Chris Webby – Sucker Freestyle (Video)

blame it on Meka September 1, 2011

This guy came out as one of the openers during last night’s Kendrick Lamar concert in New York and impressed the hell out of me with his quick freestyle (as well as the audience). You’ll be seeing more from his at the dopehouse.

  • tom cruise

    mostly the voice-gangstarr//this kid sounds like hes 12.

  • Shout out to Tahj Mowry.

  • twocents

    hes not dope

  • prophet

    thats the homie from hofstra, long island reppin!! Webby what up!

  • javier

    you guys retarded he is chris webby check his mixtapes before hating he gona be huge

  • 2dopefaggots

    meka this site used to either ignore webby or make pissy little remarks about him on the rare occasions you did mention him, but now that he’s opened up a show for your butt buddy kendrick you guys are gonna show him love? fuck outta here.

    p.s. i hate webby and i’m from the same state as him which matters to a lot of stupid people in CT so don’t think i am saying this to defend this wack ass ninja turtle rapper

  • repete

    frat boy rap. miserable

  • he dont look dope in this shit

  • Cody Williams

    Ok guys you need to go to datpiff and listen to his mixtapes before you start criticizing.. he is really good… I hope he comes out with an album soon!

  • 2 thumbs down


  • daman

    The ppl commenting on this site has a strong hate for white rappers not named eminem or asher roth. Like seriously, you telling me that his flow on this wasn’t ill? And he actually freestyles. Top of the dome

  • reverendlucifer58

    yo like him or not how can u dislike this freestyle, son went mad hard.

  • Whitty

    Please, do me a favor and try and do better before you say a word. Before you get to talking about music on your computer and get off the internet and try to make some…at least then youd have an understanding of how hard it actually is.

  • fuck2dope

    2dopefaggots just ethered yall. golf wang niggas

  • sassdeee

    fuck this guy he has always sucker fuck 2dope , fuck steve harvey, shakes a lil emo boy that jerks off too kendrick lamar

  • 2dopeboyfans=bitches

    webbys doing his thing… jump off his dick…. you rap better?….no you dont. shut the fuck up . im not even that big of a fan of webby, he def has some things to work on…but i do think he can rap his ass off, and is only getting better with time… so stop knocking the kid, why dont you actually listen to the music instead of spending all your time to think of some witty comments u bitches.

  • Sha

    chris webby iz dope check him out before u start to hate

  • YousaidWhat

    man webby got flow but he is mad corny. im sorry but any mc sporting ninja turtle and fuckin mortal kombats tats and droppin pokemon references in songs needs to hang it up. Why you think dude isn’t signed and has been droppin’ shit for years now? He has no appeal other than to 15 year old girls and dudes that are as corny as he is. Those tats and his whole 90s kid gimmick shit needs to go.

  • RSX

    Kyle Lucas > Dogshit > Mac Miller = Chris Webby

  • Ya

    Another awesome written freestyle straight from the top of the dome. Lol fuckin stupid ass ppl think this shit is a real freestyle.. nigga plz -err cracka

  • Webby sounds just kike any other white rapper out there.. im sick of these stupid college frat boys rapping…. he’s nothing new.. if im gonna listen to a white rapper he better be different than the rest.. all he’s doing is taking money away from these other talented from CT and i can honestly say he has the worst fan base.. the only college rapper i accept is Asher Roth, thats it

  • And Won

    thats not good meka

  • Calico

    this ain’t ordinary bruh

  • this shit sucks 10 dicks (big sean voice) and Meka you made LOWKEY look bad at SOBS last night. your so off beat! dont dance ever again.

  • ventley

    Kyle Lucas > Dogshit > Mac Miller = Chris Webby

    RSX said this on September 1st, 2011 at 6:06 pm

    —-something wrong wit yor algebra son.
    this kid has never struggled you can tell by the way he raps, dresses, and his voice. fuckin fagot.

  • NickyKnoxx

    Ay when did Mayor Hawthorne start spittin?

  • jawshinitup

    thats why he raps like he does, because he is a normal kid out of the burbs. he raps about normal shit and you dont have to be a thug to be good at rapping. chris webby is the shit, listen to all his shit and tell me if yall can rap better fuckin haters

  • AJG

    all these people who think webby is “corny” whatevr that means these days need to sht the fuck up..Webby actually spits check his frees online he doesnt jus come pre written, obviously he did for this its his first mtv spot…Webby is gonah pop soon he jus got featured in xxl show and prove. I love haters

  • Dietz

    all you webby haters are morons…hes grinded soooo long and now hes finally got something going for him…you gotta respect that he came from nothing to something and now is making a name for himself

  • zFree

    When did those jersey shore bros start spittin?

    mac miller= wack
    asher roth= wack
    kyle lucas= wack
    and add another lame to the list.
    chris webby= wack

  • time’sup

    oh is this kreayshawn’s boyfriend?

  • shawn p.

    yo, zFree, i almost agreed til i saw asher on the list. Asher can bang wit the best of em, when “spaghetti tree” the game gone shit a brick.

  • zFree

    @shawn p.
    I will say asher is the only one on the list that has ever done more than annoy the shit out of me. But, for real? “spit with the best of em” No way homie, no fuckin way.

  • $$$

    This dude and Mac are just corny to me. They’ll blow up because of high school kids all over the country though. That’s just straight fact.

  • Master Lee

    Chris Webby can spit. Stop hating on rappers because they’re white. I think Mac Miller is better though.

  • fuck shake

    2dopefaggots said this on September 1st, 2011 at 3:17 pm

    “meka this site used to either ignore webby or make pissy little remarks about him on the rare occasions you did mention him


    couldn’t agree more…good move by the 2princesses though to jump onto his ship before he blows up and shits all over them. guess tyler the gimic woke up the 2 dick riding, sell out, anti-white, fake ass tastemakers

    eat crow faggots

  • Jgee


  • whats ur list

    top 10 white rappers in order:

    1 eminem
    chris webby
    beastie boys

    chris webby is nice, face it y’all are not listening, youtube 50 barz, dude dropped that 2 years ago while y’all were sleepin, now he’s about to blow and y’all are stockin up on haterade

  • big camp

    THIS SUCKS!!! im not hatin, just not feelin it at all

  • medikal patient 421

    chris webby is the shit. we need new tracks Chris Webby!!!! been too long, still bumping Wake Up by Chris Webby, check it

  • Phazon

    He can rhyme thats it, wit what the new breed like Krit, cole, kendrick, n yelowulf doin u got 2 do more than just rhyme 4 me, they settin the bar, but u cant say c-web is wack he put them words together

  • tnw712

    @ whats ur list

    If you wholeheartedly stand by that list and believe that ranking is accurate and precise (which you obviously think it’s not far from the truth since you posted it) I beg you to go stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the mirror, and evaluate your life. Please question your mental functioning, cognitive ability, and the choices you have made thus far in life. Because that quite simply may be the single most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen posted on the C Section in two years of reading 2 dope on a daily basis. For the sake of humanity I hope you weren’t serious. If you were, please reconsider passing your genes onto the next generation if you plan on having children one day. And if you already have kids, give them up for adoption because you aren’t fit to be taking care of yourself, let alone a child.

    On a serious note: the last part was a joke, no disrespect if you are a parent. I’m sure you’re a great one. But really, like seriously Chris webby from Fairfield County, CT is even on that list? That’s not all that’s wrong with it but I am convinced you are a bonafide retard.

  • LeaveWebbyAlone

    Half of you are fucking stupid. One, most of the people who were hatin on webby are too stupid to understand him, which means they love tyler the creator, lil wayne, Young Jeezy (retard) and most of you all say the same thing this sucks, webby sucks. or yelawolf is so much better then webby… Eminem helps yela write his songs they better be good. and big sean is shit too he rhymes the same words with eachother, plus this is a freestyle watch ur other rappers freestyle, see what happens. (example: )

  • J_Uno!

    dude is mad generic…sounds almost EXACTLY like MAC MILLER…but looks like a FRAT BOY…stay in school bro.