The-Dream – Terius Nash EST. 1977 (Album)

blame it on Meka August 31, 2011

I was busy drinking like a muh’fucker last night (yes, Shake, I do that too at times) and completely missed this. Better get up on this now, before Terius’ own label C&Ds it out of existence. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Wake Me When It’s Over
2. Used To Be
3. Long Gone
4. Ghetto f. Big Sean
5. Wedding Crasher
6. Rolex f. Casha
7. Silly Introducing Casha
8. 1977 (Miss You Still)
9. Wish You Were Mine
10. This Shit Real Nigga
11. Form Of Flattery

DOWNLOAD: The-Dream – Terius Nash EST. 1977 (Album)

  • B Jack

    Instant Download.


    i thoight he put this out free his self? i don’t think there will be a c&d

  • mr_marvelous

    pharrell snapped on track 10

  • dub

    but no mp3s though? what’s this garbage file type

  • dre

    nobody has this in mp3 format?

  • dj khaled is a arab

    great album/mixtape. i had forgot how talanted this guy is and he has done some great tracks for other people like Rihanna’s Umbrella, i bet he made a few mill of that. and J. Holiday’s Bed and alot more.

  • dj khaled is a arab

    m4a still plays in itunes and if you dont have itunes its 2011 so you should and its better quality

  • dub

    iTunes? I don’t trust that terrorist program. Winamp since day one, they don’t change so why should I

  • ronn

    Ok, since i am currently downloading it, what fucking format is it?

  • nate

    my nigga dream said these niggas my sons *cough cough* the weeknd

  • the realest

    been patiently waiting for this. now all i need is boss of all bosses III and my 2011 is complete music wise.

  • Jay jerkin

    you can play m4a files in winamp you dumb ass…this shit is hot.

  • Gordon B.

    He’s got a pretty fucked up contract if he can’t release an album under his real name when he’s signed as “The Dream”.

  • nate

    ^^^ i aint got no damn winamp i dont know shit about that. i got reg. windows media & i aint downloading itunes just for this shit.

  • biz

    You guys getting track 10 when you download? That pharrell joint aint showing up

  • Nito

    This is amazing music I couldn’t fall a sleep because I wanted to keep listening and I have never really been a fan of the dream but this cd is amazing

  • Never bought a Dream album in my life, but if this was retail, I swear I would. Shit is dope. And Pharell blacked out on that joint!!!

  • this nigga dope forreal.

  • Made

    The only nigga in sing-song shit who’s makes decent records.

  • @djimperfek

    The free albums always tend to go harder than their retailed material. This goes more than his last album Love King. Drake’s ‘So Far Gone’ is much better than ‘Thank Me Later’ just like I’m sure The Weeknd’s ‘House of Balloons’ & ‘Thursday’ will stand the test of time rather than their first label release.. This is a good body of work.. Just my opinion, nothing concrete.

  • 325


  • 325

    He’s got a pretty fucked up contract if he can’t release an album under his real name when he’s signed as “The Dream”.
    Gordon B. said this on August 31st, 2011 at 11:46 am

    ^^ Didn’t Prince go through the same shit? If so, how ironic…

  • Gordon B.

    Yeah Prince released a bunch of shit under some obscure moniker.

  • gaksdesigns

    Radio Killaaaaa

  • How can this guy be “son’ing” The Weeknd, when The Weeknd is killin’ it right now? I got to track 5-6 on this before I got mad bored and skipped to track 10. That joint is definitely worth keeping. The rest? Eh, depends I suppose, but I’ll probably just recycle bin ’em.

  • the realest

    @ ebagatron

    man you sound real dumb. the weeknd is nice, but his whole sound is stolen from the dream. the dream is like a 2000 version of prince, the weeknd is just a bootleg-watered down version of the dream.

    and for the record, the whole album is s banger from start to finish and is most definitly son’n the weeknd.

  • @ the realest — what’s dumb is trying to argue with someone’s opinion, so I guess that makrs you full-blown retard. And if The Dream is a 2k version of Prince, then The Weeknd is a 2011 MJ. R&B singers sound alike, some more than others, but if you listen to the lyrics The Dream is much more PG and “lovey-dovey” than The Weeknd. It’s mainstream vs underground. I can live with people enjoying The Dream, I’m not expecting everyone to agree — but to say he “sonned” The Weeknd is just naive. So did every R&B singer in a similar vein to The Dream “son” him as well? And when you say “for the record” you sound like an idiot. Keep your own damn “record” .. How does that sound?

  • that makes* — obviously.

  • The format the files are in is .m4a, if some people don’t have something to play them with… I suggest you download VLC. It will basically play any file type.

  • Airborne

    Wait, he said The Weeknd is a 2011 MJ? …Dudes are not saying Dream son’d him cause he came before him. He son’d him cause The Weeknd sounds like a toned-down Dream.

  • Chu

    This joint goooooooooooooooes!!!! Better than his last album! Good shit Dream

  • Steve Jobs

    Lol @ niggas who don’t got iTunes

  • the realest

    @ airborne. thats exactly what im saying.

    @ eBagatron

    the weeknd is no where near mj in any year. mj music was all innovative loud and live. all weeknd’s joints sound the same. same lazy pace and tone. i was feeling house of ballons, then thursday came out and that shit was mediocre. i couldnt even pull one joint off that worth keeping.

    it sounds all lovey-dovey PG? okay. i know u didnt listen to it. just skipped to the pharrell record and made your judgement.

    and FOR THE RECORD, the dream son’d that nigga.

  • the realest

    Lol @ niggas who don’t got iTunes

    Steve Jobs said this on August 31st, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    ^ lmao really tho.

  • did he really say dream is PG and lovey-dovey???? whats PG and lovey dovey bout “listening to them got yo ass without a husband?”

    just saying. but this shit dope. im happy to see dream go with a new sound coming from a dream fan. still like his “dream” sound but this terius nash dope too

  • Lol @ sarcasm going over people’s heads. I wasn’t being literal about the MJ part, just saying it sounds as obscure as comparing Dream to Prince. And I listened to the first 3 songs full way through, then skimmed the next 2-3, THEN went to the Pharrell joint. It bores me. It’s an opinion. Read my first post, I say “I” a lot. I said it depends but “I’LL” send them to the bin. Your stan comes out and of course get offensive cause that’s all anyone knows how to do when they have no solid point to make. So what if they “sound similar” — leave it at that. Too many people in music would be “father’s” if everyone was “sonning” people who sound like them.

  • And the PG lovey-dovey thing — it’s in comparison to The Weeknd. Learn how to read, taking shit outta context. Do I gotta son you on how to read a post? Haha — kidding. I’m not saying Dream is PURELY PG, he clearly isn’t. But one song is on some love shit, next is on some player shit. I get that part. But Weeknd is majority just drugged up, chillin’ with stripper and “bitches on 20 pills” music. Not purely, but for the most part.

  • who cares

    I don’t get why you guys randomly started posting this dude’s shit. He sucks ass

  • Airborne

    Yeah, but you can’t hear him when he’s talking about it. Maybe you have to be drugged up, and chillin with bitches on 20 pills to vibe with a lot of Weeknd music. More of an atmosphere thing. Still fuck with Dream tho. I think if I put The Weeknd shit on in a car full of hoes, they’ll be like wtf? Now Dream and Frank Ocean.

  • Airborne

    I do fuck with songs like “Gone” and “Thursday” off of Thursday tho.

  • why are people comparing the weeknd to dream?

  • the realest

    everyones not “sonning”. only the dream. and hes “sonning” the weeknd(i mean even in the name you can tell hes bittin the dream hint the weeknd. smh) if there was no “sonning”, there the word wouldnt exist. makes sense dont it? and you wasnt using sarcasim, you really think the weeknd is the nxt mj lol. can u say STAN. the dreams music is on some grown man shit. not no “lets do a thousand drugs and have sex and make 50records about it.” the weeknd’s entire catalog is one big dream-sounding song. theres no breaks no drops no switch ups no bridges no nothing. its rap song’s formats with singing.

    and i had gone and thursday for a while. till i realized its the same as house of ballons and just kept that instead.

  • Just letting it be known, The Weeknd shit never fails with the hoes. The entire House Of Balloons in a house full of chicks equals guaranteed play. The Party & The Afterparty for example really, if hoes aren’t ready when that comes on then they just arent gonna groove with you yo. Novacane or anything Nostlagia/Ultra isnt doing what The Weeknd’s songs are

  • GQue

    1977 is BRILLIANT!!! glad i got iTunes for the download lol

  • Skateboard P!

  • Frank

    @louisartison go troll somewhere. your music taste depend on pussy you need help that bad huh. i dont respect your opinion as a listener of art so frankly your words hold no weight around here. probably frontin about getting pussy just to dickride weeknd. how ironic

  • Lets Be Frank

    who was the first faggot to bring up the weeknd when he has nothing to do with the post…. i swear you people fucking suck. can we just once appreciate an post for who its about? why dickriders and haters always have to spoil it for everyone else just trying to enjoy music? take that high school bullshit somewhere else.

  • i dont get how the weeknd is joqqin the dream’s name….. is it because they are both THE???/ get the fuck out here dude you got some serious issues. the white stripes, the beatles, the who, the rolling stones….. white people don’t got these kind of issues, that must be why they live longer huh???? the dells, the temptations, the dells, the five heart beats even…. oh, it’s ok for people to the? its just dumb niggas on the internet running they mouth bc they feel some kind of entitlement because they paid their bill this month? oh. ok. i get it.

  • the realest

    ^ stan. got his haircut the same way as the weeknd to.

  • electrotherapy

    Whoever says weeknd is on the dreams level is out their mind, i’m definitely not a dream stan but i do know there aren’t many that can fuck wit his shit, period

  • the commenter formally known as the realest(see what i did there?)

    after i’ve listened to this a bit, i take back that prince comparision. the dream IS the prince AND mj put together. yeah i said it. no other singer/songwriter of this generation better cept r. kelly. them two is the magic and bird of the era.

  • Infamou$Hill

    Pharrell’s lyrics on This Shit Real Nigga is crazy. The album is pretty good. I don’t get mad over free shit.

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