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Otherside (rmx) f. Fences (Video)

blame it on Shake August 31, 2011

About time!

Nearly a year ago, Otherside, a fan favorite off of the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ VS EP, was remixed and released as part of their VS Redux project. During that span, and spurred on by a powerful fan-base who have long embraced Otherside (the song has over one-million plays one YouTube), Macklemore and Lewis felt compelled to deliver a worthy visual to accompany the already stirring narrative. Along with Macklemore and Lewis, the visual was shot in multiple locations by director and long time collaborator Jason Koenig (My Oh My). The song, remixed and now featuring Christopher Mansfield (Fences) on the chorus, chronicles Macklemore’s personal struggles with drug abuse and its glorification within the hip hop music he loves.

As a companion to the music video, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis released a special live version of the remix on iTunes.

  • AGE

    original version is better, still a dope song

  • barney

    damn! dope freaking song/video. real shit right here.

  • hereatlast

    Loved the ‘original’ (a reworking itself), loved the remix. Video is dope.

  • Zero Kool

    I love how all their videos match the content of the song. Good job fellas

  • lesotho

    This is what music should be like, not the poison they feed us and our children everyday.

  • balt

    video is dope, shame it wasnt for the original

  • 10

    a truly classic rap record never got as much shine as it deserved

  • Hibachi Heat

    Wow.. I’ve been back and forth on Mack’s music for a while now but this might be my favorite work of his. This is the first time I’ve heard the remix, and although I enjoyed the RHCP sample on the original, the slowed down tempo, simple instrumental, and the addition of a hook really improved the song for me. Also, the video itself gave me chills. Good work Jason Koenig and props for the dope shots of stump lake up in the pass!

  • MaDukes206

    Excellent video, Ben, Ryan & Jason.
    It touched my heart, brought some tears and made me thankful to have made it past the pain of addiction in my life

  • host

    this dude is so sick. i need more from him asap!!

  • nickyknoxx

    Who would thumbs down this? Fuckin haters

  • 206FRE$H

    people just like to hate white rappers….get off there tip you dick riders.
    206ualreadyknowegotthatswagboy! *(_*)(^$^%[email protected]$%%*%(&*_{?
    “”>:KGDEA. alll day

    …but on some real shit i love u seattle don’t hate on one of your own just cuz he not black and don’t sell crack. this dude gets love from real hip hop heads in the 206 .)Seatown(. idk why niggas call it “the town” we they know DAMN WELL THAT SHIT IS OAKLAND. you can only say its the town if your talking WA. but oakland deff got the tittle over all. SO LOCALS ONLY $WAG. words from a real seattle head.

  • rowdytee

    deff some of the illest visuals! deepest shit ive heard in a long time..grammy worthy

  • turftalka

    When I first heard this I had chills down my spine. In my opinion this version was better, but they are both amazing songs and Macklemore did an amazing job displaying his vision.

  • d-bo

    Dope song n vid indeed.