Meek Mill Delays I’ma Boss (rmx) For T.I.

blame it on Shake August 31, 2011

Looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer for the I’ma Boss remix (which includes Jay-Z, Diddy and Swizz Beatz), as Meek revealed to VIBE that he wants to see if the recently released King wants in. Hopefully he does (and comes correct) as it would be a great re-introduction to the game.

  • Bill

    Damn Meek was skinny as hell

  • OrdinaryCelo

    Thats what I was bout to say. Damn.

  • Roscoa

    damn..meek gained weight and loss the dreads…diff person..
    Dell giving free laptops because of a defect on 10,000 computers.. 4 next 24 hours only..shit i got

  • NYdreams

    lol i forgot meek millz had dreads… and the crazy part is i thought he had it at the same time.. idk if makes sense

  • joe

    LMAO at any real rap fans giving a shit about TI

  • Airborne

    ^Get the fuck out.

  • FlexxdUp

    ^^ Please do bitch nigga

  • yung

    real rap fans? you mean the fickle ones that only fuck with a guy when he’s poppin? or the ones that remain loyal through tough times?

  • JHP

    Joe is an asshole, I personally am glad that Tip’s out. Hopefully he does jump on this Imma Boss Remix, I co-sign what Shake said about it being a great re-entry to the game. Hopefully dude can stay outta jail this time, and get back to making that dope ass music he was around the KING & Paper Trail periods

  • Vash The Stampede

    Why is Swizz beatz on the song at all? Why oh why must we continue to let him ruin songs with his retarded chants and shouts. Stop feeding the troll

  • Jay

    why do half the kids on the internet call this man Meek Millz when his name is clearly Meek Mill

  • Airborne

    ^That’s a really good question.

  • AnonymouslyHood

    Dude Meek was a beast! When he was about battling and mixtapes out of Philly… After the man got big… Not really feeling what he puts out…

  • Shy

    lol @ the swizz feature.
    thats like putting mac miller on a 9th wonder album.
    oh wait…

  • tom

    @Jay he used to go by Meek Millz around the time of flamers 1

  • infamous_r_

    Meek Is A Stand Up Nigga

  • jerseydevil

    thats a real good look.. t.i did try to give meek a chance before ross but meek went to jail then went he got out t.i went to jail all the co signing t.i use use to do for meek im glad meek is paying his respect to him

  • Looking Like A Louie V Manechean

    LOL damn I didn’t even know who the fuck that was next to tip, but that’s respect that he is waiting, it’s only right that this would be his reintroduction since being away.

  • Meek Millz is the new Joe Buddens

  • Bill


    No meek mill has a future

  • bebe zeva



  • Blackshake

    meek is goin to big for the simple fact the nigga can get any feature he wants nigga never pit out a album yet and in his career he has worked wit…t.i ross wale j.cole big sean cassidy swizz beats jadakiss vado jim jones pusha t freeway sigel young chris travis porter black thought eve stalley diddy ace hood fab dj khaled corey gunz .. I seen raekwon the chef tweet him in meek were in the stu and now he jas jay-z on this rmix …i remind u he just turned 24 just got signed 4 months ago this is alot for a nigga that just got big and known to the masses

  • Killa B

    I got respect for this dude meek after I seen a dicumentry on him and the nigga was accused of shooting at cops lol

  • i was goin for the common misspelling of their names, but whatever……

  • Dmdpro5

    All that matters is birdman isnt on it now get rid of diddy and swizz beats

  • Guestwtbh


  • the realest

    All that matters is birdman isnt on it now get rid of diddy and swizz beats

    ^ cant co-sign the puff part. im being hella bias but the fact remains that he had the best verse on the oh lets do it remix. im expecting the same with this.

  • the realest

    not to mention he got the most money outta all these bosses. got them billions up…

  • Itsyaboy

    Why the fuck would he ruin the remix with diddy

  • Javon Joe

    Point is, Diddy is a boss, Jay is a boss, & despite wat yall thnk bout swizz, he’s a boss as well! Lets not 4get producers make more than rappers & swizz is responsible for Jay z’s career stayin fresh, Dmx & the whole ruff ryders & he signed Cassidy! He got mad endorsment deals with company’s yall wuldnt even begin 2 kno….so b4 yall judge who’s a boss or not…do ur research bruh!! & T.I. def a boss…no1 wuld kno B.O.B., Meek Mill, or Young dro if it wasnt 4 his label…so cool out wit da bad mouthin!

  • NinoLuther

    Idc whos a boss diddy and swizz beats cant rap you minds well put bill gates and oprah on here to if were goin off strictly whos really a boss

  • the realest

    ^ your reaching