Shawnna – LapDance f. GMG (Video)

blame it on Meka September 1, 2011

Directed by A Zae Production.


  • mramazing

    Fail. sounds like a wack Nicki Minaj

  • The Real Is Back

    all these wack female rappers need to stop with the music and just look good. bring back lil kim, foxy brown and missy.

  • That thumbnail pic is all I needed to see

  • Airborne

    This chick promised you some ass, that’s why you posted this.

  • MAC

    she used to b dope back when she was with DTP, idk what she was tryna prove wit dis one though… guess she want that show money!!

  • smiffl


  • RonaldMcDonald

    The women in this video order too much off the damn Dollar Menu.

  • adamwestcool

    i was interested till the unattractive fat chick compared herself to pinky ruined the rest of the video

  • i wish i got baseball money

    1:59 CLAPPAS. that is all.

  • cmarie

    2db…ya’ll wrong for this one o_O

  • steve

    That lady’s ass is not the least bit attractive. And where the fuck is she at in someone’s backyard? WTF? Can we get some white bitches ass on here please?

  • click

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  • mathis

    RAoF? this chick worse than lil b

  • deep

    “i’m going in, hamburger?”


  • Actual/Factual

    Damn its some harsh looking broads in this one, that still shot was a fakeout

  • @deep: No kiddin’, br0… some rappers just don’t need to touch the grocery bag lines. Leave that shit to the artists that actually know how to utilize it…

  • GQue

    this is not Shawnna. The shawnna i know can actually rap! Fucc Ross for this shit…i blame it all on Ross…..
    @Meka, leave this type of shit alone until u find some REAL shawnna

  • NYdreams

    yea this song was ass … but all them thick ass bitches could get it i dont give a fuck and wtf was that fat bitch in the video think she doing lmao

  • daman

    Is this the same shawnna that used to roll with DTP?

  • Maga D

    Shawnna went in, middle girl was wack, last one put down. Hook was garbage, but the last verse & Shawnna made up for it.

  • ovoxo

    what the FUCK was that?

    “I’m goin in, hamuburger” …

    Shawnna can actually rap so wtf is she doing

  • thinker

    yall hatin blindly. they talkin sex but the flow was ill. they all got some fire styles here. think i might check them out.

  • T-Luv

    as a male you should not vote this video down

  • R

    Listen to that Schoolboy Q song above and look at the GIF, hilarious haha

  • madethics

    this is not sexy.
    and would somebody please remove that flow from rap already???

  • Vandal

    Wow, this is depressing. What the hell happened to Infamous Syndicate-era Shawnna? Or the Shawnna that tore it up on songs like RPM? Congratulations Shawnna on becoming another wack, sexualized Trina wannabe.

  • Musikfiend

    Last broad straight up took Big Sean’s flow.

  • grimyteddy

    Aw dam what is w/that metaphor flow? Shawnna done switched up and sold out. GMG was supposed to be her new group. And why do fat/chunky girls swear they are thick? Cellulite isn’t attractive. Jelly doesnt mean dimples in your ass…

  • I miss the old Shawnna. This sounds like an attempt to duplicate Minaj’s flow. Not feelin it.

  • Cweezy

    I’m going in, Hamburger. I fucking love it

  • Phazon

    anti-dopeness, I hated it till I turned the volume down