Pusha T Signs Solo Def Jam Deal

blame it on Shake August 31, 2011

While we all pretty much knew the deal from the jump, Pusha finally confirms that he’s signed a solo deal with Def Jam Recordings. And while we still have no info on the yet-to-be-titled debut, Fear Of God 2: Let Us Pray EP is still slated for a September 27th release.

Solidifying my first solo venture, G.O.O.D Music/DefJam is my home. That machine with my creativity is gonna make for satisfied hip hop fan.

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  • Rozko

    Who cares? As long as the music is good…

  • smh

    Pusha Deal? Isnt it T..I swear its 2IlliterateBoyz

  • smh,this not gonna end well…Pusha done fucked up

  • Phazon

    Congrats 2 the VA homie


  • Big AL

    PushaT is beyond wack. Only little faggot hipsters like him because they think it makes them gangsta…pusha not even a real g.smh

  • the realest

    so tired of niggaz still feeding the major labels and signing those bullshit contracts in THIS day in age. how many niggaz do they have to see have their albums held up and creativity compromised for a damn advancement.

    “Solidifying my first solo venture, G.O.O.D Music/DefJam is my home. That machine with my creativity is gonna make for satisfied hip hop fan.”

    then i dont wanna hear in a few months/years about how def jam didnt do this, or def jam wouldnt let you do that. not that i listen to pusha t anyway or ever did. im just waiting for niggaz to start taking things into their own hands and stop asking for handouts.

  • marty mcfly

    Overall Pusha just aint livin up to the hype dont matter what label he on. If you gonna bring that dopeboy music back then go in already. The mixtape was cool but obviously its not connecting so he need to get back in the lab and cook up some new crack. Cons MOD3 >>>…

  • david stern

    hey fags he has a couple classics under his belt, kanye backing him, and most likely some untaxed revenue if yall catch my drift, I think he’ll be iight.

    Beyonce on the other hand…

  • Congrats!! Peep Lah-Kid

  • jesusjuise

    most overhyped thing in hiphop sine jay electronica….at leazt jay can spit. pussa is garbage….

  • DoubleClutch95

    So 300+ people like this while 25 or so people think it a huge mistake….

    The funny thing is you would think it was the opposite if you just read the comments.

    Not sure where all the hate is coming from in the c-section but Pusha is a beast on the mic and his longevity in the game proves that.

    Pusha>>>>95% of your favorite rappers

  • the realest

    pusha t is now just one of the 100s of artists on def jam. he wont do anything. hes not more popular and will have the singles like the southern artists, he doesnt have more bars than a fabolous, and he doesnt have the star power of a kanye or EVEN big sean. dude was WAY better of going the independent route and pushing re-up gang or his own shit. stop being a follower pusha.

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest , I dont think Pusha could do it on his own because I dont think he would have Def Jam kind of money and power and I think people who arent that familiar with him mite just brush him off as another coke dealer/artist. His material needs a commercial stamp on it to glamorize the subject matter. I know people probably wont agree with that but its been going on since the early 90s.

  • the realest

    @ marty, that may be true. but can you see pusha as a commericial artist? it would be easier to market him as a “real” independent street dude then try to commercialize him. just bcuz the commercial route works for a rick ross, doesnt mean it will work for everybody. what i see is them trying recreate the flame jeezy had when he came out, with pusha. but jeezy had the whole south behind him and a BMF stamp of approval. what does pusha have? the VA? this was a bad move for pusha. this aint the 90s. ppl gotta stop falling for the same traps. but every coke rapper thinks their gonna have a success story the same as jay-z. smh.

    and even jay-z built his brand and the roc-a-fella name before his def jam deal. but niggaz dont wanna put in their hard work and grind. and they call themselves “hustlers”. no, they wanna be marketed as one. they think they can take a short cut by taking these advancements. smh shame. pusha will be another def jam casualty.

  • NYdreamz

    That’s cool… Just hope he bring out some hits now alone without kanye… I mean that’s what’s expected when you get signed right ? We start talkin bout hits .. But even if he don’t as long as the music dope right ??

  • young

    That BBC shirt is fresh as hell.

  • Blackaristocrat

    As a VA native, I hope he does well on this venture.